Top of the Morning April 15


Hello Hola Bonjour Monday and friends! Brand new week = wide open day spaces for possibilities of cool and exciting wonders to present themselves to us. I'm always up for that! Check out the wonderful treasures of finds I collected to share today. Beginning with: BARKEEPERS FRIEND + HOW TO REMOVE HARD WATER STAINS FROM GLASS As many of us are in the Spring Cleaning mode - these 2 might be great helpers! WHOLESOME, COMFORTING POSTS FROM JUST ONE WEEK Are awesome heartfelt + some silly fun. My 2 favorites are: #2 - How does a worm get to a balcony on the 37th floor? #13 - Some stranger, somewhere remembers you because you were kind to them. BENEFITS OF PICKLE JUICE I am totally a fan of pickle juice for muscle contractions in my legs or arches of my feet!  Totally works for me in the middle of the night when trying to walk it out isn't working. SIMMER POT RECIPES/COMBO IDEAS Simmer pot = a small pan on the stove on medium low to me - no special simmer pot required around here .  Makes my house smell so good. RECIPES!
Top of the Morning April 8


Hello Magnificent Daymaker Readers - Presenting Top of the Morning! Another fantastic-fun great line-up I collected to share today. Beginning with: The Deserted Places that still remain - grandeur.  Imagine the stories they would tell if they could. I'm IN on Gardening with Buckets.  Last time I was in Home Depot/Lowe's - I think I saw a price tag per bucket was a little less than $5.  And then I can properly place them in the perfect spot around here depending on their sunlight requirements! OMG!  Vintage Pianos repurposed to BEAUTIFUL, GIANT sweeping Phoenix Sculptures.  I want one!  Big time. HORSERADISH is the key ingredient to summer coleslaw.  I'm a believer.  I love being in the know about a "secret ingredient"! BREATH-TAKING SHOT OF THE STATUE OF LIBERTY BEING ZAPPED by a bolt of lightning.  Talented photographer for having a lightning fast camera and skills to capture such a super fast happening.  Super cool! RECIPES!
Top of the Morning April 1st


Hello Friends! How can April be here already?  So crazy how time flies (as in months at a time)! As April 1st is known to be a prank day -- have you ever pranked something funny on April 1st or been pranked? Super-duper collection to share today.  (All legit - no pranks - ha!) Beginning with: 25 SIDE YARD IDEAS All so very beautiful.  Like a cool hallway in our homes - but outside! DECADENT ABANDONED MOSQUES IN TURKEY Wow!  The craftsmanship and artists.  Abandoned.  Why? A REAL LIFE INVISIBILITY SHIELD Is most intriguing.  I love that it's roll-and-go as opposed to a giant piece of plexiglass sort of thing that has to be carted around by a vehicle or trailer.  What a great invention.  I, personally, wonder if movie sets/commercials are embracing it, as well.  Move over green screen. HERE'S WHAT OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN CHILDHOOD BOOKS LOOK LIKE IN REAL LIFE ACCORDING TO AI To me -- most of the AI "real life" depictions were what I had envisioned in my mind save -- The Little Prince. GREAT READ ON GETTING READY FOR UPCOMING APRIL 8 2024 SOLAR ECLIPSE I seriously didn't realize how big of a deal it's going to be.  Especially in my neck of the woods.  Ordered a pair of NASA approved disposable glasses to look and watch.  I've been told that hotels are sold out, people in the area are actually renting out their homes like a B & B for a couple of nights for a lot of dough -- as in the $thousands.  Crazy!
Top of the Morning March 25


Hello Monday and friends - How are things going in the new spring season that's arrived and breathing life back into all that was dormant during winter season?  AS IN GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!  Leaves are popping on my trees, grass is growing like crazy and new growth sprouting everywhere.  Spring is ON! Another super fun collection found to share for your enjoyment. BEGINNING WITH: CLEVER TEACHERS and their teaching styles that entice students to sit up, listen and learn!  My favorite takeaways are #7, #14, #43.  Guessing, fun for both teachers and students. SHORT COMPILATION OF BREATHTAKING SHOTS IN MOVIE HISTORY is a tiny movie all by itself.  STUNNING, MESMERIZING! REMEMBER CLACKERS?  I totally do!  I had several, as did my friends, in cool colors and designs -- kinda like GIANT (as in almost the size of a billard ball).  AND I was REALLY GOOD at making those things clack-clack-clack without missing a beat.  Who knew (back then) that Clackers were not necessarily a great "toy" or "idea" based on the what-if scenarios?  Ha.  We didn't care -- it was competition at its best to see who could clack  for the longest time.  Ahhhh, those were the days. WHEN TO PUT OUR HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS OUT NOW THAT IT'S SPRING - I've been wondering exactly when and now I know.  I have 2 and they're great looking "vessels".  Both purchased from Wal-Mart garden department.  I hang one outside my living room picture window and one outside my kitchen sink window (on about a foot long piece of chain so they drop down a little bit)  and I so enjoy spotting the little hummingbirds zooming in - hovering and going a little back and forth - to feed on some liquid "food."  Hummingbirds are happy entertainment.  If you don't have a Hummingbird feeder - I encourage you to think about getting one.  For them AND you!
Top of the Morning March 18


