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Greetings Friday and Friends!!

This Friday’s Episode is loaded up like a station wagon ready for family vacation.

Here’s the line up:

Stephanie’s Chic on the Cheap
Building a secure, stylish scarf headband!  I love – always have – the look of scarves on women’s heads – such a classy hippie-vibe look.  Especially for summertime.  Right on, Stephanie!

Quick Question
If I were a spice what would I be?
All spices are valuable in cooking, certainly.  I went and inventoried all the spices in my cabinet.  The one that kept whispering to me was Cinnamon!  Ha – not sure why.  Def not one used in lots of recipes – but when cinnamon is used in a recipe – sure does permeate the entire room – “Here I am,” it says!
How about you?

Good Ol’ Days!

There’s a saying that goes something like this … “When we were younger, we couldn’t wait to grow up.  Wow, were we stupid!”  No kidding!

I totally remember drinking from the garden hose, filling cups of water from the kitchen faucet, jumping on my banana seat bike to meet up with friends and hang out with for the ENTIRE day, splitting a soda with 3 or more pals, tree forts … and I recall when it was getting dark – a whistle from either my mom or dad (both could whistle really loud) which meant TIME TO COME IN.  And we hot footed it home or jumped on our bikes and headed to the house.  Our friends went to their homes, too.  Calling it a day.
Ahhh, memories!  Treasures.
What are one or more of your Good Ol’ Day memories?

Frosty Strawberry Squares are … FANTASTIC DESSERT GOODNESS

Yep, Cool-Whip.  Think of it as a simple retro Strawberry super-star recipe that you will be astounded by and will share, share, share with your friends because they’re gonna want, want, want the recipe.  It’s seriously that delicious.
For those of you who are not familiar with Cool-Whip … frozen section at the grocery store.

5 for Friday songs are super chill

Hope you have a chance to give the 5 a listen.
Fun fact – I rarely watch television – I listen to music from the time I get up in the morning until I retire and read a chapter or 3 in my current book at the end of the night.   My furry family enjoys the tunes, as well.  However, they have no vote or choice – ha!

As always – “THANK YOU” – all of us at Daymaker Readable Art – are so grateful to each of you who slide by and give us a piece of your day + comment + engage + share.


Hello Lovelies!

I’m going to share some more ideas about the skinny neck scarves (which I wrote about in last Friday’s episode) because they’re so versatile and fun!

** in case you missed where to find these little beauties – Google search – skinny thin neck scarves.  They’re available as an assortment of different pretty patterns of 6 for $10 – WOW!! **

I really like the way a cool scarf tied around the head looks.  However *sigh* they do have a tendency to slip around and not stay in place.

I have tried the headbands with scarves already attached – but they are usually uncomfortable and don’t fit right on me.

I truly have only found 1 headband that I can wear all day and never realize it’s there because it’s so comfortable and never slips.

PIC #1

I found my headband at a Family Dollar store but have also seen them at at CVS Drug Store.  And Amazon for $5.

It’s called “The Most Comfortable Head Band Ever” … and it is.  Promise!

It is bendable and custom forms to fit your head – soft rubber lining keeps it from slipping.

Like I said a few sentences ago – I really like the look of a scarf around the head – but they tend to slip around.

SO!  A little light went off in my head and it blinked to me, “Hey, attach the scarf to The Most Comfortable Head Band Ever.

PIC #2

I thought I’d attach it with double stick tape … but I didn’t have any on hand.   However, I did have some regular Scotch tape so I rolled pieces of tape in a circle to make it sticky on both sides and put one piece in the middle of the headband and one piece on each “tail” end of the band.

PIC #3

I pressed the scarf on to the tape and it worked perfectly!

PIC #4

I pulled my hair up in a “messy” puffy twist and threw on a pair of colored hoop earrings for a fun stylish retro-vibe.


These inexpensive skinny headbands are also great accessorizing pieces – tied around a pillar candle in your home, gently knotted to a drawer pull, wrapped around a small little lamp shade.
ALSO – super cute wrapped like a ribbon around a  greeting/thank you card for a little extra special P*O*P and tied on the handle of a gift bag, around a wine bottle, stem of a wine glass …
Let you’re imagination roll!

Next Week –

Stay tuned.

~ Send your fashion questions to Stephanie’s Chic on the Cheap to Comments in today’s episode.

5 For Friday July 7 | Head Band

5 For Friday July 7 | Head Band




If you were a kid in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s, it’s hard to believe we have lived as long as we have!

