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Rise and shine! It's a brand new week full of possibilities and opportunities! How was your weekend? Hopefully full of chill - as in relaxation - after tasks you may or may not have had on your to do list.  I had a few tasks that I accomplished and I did find some chill and enjoyed it. Super-duper cool collection I found to share today. BEGINNING WITH: 100 LIFE SIZE ELEPHANT SCULPTURES On tour across the United States.  Incredible! These magnificent sculptures totally brought back to my memory the amazing story of the Elephant Whisperer:  Lawrence Anthony. If you have the time - it won't be wasted watching this little YouTube piece about Lawrence Anthony.  An amazing human being. These "rogue" elephants Lawrence took in on his reserve eventually bonded with him and loved him.  Most importantly, trusted him because of his kindness and care and patience.  And when Lawrence passed away, the elephants somehow knew that he had died and they made the however long trek, single file, to the Anthony's home to pay respects - and stayed around the perimeter of the home for over a day before going back into the bush on the reserve that was now their home thanks to Lawrence Anthony. It's goose bump stuff. Here's the link - ((*Unforgettable Tale of the Elephant Whisperer **))
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Hello and Howdy this beautiful Monday July 8. First day of the week and so much opportunity comes with it. It's all about recognizing, moving, shaking and finding what's possible in this week for each of us -- individually. How 'bout that idea? Presenting Top of the Morning and what I found and collected to share today! BEGINNING WITH: EAGLES AND WING SPAN! Gosh, who knew the wing spans are/can be 6', 8' even 9'? I didn't! Next time I see an eagle way up in the air -- I'll recall reading/seeing this piece and my jaw will fall open in awe -- knowing the incredible size of the majestic birds' wing spans!  And I will give an air kiss to the sky in total admiration/respect. 12 FASTEST CATS IN THE WORLD  Uhhhhh -- these cats are faster than fast. 35 m.p.h - 70 m.p.h.  Don't even think about putting on your running shoes and trying to out run one!  Awe-mazing.
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Welcome JULY! Plans for the 4th?  My wonderful neighbors/friends have invited me over for their get-together celebration on the 4th.  Pretty sure I'm going to take them up on it.  Always outstanding tacos, salsa and sides, cool music, a little fireworks action and kids laughing!  Count me in! I'm thinking I will take over a big bowl of finger jello cubes (in the recipes today) to contribute to the festivities! Excellent line-up of fabulous to share  today! BEGINNING WITH: The surprising, Ingenious Ingredient to add to hot dogs!  I would have never guessed this little add on.  Totally makes sense, though.  I love hot dogs.  Not every week - but every now and then and this is definitely hot dogs on the grill season! Yellow Jackets DIY trap Totally gonna make one - probably more like three.  Yep, I've got them.  And, yep, the ones that also live in the ground.  Found out about that little fun fact mowing one year when I inadvertently disturbed an underground nest and they came out of the ground and were on fierce-big-time-attack mode.  It was less than ideal.  Thank goodness my instincts kicked in FAST and I ran FAST and jumped in the pool (however, not without a few little warriors stinging me first - like 9 times). 3-D Animated Size Comparison of Monsters Fascinating.  The VFX artists/specialists who create these images for television, big screen theater productions, video games are absolutely Awe-mazing.  The skills and imagination is something I can't wrap my head around how they do it --- cool.
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Monday morning June 24th greetings! Super fabulous line-up collection I found to share today! BEGINNING WITH: UNIQUE WAYS TO USE ZIPLOC BAGS My favorite take-aways are: * Sorting and labeling electronic cables WITH manuals.  Hello!  Wish I'd known this like 40 years ago! * Sprouting seeds.  Same! * Cleaning gas stove burners.  What in the world?  Fantastic! CHAIN LINK FENCE COVER UP IDEAS FOR A LITTLE BIT OF MONEY, A LOT MORE PRIVACY + CREATIVE COOLNESS I don't have a chain link fence, but if I did I'd be considering one of these clever ideas. BLUE RIBBON SUPER STAR DAYMAKER, FRANCISCO OLIVEIRA Francisco blows me away with his excellence of artistry - and his love and heart to help these beautiful, young people who ... Gotta watch to see.  Guarantee it will not be one second waste of your time. The deep-down-from-their-souls- smiles -- from both the young people and Francisco stole my heart and will forever be in my memory bank.  Standing ovation applause and hat tip.  Wishing many blessings to you, Francisco Oliveira.  You're an amazing human being.
