5 For Friday May 17

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 17

Friday greetings! It's been a good week around here.  Lots of rain yesterday *again*  Just about the time I think I wanna whine about it, I stop myself short and remind me that I'll be wishing for it in less than 2 months throughout the full-on furnace of summer and early fall.  So I'm growing in the stop myself short of whining arena. Attitude adjustment:  Yay.  Hooray.  RAIN! My yard and trees are super happy and are showing it with lots of green + growth.  That's what matters. Presenting 5 for FRIDAY on this May 17 Super fun line-up today beginning with -- BRUCE CAMERON'S DUMPED BY A DRIVER H*I*L*A*R*I*O*U*S (!!) I love love love Bruce's writing style.  Absolutely one of my top 2 favorite humor writers.  I am and have always been a giant Bruce fan. QUICK QUESTION Me?  My fast 5 are: The 2 F's (friends and family) Quick wit = laughter Home Sweet Home Music Seeing happy people You? TWO CHOICES I love this story of Jerry the restaurant manager.  So inspiring/encouraging. RECIPE HIPPIE CHICK SALAD Is a winner, winner, winner and a keeper, keeper, keeper.
5 For Friday May 10

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 10

Friday greetings, Daymakers! Smile!  It's Fri-nally! I've had a great week.  Accomplished numerous small tasks around here - inside and out.  Did some weeding, cleaned out and organized a few kitchen drawers, swapped out winter clothes for summer clothes.  Those kind of things. Small but all put together are big time to me and my world.  How about you? Super fun line-up today - Beginning with Stacy's World. Me, I've never been a giant fan of dark chocolate.  Say - if I buy the bag of the tiny candy bars that offers choices of: Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Krackel, Mr. Good Bar and Dark Chocolate - last choice is Dark Chocolate that totally ties last with Mr. Good Bar.  HA However, now,  I'm so gonna try the dark chocolate + walnuts Stacy writes about in her column today for a little bedtime snack.  Cool tip for sure.  Move over Krackel bar - Dark chocolate bar has taken your place! And Stacy's Chai Coffee recipe is totally calling my name.  I'm the leader of the fan club of iced Chai coffee latte at the local coffee house.  But it does come with a pri$e for being a fan.  Thanks to Stacy's tip and how-to-do at home -- I'll be making it and refrigerating it or pouring it over ice A.L.L.S.U.M.M.E.R. long! 2 Winner tips in one column!  Love it. Can't wait to read what Stacy has in store for us in her next column of fun + interestings! Thanks, Stac! QUICK QUESTION Drive an ice cream truck to work or dress like a clown?  Quick answer - I'll drive the truck.
5 For Friday May 3

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 3

HOLA BONJOUR HOWDY Happy Friday.  Super fun read for this first Friday in May 2024 + exciting NEWS! Beginning with exciting NEWS! Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap from here forward is Stacy's World.  Stephanie and Stacy are one and the same. Beginning next week Stacy will pop in every other week - or weekly depending on her schedule - with her Stacy's World column and share fantastics, not just fashion tips and tricks, but recipes, DIY cool ideas for home and life, adventurers around town and elsewhere, cool product finds, entertaining ideas, where to find chic on the cheap and So. Much. More.  As in whatever strikes her fancy!  I'm super excited and thrilled that Stacy is such a giant part of Daymaker Readable Art with her innovativeness.  I love Katiedid Langrock's writing.  This piece - Memory Climb - yes, I sometimes think about the good old days from my younger years.  However, she's braver than I taking those memories on.  Ha! QUICK QUESTION What's the funniest sounding instrument to me?  All can be funny depending on how they're played and what's being played.  Without a doubt the childhood instrument of grade school -- the RECORDER is my answer. HA!!   Do kids still play the recorder in grade school I wonder. 3 THINGS IN LIFE
Wednesday Reader March 8 | Amanita Muscaria