Monday morning greetings, amazing readers! How was your weekend?  Mine was chill and a little chilly and wet.  Rained off and on past two days.  Great for the yard and plants. Fantastic line-up of cool fun + interestings for you to check out today. Beginning with: 35 BRILLIANT CLEANING HACKS Yep, I know, I've presented cleaning hacks in the past -- however, this one has additional ones I did not know about.  I think I'm very keen on a dishwasher tablet to help clean ovens and toilets! ATTENTION!  Saluting General Sherman Majestic.  Unbelievable.  Just WOW!  And the read of these old beauties is pretty much unforgettable. THE FASCINATING STORIES BEHIND CELEBRITY NAMES I'm so not *star* struck working in the Motion Picture Industry for a long period of time.  But -- I did find it kinda fun to read how some celebrities came up with their "stage names."  My fav takeaways were Jackie Chan, LL Cool J and Whoopie Goldberg. WHY WE SHOULD KEEP OYSTER SAUCE IN OUR 'FRIDGES Has my full attention and it's on my shopping list.  The hook to me was, "If you want to make any dish taste better just add oyster sauce."  I'm in and can't wait to add a little or a little more to some of my dishes around here. HOW WE SHOULD EAT OUR EGGS IN THE MORNING BASED ON OUR ZODIAC SIGNS Just when we thought we'd read everything regarding our Zodiac sign -- here comes a new one.  Ha! I disagree with mine - Leo - I'm a die-hard fan of eggs cooked hard, poached eggs cooked hard, scrambled eggs and omelets.  I just can't do the runny yolk thing.  My sisters loved the runny yolks oozing all over their breakfast plates and dipping toast in it.  You?
tulips white bush


Hello Friends - How's the daylight saving time working out for you Day 2?  Adjusted to it all the way yet?  It takes me two or three days to adjust/embrace it all the way because I, for whatever reason, play this little game with myself -- Well, it's 12:00 but it's really 11:00 or vice versa when the fall comes and we fall back.  Weird?  I don't know - not to me anyway.  Anybody else play this Daylight Saving Game for a day or two? By the way, I'm totally late to the proper name of Daylight Saving Time.  I've always referred to it as Daylight Savings Time.  Won't anymore now that I know. Collected these today for inspiration + information + fun + and recipes worthy of a looksy. BEGINNING WITH: PHOTOS OF FORGOTTEN THINGS That will instantly be recognizable to "Boomers".  There's something bouncing around in my memory box right now wondering, Did I already put this in a previous episode months ago or were you just thinking about it, Cheryl?  Unsure - nonetheless, a fun walk down memory lane for those of us who know have earned the title of "Boomer".  My favorite take-aways from the piece were Tang (was never a big Kool-Aid fan as a kid, but I sure loved Tang), Columbia House member (hand raised here!).  Carbon paper sets for a manual typewriter - yep, used them. The entire list is a super blast from the past. PICTURES OF A FOREST PATH Well, I chose #5 because I it was really pretty and wasn't a little foreboding to me like a couple of the other path choices.  (I've probably watched or worked on too many shows where paths like those were creepy - caution tape - stuff.  Ha.)  Not sure that I agree with the "personality traits" that my choice of a forest path reveals about me... but it was a fun little quiz thing. CLEVER HUMOROUS LICENSE PLATES Were just that -- Clever and Humorous.  And, yes, while sitting in traffic I do enjoy spotting a license plate like one of these. SECRET WEAPON CALLED TOMATO CHICKEN BULLION
Top of the Morning March 4


Greetings! Presenting this Monday's collection of entertaining pieces of interesting + fun + delish. Beginning with: THE AMAZING MACHINES  Really cool watch of the machines that perform the tasks that contribute to our day-to-day mass living we absolutely don't really wonder or think about -- like donuts to spiral notebooks to milling machines to cleaning the tops of tunnels to crushing giant items for recycling  to - to - to ...  Impressive! SURPRISING ALUMINIUM FOIL USES IN OUR HOMES Besides covering something we slide into the oven:  soften brown sugar!  Sharpen scissors!  Keep pots and pans shiny!  And more totally has my full attention.  Who knew that roll of Aluminum foil in the kitchen drawer is a secret weapon to combat so many things around the house?  Not me.  But now I do - and so do you. HOW TO DEBONE A ROTISSERIE CHICKEN, EXPERTLY WITH NO MESS Is genius!  Seeing + Doing = Believing.  Just a mind trip of  "why didn't we think of this sooner" ? WE ALL SEE COOL HUMOR AND HAPPENSTANCE IN OUR EVERY DAY WORLDS Get your phone/camera race ready to click and capture when you see them. RECIPES
Top of the Morning February 26
Top of the Morning