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June 3rd greetings!  And hello Month of June! My mom's birthday was June 1 and a grand get-together happened. Unfortunately, it was in California and I was not in attendance.  However, my sisters were and my youngest sister, Lisa, was the shaker-maker-and creator of all things called birthday lunch/food requested by Mom:  fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed corn, green beans, rolls and rhubarb pie for dessert.  Bravo Lisa!  Jennie was the clean up crew - as in dishes.  Clap-clap, Jen. I received pics -- thanks to our modern day technology tucked in our pockets called cell phones with camera + able to zap over lickety-split! Birthday girl had a grand time. Another very cool line-up today! Beginning with: BEST TIPS FOR CLEANING OUTDOOR FURNITURE Power washer/and or Dawn soap (blue) with a soft brush. I'm totally on it! HOW TO MAKE DIY CINDER BLOCK GARDEN As in herbs and or succulents.  Totally love this cool idea because I/we can create a super cool planting inside the pockets of the cinder blocks and arrange the blocks in groups -- here, there, everywhere!  Super outdoor living space artsy idea. BEAUTIFUL PORTRAITS OF MAJESTIC HORSES
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Monday Memorial Day Greetings - With reverence and eyes closed saying a silent prayer of gratitude for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and this beautiful country. I am GRATEFUL. Presenting today's Top of The Morning episode. BEGINNING WITH: TAKING CHANCE I hope you have a few minutes to give it a watch and absorb the gravity of its message. Same - PRESIDENT REAGAN'S MEMORIAL DAY SPEECH Both so powerful, moving and meaningful. AND (!) The other collected pieces of interestings today: 10 WAYS TO USE BAKING SODA + HYDROGEN PEROXIDE Amazing cleaning solutions to combat pesky little issues around our homes. DAD OPENS CAR WASH To give a job to his autistic son and ... well, read the story Is so full of heart + successful purpose to/for so many!  BEAUTY-FUL! MOST IMPRESSIVE BRIDGES How in the world did man come up with such ideas + plans + orchestrate the final finished unbelievable giants? Genius + talented craftsmen! Mind blowing. RECIPES: ORANGE JULIUS!  Yes, please!  I totally remember the little shops in the mall and yes, I was - AM - a fan. Gonna be making Orange Juilius' in the blender all summer long. Hello, happy, yummy sip 'n skip down memory lane! TUNA PATTIES This recipe has my full attention!  Appetizer get togethers with family/friends or just me for lunch or light dinner when the heat is full on. SWEET POTATO CORNBREAD What?! I've shared the sweet potato biscuit recipe we made at Hippie Cowboy which customers were wild about. Absolutely no reason why this sweet potato cornbread recipe won't be equally fabulous!  Year 'round! ((Think for breakfast instead of a donut or muffin with a cold brew glass of coffee.  A side-kick for a small butter lettuce salad.  Side kick for a bowl of borracho beans.  And come fall and winter - any and all soups and stews.)) GREEK OLIVE PASTA SALAD Wow!
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Monday greetings, Amazing Readers - Super entertaining + tasty recipes collection to share today! Beginning with: 10 SCENTS MOSQUITOS HATE  Yep, pretty sure none of us will disagree that mosquitos suck - literally.  Great ideas for keeping the tiny, flying, biting things repelled! SPEED COMPARISON OF AQUA LIFE Is mesmerizing!  An incredibly, artfully assembled mini-watch. My favorite takeaways (although, hard decision) were Sea Turtles - WOW!  They're fast, fast, fast - unlike land turtles. And Flying Fish! And a Black Marlin travels 82 m.p.h!  CRAZY! PEOPLE HAVING THE BEST DAY EVER Is super cool.  As it's been said, "A picture can speak a 1,000 words."  Proof is in these pics for sure. WHAT "JUICY FRUIT" Are you according to your Zodiac sign?  Me, Mango.  You? STRIKING CABLE-STAY BRIDGE PROPOSAL TO REPLACE BALTIMORE'S BRIDGE Is both beautiful and genius.  I so hope it happens and the sooner the better to get construction happening.  "A rising Phoenix." RECIPES!