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 26

Greetings Outstanding readers! How's the week been? Wonderful around here. I put in some quality weed pulling time, hung up my 2 hummingbird feeders with fresh nectar = sugar water (no sightings of the fast little birds just yet - but I know they're gonna discover, come and enjoy) and have been doing a daily 5-5-5 of Spring Cleaning purging (see Top of the Morning for that cool tip -  Quick way to revisit - click ) + hung out with Stephanie for lunch and laughter. I'm looking forward to a productive and chill weekend! FAB 5 for FRIDAY line-up today - Beginning with STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP I love the beautiful, inexpensive glass vases + bowls + glued on colored stones = original little pieces of glimmering mushroom art to perfectly position in the garden or in big planters.  COOL and easy-peasy to make/create thanks to Steph telling us how! I know of these colored stones Steph speaks of in her column.  Have seen them in Hobby Stores (they come in little "fishnet" style bags and they're eye-candy pretty).  Pretty sure I have a bag or 2 around here *sigh* no idea idea where they are - but I'm on the hunt. Steph's idea of the upside down Tiffany lamp planter is gorgeous! AND the Caprese Avocados - holy smokes YUM!  Lunch and light dinner on repeat! Thanks, Steph! QUICK QUESTION Is a toughy. So many beautiful birds. Let me back up - ALL birds are beautiful, frankly, to me -- even buzzards.  Yep, even a buzzard. However, if a genie granted me a "What kind of bird do ya wanna be for a day or two wish?" -- I'd probably choose Eagle or Hawk.  They soar so high in the sky and are so mighty.  I can only imagine what their "bird's eye view" is.  How about you? JERRY CLOWER'S STEEL MARBLES STORY
5 For Friday April 19

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 19

Friday greetings! Fabulous line-up to share today on the last day of this week. Steph's off this week.  She's super busy and will be back soon with more tips and tricks to share with us!  Steph sends all of us her "hello"! The stand-in for STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP today is a fun blast-from-the-past read from the archives of Katiedid Langrock titled, "Twister Coming." I find the "Twister Coming" column amusing.  I did see "Twister" - the movie - but apparently I missed Helen Hunt's wardrobe.  Perhaps, I need to give it another watch.  And then - bust out my white tank top and khakis and be in Ninja combat tornado mode!  It's definitely tornado season around these parts.  Ha! QUICK QUESTION My favorite flower?  Hmmmm - that's a tough one because all flowers are so pretty to me.  Including dandelions.  Yep, I just said dandelions. I will say at first thought - sunflowers - especially the big, tall ones with their giant faces as big serving plates.  You? FILM CREW 101 TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT Behind the scenes is a peek-a-boo to those who don't or haven't worked in the film business.  Teamsters aka TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT is a ya didn't know -- but now ya do -- read. Peter and I wrote this in our book years ago.  I ran it by my brother-in-law, Greg, (who worked Transportation in the Film Industry for years - as Coordinator and Captain) and I asked if what was written was correct.  He offered a few little changes to make - which I have. Greg also added that depending on the size of the show -- he was in charge of anywhere from 30, 60, 100 drivers/trucks -- and orchestrated all trucks + equipment to get to where working crew needed them to be fast, so all crew could jump quickly on task for the next set-up/shots/plans for the day. I assure you, PATIENT film production would be an oxymoron. JAPANESE STEAK ROLLS + GARLIC LIME RICE RECIPE Comes from Justin, head caterer, on the set of Salem.
5 for Friday April 12

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 12

Friday greetings, friends! How's your week been?  Good here.  Solar Eclipse happened and it rolled right down my neck of the woods, so to speak, and it did get dark for 4 minutes.  Kinda freaky and cool all at the same time. Great 5 for Friday today - Beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP I know one thing in the camp of Cheryl, I will never look at an overripe banana or potato peels the same.  They all still have value.  For Butterflies and for Me.  I have a wire coat hanger and I'm going to form a banana holder and hang it outside in one of my trees and watch the butterflies flutter around with glee.  Same the potato skins - for moi! Hello, Yumm-O.  No doubt the potato skins are waaaayyyy better than chips outta the bag.  AND!  Banana skins in a pitcher of water for watering some of my outside plants.  Plants will thank me and grow like crazy thanks to Steph!  Ta-Dah! I so laughed outloud at Steph's share of what would literally be her regarding a $7 dress from Ross.  Me, knowing Steph for many years absolutely know this to be true!  I'm pretty sure she finds all the "deals" out there before any of us put our shopping shoes on.  HA! Steph never disappoints with her cool, outside-the-box creative ideas. Thanks, Steph!  Keep 'em coming, girl! QUICK QUESTION What is bravery to me?  Many things --but the first thing that pops in my head is -- one who continues to put one foot in front of the other and keeps moving ahead regardless of circumstances happening in their immediate world at the moment.  You? SOUTHPAW SUPER POWER Is an intriguing list of the specialness of those born left-handed.  Totally makes sense, though.  My dad was a left-hander.  It always caught my attention when he wrote something on a piece of paper - how he positioned his hand to do so - and he did have very nice handwriting.  Are you a southpaw or someone in your family?
5 For Friday 3 | The Union Sewing Machine is the Best

