5 For Friday June 24 | Monkey Lathrop

Howdy !

Hope your week was good and some giant laughter found you !  Laughter good!

Random laughter definitely found me this week and it makes me happy.

Hat tip to College Street Pub in Waxahachie for their creative sidewalk decorating.  Inside is decorated wonderfully British Pub style and the food is fabulous.  The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is my favorite.

17 M.P.H.  … hmmm … that’s a first for me.

Big Foot sighting at Earthtones Greenery – a local nursery that totally has it going on.

These. Chicken. Enchiladas. Are. T.D.F.

Even if you’re a die hard meat eater – the Cinch Strap veggie sandwich is delish and satisfies.

5 on the playlist won’t disappoint.  Give it a listen.

Thanks for being here.  Gratitude.

Creative sidewalk decorating
5 For Friday June 24

5 For Friday June 24


Would you rather settle in
or venture out?


Assemble ingredients on fresh baguette bread that has been sliced in half.

  • On one side of sandwich bread – spread softened cream cheese
  • Add on top of cream cheese – a layer of mayo
  • On other side of bread – spread guacamole
  • Sprinkle roasted sunflower sides on guacamole side so they stick
  • Add a layer of thinly sliced cucumber
  • Add thinly sliced red onion
  • Fresh tomato slices that have been generously sprinkled with fresh cracked black pepper
  • Slices of deli baby swiss cheese
  • Spring mix lettuce

Serve with cute little bags of individual potato chips and fresh watermelon.

Spotify Playlist

Life doesn’t get easier.
You just get stronger.

Have a great weekend !