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Hello Friday and Welcome !!  Stephanie to Daymaker Readable Art with cool + super affordable fashion and accessory ideas in her column ((exclusively in DRA)), Chic on the Cheap.

Wow!  I can hardly believe that today is the last day of June.  That was a whiplash fast month.  It has been said that time travels quicker as you get older – I’m starting to believe it.

And super grateful for your patience – Readers – yes!  We were down for a week – previous Server was not serving us well.   It was going in and out and so frustrating.  So we now have a new Server and all the thanks goes to RG DESIGN team who transferred all the files over (not an easy task) to new server.  AMAZING!  Ray and Daisy of RG Design are the Designers and Developers of Daymaker Readable Art.  They are so cool and knowledgeable and they have been by my side since the very beginning.  Hat tip, Ray and Daisy.

Dear Annie, once again, has some tough love advice to a person who wrote in – whose story is a difficult one to totally understand/appreciate for many of us who do not navigate a journey like this in our immediate world.

Smoothie Ideas (!!)  Definitely this is prime time in the calendar year to enjoy the power of the Smoothie.
((Delicious, Nutritious, Refreshing.))  Yes, please.

5 Songs chosen for today are toe-tappers for sure.

First song – My personal favorite – I’ve heard it multiple times this week -it just plays on the radio with perfect timing to something going on in the particular day.  Funny how that works some times.

Thank you all for popping by today and spending a piece of your day – last day of June day – with us.  Grateful.


Accessorize You with Small Pretty Patterned Scarves

Hello There!
Today’s my debut-Friday as Fashion & Style Contributing Editor with Daymaker Readable Art.  I’m delighted to be part of the team with Cheryl and Dixie and all.  I’m already having a blast writing + planning future posts + snapping pics for Show-and-Tell to you.

So let’s get to it and  talk scarves, shall we?

I love, love, love scarves!  There are so many fun things to do with them.

Currently, I’m really in to these thin scarves made of silk.  (( See Picture #4 below – and WOW! they’ve got a super inexpensive price tag for the group of them – check them out **here**).

They’re lightweight and pretty-cool and can be used for so many things.

For instance:

We all  have our favorite “go-to” white and black t-shirts.  (( See Pictures 1 & 2 below )).  Adding a little scarf around the neck or tied to a belt loop is such a simple way to make that plain shirt POP.  As well as — adding a matching ring + earrings.

Pro-Tip:  When you wear a scarf around your neck — don’t tie it too tight or when you turn your head — your neck will look wrinkly.

Have a bright colored pair of shoes – or two – in your closet that you feel just doesn’t go with anything?  (( See Picture #3 below))  Add a pretty little scarf that has one of the colors of your shoes in it — and tie it around your neck, belt loop on your waist, handbag or even as a headband!  Cool fix, right?

In a future post I will show how to make a headband with a scarf that is comfy and won’t fall off.

Well, that’s that for today.  Hope these tried-and-true fun tips have given you ideas for you.
((By the way, I used my lived in clothes from my personal closet for the pics.  Real people — Real Clothes … that’s how I roll.))

Until next time!  Have a great day.

~ You can submit questions for Stephanie’s Chic on the Cheap to the Comment Section of this 5 for Friday Episode

5 For Friday June 30
5 For Friday June 30
5 For Friday June 30
5 For Friday June 30





Dear Annie:

I’m 42 and, due to having epilepsy, have never been able to live on my own, without my parents.  I haven’t had any kind of social life for the past 13 years.  My illness began the year after I graduated high school, and it gradually got worse with time.  I have lived with my mom through childhood, and from my senior year of high school until I was 38, I lived with my dad.  Now I’m back living with my mom.

Since 2010, I haven’t been able to drive or work, and since my license was suspended due to my illness, my life has been permanently put on hold.  I’ve had one friend in all that time, and unfortunately, he lives in New York, while I live in Virginia.

Since having my illness, I have been treated like nothing more than a toddler.

When it comes to my parents, especially my mom, I’m not ALLOWED to do many things, including being left alone.  My mom thinks that the second I’m alone, I’m going to have a seizure, and the more my condition improves, the more controlling over me she gets.

She has, though, done a massive amount when it comes to my health, helping me throughout these past few years.  But in the end, she always has to step up and tell everyone what she’s done and how I wouldn’t have improved if it hadn’t been for her.  We had an argument last week over something very petty about my condition that spiraled out of control, and that turned my whole family against me.  I’m stuck with her because, even with my dad living close by, he’s unfortunately in the hospital, and I have nowhere to go.

The more we’re around each other, the more the argument spirals, and the more I don’t want to be here.  Every time her phone rings, which is a lot, I know it’s either a call or a text about me, because she has made herself out to be the victim in this whole situation, so she’s calling and texting family members about everything going on.  Because nobody wants to, or will hear my side of the story, they only know her side, so it’s extremely frustrating dealing with this situation.  ~ Turned Against My Family

Dear Turned:

Just like you say, your mom is making herself out to be the victim.  But you acting like a victim yourself by saying no one wants to hear your side of the story.  You are not a victim, and you are not a toddler.  Have an open and honest conversation about rules, how you don’t like to be treated like a toddler and how you want to be able to do more things.

~ Send your questions for Annie Lane to dearannie@creators.com


Hello high-energy — get-up-and go – let’s -get the day started!


  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • 1 cup of fresh strawberries, cleaned and sliced
  • 2 fresh bananas, sliced in quarters

Pour the orange juice into a blender.  Add the fruit.  Blend until smooth.    ~ Serves 2


  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • 1 cup peach yogurt
  • 1 1/2 cups peeled, fresh peaches

Combine all into a blender and blend until smooth.  ~ Serves 2


  • 1 cup vanilla yogurt
  • 3/4 cup grape juice
  • 1 1/2 cup fresh blueberries (or frozen)
  • 1 cup fresh blackberries (or frozen)

Combine all in a blender and blend until smooth.   ~Serves 2

Music For Your Ears


Have a great weekend
See ya Monday

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  1. Carol says:

    Missed you while you were gone! And so glad you’re back! Loved Stephanie’s tips for scarves and look forward to hearing more from her. This is perfect smoothie weather, all recipes sound yummy. And then the music – great selections. Happy weekend!!!

    • Cheryl clarson says:

      Hi Carol! Thank you – so good to be back up and running smoothly again. Stephanie’s scarf tips are really cool, agreed. I also look forward to more from her. So appreciate you + cheering us on. Happy July

  2. Marty says:

    I love Daymaker’s new addition. Even though I don’t know Stephanie, yet somehow I do by the way she describes the simple things in life we can do to boost an appreciation of self and an appreciation to those we meet. I love the looks of Stephanies in the midst of worn out sweats and baggy pajamas. Thumbs up!

    • Cheryl clarson says:

      Hi Marty! Yes, the addition of Stephanie is super cool. Excited to learn more fashion tips from her. Thanks for reading + commenting + cheering us on. Grateful. Happy July

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