5 for FRIDAY

Friday greetings friends - Great stuff packed in this episode today. Stephanie is off this week but she'll be back very, very soon.  She's a super busy lady and gives her time and energy and tips and tricks when time allows.  Hat tip, Steph.  Thank ya! The stand in for Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap is a column by Katiedid Langrock archives from back in 2017.  Not nearly as cool and informational as Steph's column, but it's a heart read.  Enjoy! "PIG"  THE RABBIT STORY by Katiedid Langrock is beautiful.  Almost - ALMOST - wants me to look and find and bring home such a cool pet.  However, this house/ark is full around here! QUICK QUESTION My new name would be Calvin Cheeseburger.  Ha!  You? PEANUT BUTTER SQUARES Recipe reads like it's too simple to be good.  Trust me - they are simple and they're very good. ART ILLUSTRATIONS Have me planning for some kinda little garden around here.  Good news, I have a farmer's market about 15 minutes away.  So, if I fail in doing or succeeding - have the market so close - I can go, shop, choose and enjoy the fruits of the farmers labors!  THANK YOU FARMERS!
5 For Friday March 29

5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 29

EASTER WEEKEND GREETINGS! We've got a super line-up of Bunny Art, Inspiration, Tanning Tips, Unique Egg Salad Recipe and Pineapple question on this Good Friday. Beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP Fabulous self-tanner tips if you don't wanna crawl into a tanning bed *ahem* which I am guilty of and have been doing too many years to count.  I need to change my ways and Steph's column today is how I'm gonna start.  These 2 products she writes about and presents absolutely intrigue me in that I can still be suntan Cheryl but in a much safer, healthier way. As always, Steph, your easy doable tips of FASHION + DIY ART + INDOOR/OUTDOOR DECORATING + MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL BEAUTY are so cutting-edge and who-knew? until we read it from you.  We look forward to your columns on how to jazz-up ourselves and living environments to a higher, even more exciting level!  Thank ya. QUICK QUESTION Does pineapple belong on pizza.  Well --- not necessarily for me.
5 For Friday March 22

5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 22

Friday greetings, friends! Great line-up today beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP I love Stephanie's Xeriscape planter pots tips!  And they look so cool.  Pretty sure I can do that and will! I've planted many, many planter pots of flowers over the years and water in the morning, but by mid-afternoon they don't look so perky and I can almost hear them whispering, Water, water, water please.  Poor babies - of course - I grab a watering container or hose and give them more gulps of water.  Sadly, no matter how hard I try being water girl, by end of summer, they just didn't survive the heat.  Boo! However, there's a new plan around here thanks to Steph's insider tips! AND I totally love the rock garden idea in a large, cool, flat, natural looking container  -- collected pieces from past adventures - future adventures OR simply flat-out buying them from an online source and incorporating all to become a signature masterpiece here at my home. Thanks, Steph!  Keep your innovative ideas headed our way because we are FANS! QUICK QUESTION What's something I do that some may find odd or humorous?  Well, I save envelopes from bills or advertisements I get in the mailbox and use the backs of the envelopes for grocery lists, to-do-lists, reminder notes that I magnet tack to the 'fridge.  I think it's kind of like recycling, yes?  At the very least it's re-purposing.  Works for me!  How about you? 8-YEAR-OLD-PAPER ON GRANDPARENTS I smiled from ear to ear reading this little 8 year old's paper as it is so beautifully true and brought back numerous memories of my (our) grandparents who were the coolest, kindest, patient, grey haired people on the planet.  So many life lessons learned from them - including - and - especially LOVE. BROWN DERBY COBB SALAD RECIPE Is the OG.  I stumbled across this recipe years ago from a recipe book that was specifically dedicated to recipes requested over and over again from readers of the Los Angeles Times most popular food column Dear S.O.S.  Indeed, I have made this salad many, many times and, yes, it's fabulous --  and the Special French Dressing is the icing on the salad.
5 For Friday March 15