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Monday Morning Greetings! Brand new week full of peek-a-boo moments ready to pop out if we spot them.  Be on the lookout. How was your weekend? Great weekend here. Did a GIANT burn of branches, twigs, limbs and leaves that have been accumulating for months and months and thanks to help from my neighbor/friend, Trent, who came over and put eyes on it to make sure all was safe - lit it - and then  I was  good to go.  Hose + pitch fork + shovel to continue feeding the fire until it was gone-baby-gone! Another purge - but this time outside. Thanks, Trent! Presenting today's line-up of treasures I found to share! Beginning with: "Recipe" for Making Our Own Potting Soil  Not only cost efficient - the best of the best DIY. I've heard of worm castings - never really understood exactly what that whole thing was all about - now I do - and to be able to purchase them in a bag?  I'm in! Prominent Internet Slang Words Don't know about you - but I sure like to be "in the know" about everything words going on in what I read -- and now I'm more in the know.  And you do, too! Maze-Like Passageways
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Hi! Good Morning and Good Monday greetings - I had a chill, relaxed weekend.  Hung out with some friends and shared a lot of laughter.  Always best times in the making!  You? Great line-up of collected fascinatings to present today. BEGINNING WITH: BUILDING A SHIP IN A BOTTLE AWE-SOME short watch.  I'm pretty sure, knowing me, I wouldn't have that kind of disciplined patience to do such a piece of art.  And it is art.  I would have the patience to write a little note and slide it inside a bottle, cork it, and toss it in to the ocean.  Ha! LIFE WAS GREAT GROWING UP IN THE 70's Is a blast from the past fun read! 8-tracks -- check School Lunches -- check Private Phone calls depended on the length of the phone cord - check JAWS the movie - check, check, check Allowed outside without supervision - check Saturday mornings and cartoons - check Staying up late to watch Saturday Night Live - check 11 THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT THE "PEANUTS" COMIC STRIP


Happy hello Monday + outstanding readers! We've had plenty of "not messin' around" rain here in my part of the world over the weekend. Thunder!  Big time thunder that was the background BOOMS (!) to the sky opening up with hardcore rain falling.  I actually like the sound of thunder.  My cats not so much.  My sister, Jennie, not somuch.  You? Super cool collection to present today for your enjoyment! Beginning with: REMOTE CONTROL SAVING DEVICE!  Wow! Should I get in trouble in the water I want this super fast device coming to my aid lickety-split! PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR UNDERWEAR WHEN THEY TRAVEL BLEW my mind short read. 2 live SNAKES?!  Yikes. I actually lost my luggage on Christmas Eve a couple years ago.  The planes didn't take off - as in with passengers - but my luggage did somehow.  Mine and hundreds and hundreds of others. I was in line a week later with others trying to locate our bags and the couple behind me told me that their luggage had the husband's famous family recipe of a giant brisket in the suitcase to take for Christmas. Uhhhh.  Wonder how that worked out. But 2 live SNAKES! GIRAFFE GETS MUCH NEEDED HELP FROM A CHIROPRACTOR Stole my heart.  I love this Chiropractor/Doctor who helps animals and people.  Why wouldn't animals need "adjustments" same as us? CASTLES!  HERE IN THE U.S.?!  I totally wanna go see one/walk through it.  Amazing.
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Mellow Monday greetings, friends - I had a ton of fun collecting these for today! Beginning with: 12-12-12 Method for spring/purging cleaning I'm gonna dial it back to a 5-5-5 Method.  Baby steps for me.  Ha SIZE COMPARISON OF LIVING + EXTINCT ANIMALS Holy camoly! Seeing is believing! My personal YIKES take-a-ways were: Manta Stingray -- 15 feet Saltwater Croc - 16 feet King Cobra - 13 feet 11 ADVERTISING SLOGANS I remember one and all. Makes me feel a little older OR I feel like I have a great memory OR the advertising slogans were so great that I still remember them. My favorite take-aways are: "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" "Where's the Beef?" "It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature" "Calgon take me away" I'm thinking the advertisers might want to resurrect these great ads - because we know they're "stickers" - but who am I to suggest such?  Ha WALLPAPER ART INSPIRATION Beautiful ideas. I remember when there was a time in my world that I was a "hater" of wallpaper.  Specifically, when Peter and I bought our home 30+ years ago.  Crazy wallpaper from room-to-room and we stripped all from the walls. But wallpaper and it being art has evolved! Now, downstairs half-bath is wallpapered with art and also upstairs master bedroom (one wall only).  Both beautiful. HOW TO FERTILIZE HANGING BASKETS OF FLOWERS Is absolutely timely!  I'm so gonna follow these tips from the Pros so my pretty hanging baskets will be happy and make me smile throughout the summer and fall. RECIPES