Monday greetings magnificent readers! How was your weekend?  All good here - save the part where I had to snap my self outta the spring-like temps and drip the faucets again and prepare for some more frigid temps - as in 26 degrees over night, two nights in a row.  Brrrrr!!! Super fun Monday collection to share today - First up is CICADAS ARE COMING but with dual emergence.  Is this the part where we might say YIKES!? Being from Montana - we didn't have Cicadas - however, now living in the land of Texas I've always enjoyed their rhythmic sound.  To me, it's "the sound of summer." BACKYARD SMALL PATIO IDEAS are pretty darn outstanding.  And should a project like this be on your home to-do bucket list - now's a perfect time to start planning ahead before summer's furnace is full throttle.  Cool ideas to choose + create an outdoor living space just for you and yours. Totally love SMART MOM'S LIST OF ADD-ON CHORES for babysitter to make a little extra dough while the kids are sleeping and waiting for the parents to come home.  Back in the day when I was babysitting - I would have taken smart mom up on her list and accomplished all on the list for $.  Brilliant idea smart mom. TIMELESS CUTENESS is just that and more -- timeless beauties that brought to me smile-smile-smile.  Whole lotta joy in the captured pieces of another time, another place of others.   Hope you have a few minutes to give them a scroll-through. RECIPES!
Top of the Morning February 12


Greetings! Welcome to Monday's Top of The Morning Episode -- Party full-of-fun collected today to share! Beginning with Art Illustration of Mardi Gras - totally embraces the frolic and fun that's happening there now + an in-the-know of what exactly Mardi Gras is to all of us "outsiders"  ha I've been to the Big Easy and/or Crescent City numerous times Most well known as New Orleans for work -- not vacation.  Ha What a magic-filled city full of pride, unique history and cool people, joy and fun. 7 Thrifting Trends for 2024 Thrifters start looking for treasures to grab and bring home! WHAT'S REALLY IN VELVEETA I found this little read quite fascinating.  I always thought Velveeta was some kind of weird-engineered-orange- slab Think Velveeta and Rotel tomato Dip - no questions asked!  Just so iconic delicious!  One chip after another! Upon reading this -- new kinda respect. BOILED PEANUTS Hello! Best flavorful way to boil peanuts in the shell -- dry peanuts and sack up in old school brown paper lunch bags to share or gift.  A memorable brown sack bag of  a treat. WOLF OF THE WILD DOG VIA ZODIAC SIGNS Check your wild dog sign via your birth month and see what ya think. RECIPES ARE ALL GREAT FINDS !!
Top of the Morning February 5


Hey - Hey friends and 1st Monday of February. I'm still wondering how January peeled through so quickly.  You? So much fun I collected to share today. Beginning with The cool art illustration. It's so happy and totally brings back childhood memories to me - yes, we had these types of sleds and they were head-first-dare-devil fun.  The wooden "steering wheel" kinda-sorta steered the sled moving at what seemed like mach speed. We also had saucer "sleds" which absolutely resembled something the size of a big garbage can lid - but had handles and happy enameled painted artwork where we sat down and got ready to fly down the hill. They were crazy fast and whirly-twirly - no controlling which way the saucer would go.  We just held on and giggled and screamed.  Better than a ride at the fair. I will say -- I think my sisters and my favorite "sled" was a big ol' inner tube.  Think tire inner tube from a big working truck - not - from a domestic vehicle.  These inner tube slider "sleds" slid fast, fast, fast!  No controlling what the inner tube wanted to do either.  Ha! We got bucked off plenty of times, pulled the inner tube back to the top of the hill for another white-knuckle-ride-and-slide down the hill. I don't recall ever getting too cold because we were having such giant fun!
Top of the Morning January 22


Greetings fab readers and Hello Monday (!) first day of a brand new week. Another stellar line-up collection today! Beginning with: NO MORE FUN-PUNS ON HIGHWAY SIGNS Big fat boo on the no fun people who get to be the deciders of taking these clever, humorous reading pieces of fun away from us to read as we drive the endless miles to our destination(s). BOOMERS!  REMEMBER? I totally remember banana seats + tiny Bayer aspirin tins + 45 records my sisters and I cut around and off the back of cereal boxes --- and they really played!  It was super cool. Soooo -- miss the full service gas stations!  For those of us who have the memory - recall when -- rolling into a gas station,  hear the ding-ding of your car driving over a hose or something and the attendant came out, all cheer and smiles, puts the gas nozzle in the car's gas tank - cleaned the windshield, checked your oil, and even checked the air in your tires?  Gosh!  I sure do miss that wonderfulness.  Why did that have to go away? WINE CORK BRILLIANCE I love all of these ideas.  I think my favorite is using these recycled corks to "clip" a bag closed of potato chips or other packages that need to be closed up properly. CLASSIC WINE AND PAIRING Yes!  However, I'm certain that I want to explore all the pairings.  Not just my "sign" - ha HOW TO SOFTEN BUTTER WHEN YOU HAVE A BRAIN FREEZE - "WHOOPS! I FORGOT SORT OF MOMENT"