5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 15

Friday Howdy to all! Fun lineup today --- Beginning with STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP regarding Restoring Discolored Clothing. Boy, oh, boy, do I totally have a couple pair of "favorite" jeans that I just haven't been able to part with because we've been hanging out together a long time -- however, they have aged and have that yellow tinge thing going on that Steph talks about in her column today.  I just dug them out from the top of the closet and they are so going to go in the recipe - to soak and see if they, too, will be revived as Stephanie's jeans did!  Excited. I also love Steph's iron-on patch fix = a one-of-of-a-kind pair of jeans.  Ta-Dah! Met Steph for lunch today, which was a super chill time and she gifted me a tank top that didn't work for her (color wise).  Sure does for me!  And she purchased it from Temu.com. I'm a Temu.com believer and will be shopping there more and more. Thanks, Steph!  As always, you keep us in the know with your fun+valuable info.  Keep 'em coming, girl. QUICK QUESTION What do I hate throwing away? Hands down - items I find in the 'fridge that expired before I got to them.  Gotta be more diligent and I'm on that mission. DOGS BETTER THAN WIVES Story is brilliant.  Not sure I love the title all the way, but, whether we (as women/wives) want to admit -- much of the list 'tis true.  Ha!
5 For Friday March 8 | mushroom frog tall

5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 8

Greetings Daymaker friends! Great Wednesday Read to present today:  fascinating + fun + domestic goddess as a sandwich maker at home. Beginning with -- STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP Cool gardening tips. I, personally, have more than a few clay or decorative pots outside just waiting for a new plant "to move in."  Totally gonna happen as it will give my outdoor surroundings happy and beauty from now 'til the first frost of winter. Sponges on the bottom of pot.  Check. A little cinnamon mixed in with potting soil.  Check. Coffee grounds sprinkled on top.  Check. I do know my local Starbucks' offer used coffee grounds in 5# bags free for the hauling - a gift from them to someone's garden - because I've grabbed one or two while inside ordering a tall iced coffee or an iced chai latte, non-fat with 2 shots of espresso (my summer fav go-to). So park, go inside, stand in line, order a cup of coffee or iced tea and look around and see if you're lucky that there might be a bag or 2 of the used coffee grounds just waiting for you to grab and take home.  Score! I'm on the hunt for a clear shoe bag for herbs to plant and hang.  I know exactly where I'm gonna hang my shoe-bag mini herb garden. Such cool, trick ideas, Steph.  Thanks for another column of great, innovative ideas! QUICK QUESTION What motivates me?  Several things.  However top 2 on my list are hanging out with happy people and jumping out of bed every morning with passion, excited for the creative project I'm currently working on. FILM CREW 101 - SCRIPT SUPERVISOR
5 For Friday March 1

5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 1

Hello March and hello friends - March isn't rolling in like a lion thus far.  Temps are supposed to be around 70 today.  But who knows?  Could change like lickety-split.  Regardless of what temps roll in today to the end of the month, I'm counting on March rolling out like a lamb and gently launching us into spring. Super-duper fun read today! Beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP Once again (!) Stephanie  hooks us up with cool, DIY innovative ideas of things + pieces just waiting in a thrift store to be discovered, loved and become statement pieces here and there in our homes.  Welcome to the family, sort of thing! I don't happen to own an old suitcase - but now I'm on the hunt!  I love the vintage look of them.  And the beauty of another piece of eclectic added to my home.  Same goes for a basket with a moving handle.  Superness! Genius, Steph! DO I LEARN BY WATCHING OR DOING? My answer is both.  I learn by watching and then doing.  The 2 work in tandem for me.  You?