Back in the day, as kids we rode in cars without seat belts or air bags.  We didn’t have child-proof lids on medicine bottles, child-proof doors or cabinets; we rode our bikes without helmets.

We drank water from the garden hose and filled our cups from the kitchen faucet.

We spent hours building go-carts from scraps and rode down the hill, only to realize we forgot the brakes.  Whoops!  After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve that problem.

We left home home in the morning to go out and play all day, as long as we were back before dark when it was dinner time.

No one was able to reach us all day because we didn’t have cell phones.

We got cut and we broke bones and, sometimes, broke a tooth or two.  There weren’t any lawsuits from these accidents.  No one was to blame except us.  Remember accidents?

We got into fights and punched each other and got a black eye or two.  We learned to get over it.

We ate candy and cake, bread with butter and drank a lot of sodas, but for the most part, we weren’t over weight.  We were always outside playing.  We’d split a bottle of soda with a couple of pals and nobody died from it.

We didn’t have Playstations, Video games, a gazillion satellite channels on TV and DVD movies, surround sound, laptops, social media … we had friends.  We went outside and found them or they’d find us.  We rode our bicycles or just walked to friends’ homes.

We made up games, built forts, climbed trees, caught bugs, and played down by the creek.  We had great imaginations!

Football, baseball, basketball and cheer-leading had tryouts.  Not everyone made the cut.  Those who didn’t learned to live with the disappointment.

Some kids weren’t as smart as others in school and failed exams.  They sometimes got held back a year.  Tests weren’t adjusted to accommodate failing in school.

The idea of our folks bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of.  Actions = Consequences.

This particular generation has produced some of the best risk-takers and problem solvers and inventors ever.  The past 50 + years has exploded with innovative new ideas.

We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned it all … in the Good Ol’ Days.

~ from a brilliant writer, unattributed,
from an email thread years ago


This summer freezer dessert is D*E*L*I*C*I*O*U*S !

This recipe is from my great Aunt Suzy outta San Francisco – back in the day.  This recipe is probably 45 years old.  But it’s tried and true and I make it every summer at least 4 times!

Aunt Suzy was an amazing cook, who was a classy, tiny woman and super cool.  Her recipes were simple – and the simplicity = extraordinary.

Thanks, Aunt Suzy.  So happy I can pass this recipe along and walk down memory lane with you right now.  xxoo


1 stick of butter, cut in cubes, melted
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 cup flour
1 cup of finely chopped walnuts


In a small bowl, mix ingredients with a fork.

Press crumbly mixture in the bottom of a 13″ x 9″ baking pan (think cake pan) and bake for 15 minutes.

Remove from oven and let cool for about 10 minutes.

When cool, break up crumbly, baked mixture.

Extract about 1/3 of the mixture and reserve in a separate bowl.

Pat down remaining 2/3 mixture in bottom of cake pan – spreading it evenly all around.


1 – 10 ounce package frozen strawberries in juice, thawed
2/3 cup sugar
2 egg whites

Beat ingredients with an electric hand mixer on medium until light and fluffy.

Fold in one small carton of Cool-Whip by hand – like with a rubber spatula.

Gently spread Frosty Strawberry + Cool-Whip mix over the 2/3 prepared crumbly mixture in cake pan.  Sprinkle reserved 1/3 crumbly mixture over the top of the pretty red strawberry magic.



Hello!  Summer greatness dessert.

Spotify Playlist


Have a great weekend
See ya Monday

22 replies
  1. Carol says:

    Cinnamon came to my mind too when thinking of what spice I’d be. I love how the house smells when I use it. Fond memories of coming home from school to homemade chocolate chip cookies, to playing hide ‘n seek for hours, riding bikes, hiking to the creek to capture tiny frogs we’d set free in our flower beds at home. Such simple times! Loved the new scarf tricks.
    Happy weekend!

    • Cheryl clarson says:

      Hi Carol – I love your memories! Especially the capturing tiny frogs to take home and set free in the flower beds. Awesome! Indeed, simple times. Happy weekend.

    • dixie bostick says:

      I agree, simple times, where have they gone? I always look forward to reading your comments. So happy you are enjoying The Daymaker.

  2. dixie bostick says:

    The spice I would be is Saffron-not because it is the most expensive, but the plant is very delicate and blooms for only one week of the year. The spice is a rarity, like myself! ????

  3. dixie bostick says:

    I am loving Stephanie’s “Chic on the Cheap!” Stephanie, you always look so chic, and for sure never cheap! Can’t wait for the next fashion tips!

  4. Calvin Christensen says:

    One great memory from the good all days, which traveling from Dillon Montana to Shepherd, Montana to Miller’s feedlot we stayed with my uncle Jerry and his wife, Marty, and early the next morning. I got up and went out with my dad and Leon Miller to check the cattle in the feedlot. I was walking by one pen of cattle and saw a baby calf that was red and white with a Brockel face. The red spots around her eyes made her look kind of like a bandit..
    I went and told Mr. Miller that there was a baby calf in that pen of heifers, and he said no there isn’t because that guy said those heifers were open so if there’s a baby calf in there it is yours. We had adventures through that day, weighing steers, and at the end of the day we stuck baby calf bandit‘s body in a burlap bag, leaving her head out, and I sat in the back of the station wagon, hugging her and petting her all the way to Dillon.
    We had raise lots of lambs on the bottle but Bandit was the First, calf that we bottle-fed, in my memory.
    I remember whenever she saw she wanted a bottle and she would even drink pop out of the. Can she really like Shasta crème soda.

    Leon Miller treated me like a very important person as we worked and weighed the feedlot steers and from that day forward, Leon was a hero for me.

    When I moved to the ranch at Big Timber, my father-in-law, and I put cattle at that same feedlot when it was Hallandale T-bone feeders. Norm Halland had learned from Leon Miller and he too made everyone feel valued and important.

    Shepard schools were very close to the feedlot and when I went to judge speech and drama or FFA events, the schools had the odor or essence of bovine by products. Most people from Shepherd, Montana, which mile and say the feedlot paid for the schools.
    I regret that I did not get to know and visit with Leon Miller in my adult years but I am sure that God blessed me by letting me get to know and partner with Norm Haaland

    • Cheryl clarson says:

      Calvin – thank you

      Hey, everyone meet my cousin, Calvin, and his memories from the Good Ol’Days.

      Calvin, thanks for sharing and reading and commenting. You’re a Daymaker to me!

  5. Calvin Christensen says:

    Another very fun memory from the good old days was the first time that I ever got to go to Lewis and Clark caverns. I got to ride in a beautiful, red and white car that belonged to my uncle Jerry. I remember I got to sit in the front seat in the middle and uncle Jerry could steer the car with his knees when we were going down the highway I was so impressed that he could drive on the highway and not use his hands.
    I always treasured that memory, and I quite often will steer with my knees since I started driving on highways. I was driving on the ranch when I was seven.

    When my daughter was little, she got so excited and impressed. When I drove with my knees, my wife never was impressed by that.????

    • Cheryl clarson says:

      Calvin –

      That’s a hilarious memory from the Good Ol’ Days. Yes, Jerry, my dad, did do that driving with his knees sort of thing as I recall as a kid. I’m not sure how impressed Mom was with that either. Ha!

      Thank you for commenting + sharing

  6. Calvin Christensen says:

    Back in the day, they had fancy restaurants you could not get into unless you were wearing a neck tie. I went to one of them way late one night, and I tried to get in, but the bouncer told me I could not get in unless I had a necktie..
    I went out to my pick up and I dug around and all I could find was a set of jumper cables so I put them around my neck and I went up to the door and I said, can I get in now?
    The bouncer said, I guess you can go in, but don’t you try to start anything?

  7. Marty says:

    All of our “posting” fun as we reflect back at the good ole days has a smile on my face,

    • Cheryl clarson says:

      Hey, Jen! Thanks so much!

      You’ve been a Daymaker to me from childhood to adulthood. So many great times and memories, middle sister.

      I appreciate you + commenting + reading.


      • Cheryl clarson says:

        I can ask you this – because – I can.

        What spice would you be? ’cause I’m curious of all the spices you remind me of … which is your favorite?

  8. Marty says:

    Re: Good ole days. Those summertime memories takes me back to my childhood fun when a bunch of us country kids would race our ponies on dusty, dirt roads.

    • Cheryl clarson says:

      That’s a super cool summertime memory!

      Totally – the Good Ol’ Days! I love visualizing how all of you kids were racing your ponies on dusty, dirt roads – with laughter and fun!


      Not many of us have memories like that!
      Super cool!
      Thanks for sharing from your Good Ol’ Days memory bank!
      Appreciate you!

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