Greetings! Presenting Wednesday Reader line-up.  A really great read today! Beginning with: CHRISTMAS TREE "HATS" Check out this funky cool pic for a lot of fun inspiration (should you be attending a Christmas event) QUICK QUESTION What used to scare me but no longer does? Me, being alone at home at night,  You? BE IN THE KNOW - NATO ALPHABET Gotta read through this A -Z alphabet!  Super fun.  All of the words that represent the letters cannot be mistaken for another because they are specific and unique being associated with their letter of the alphabet. LOVE AUDREY HEPBURN'S QUOTE A parallel of Impossible to I'm Possible! Presenting Wednesday Reader line-up.  A really great read today! QUICK QUESTION What used to scare me but no longer does? Me, being alone at home at night,  You? BE IN THE KNOW - NATO ALPHABET Gotta read through this A -Z alphabet!  Super fun.  All of the words that represent the letters cannot be mistaken for another because these words rhyme with no other. LOVE AUDREY HEPBURN'S QUOTE A parallel of Impossible to I'm Possible! LASAGNA SOUP RECIPE As I wrote, I was in the Sacramento area visiting family for Thanksgiving.  2 days after Thanksgiving my sister, Lisa, brought a Lasagna soup home from her local market, The Nugget (think Central Market or Whole Foods kind of cool ).  Lasagna soup was the bomb-a-reno! Totally enjoyed it for lunch and then leftovers zapped in the microwave around midnight when I got up craving one more bite.  Lasagna soup called out my name.  It was so good. Found this recipe which I think would be THE RECIPE or close enough.


Happy day before Thanksgiving! Presenting Wednesday's Reader - packed full of interestings to keep ya company in your thoughts while basting the turkey, beating fluffy mashed potatoes, taste tasting the gravy on the stove or setting the table. I love the story of "The Empty Hand".  And the Old Newspaper Clipping of Thankfuls. Leslie Elman, as always, finds and shares cool random facts we never knew before. Do I remember Encyclopedia Salesmen?  Yep.  My parents purchased a set that were in alphabetical order in a small 2 shelved bookcase upstairs in our home that my sisters and I referred to when we had school assignments.  They were super helpful. And, yes, I remember the silver milk box on our front porch.  Rusty Houchen was our milkman's name.  The good old days.  Ha!


Hello All!  Happy middle-of-the-week! Presenting Wednesday Reader with lots of thoughts and fun tucked in its words.  Enjoy! Beginning with: QUICK QUESTION Do I think my 12 year old self would think I'm cool? Gotta say, yep, to that.  Because my 12 year old self and I are still one and the same.  We evolved together and we're enjoying being our cool - whatever that is.  You? The WOLF YOU FEED Remains one of my favorite parables. Its message will be with you forever once you read it.  Kinda like one of those things that's also been said, "Can't unsee it."  Powerful. INSTANT KARMA


GREETINGS friends (!) Presenting Wednesday's Reader. Another great line-up today beginning with: Quick Question - What's the key to living a good life?  It took me a few years to live my answer ... it's Peace. Love. Joy.  You? Mind Games is a mind tripper.  I got tripped up on a couple. Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread Recipe is one that I clipped from a magazine years ago.  We made lots and lots of loaves to sell at Hippie Cowboy this time of year.  It's a simple recipe to whip up, the aroma coming out of the oven as it bakes is spectacular and the bread is outta this world delicious and moist.  I totally guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  It's beautiful goodness.


HELLO FRIENDS AND HELLO 1st DAY OF NOVEMBER FROM CHERYL Greetings all! How did last night go -- meaning trick or treaters or a get-together somewhere? Well --- I sure failed miserably.  I had written in a previous post that I'd not had a trick-or-treater in more than 25 years but I always bought a bag of candy just in case. I didn't buy the candy this year and guess what happened? Doorbell rang and there was my little neighbor pal Edgar Jr all dressed up doing the trick or treat thing.  And there I stood empty candy handed. He smiled and said, "That's okay." BOO on me!   That'll never happen again.  Halloween lesson learned. Great Episode today!


HEY-HEY EVERYONE! Presenting Daymaker Readable Art's Wednesday Reader.  Terrific line-up today. I've never really thought about the Quick Question regarding do fish ever get thirsty?  Ha!  Probably not. The POWER OF PUNCTUATION "speaks" for itself.  Pretty cool. My first pet memory was a doberman by the name of Mitzi (my dad was a big fan of dobies). We lived in Merriam, Kansas at the time. 


Wednesday Greetings, Readers! Halloween season is upon us.  Have any plans or cool decorations you're displaying outside for all to see? Today's Wednesday Reader is full of fun and mischief. Beginning with Quick Question - What is something that used to scare you, but no longer does?  I can think of 2.  But I'm not telling.  You? Casanova cheesy lines are indeed cheesy - and they're a hoot! REMEMBER PAY PHONES AND PHONE BOOTHS?  Gosh, they sure have gone away, haven't they? Question - when's the last time you saw one or the other? I remember working on a commercial not that long ago.  The Craft Service person said that she and her 8 year old daughter were watching an older movie several nights before and one of the actors in the movie made a call in a phone booth. Her daughter said, "Mom, what's that thing all about?" I rolled with laughter!


Greetings wonderful Readers (!) Presenting 1st Wednesday in October's fun-for-all read. The Quick Question - Big fish in a little pond or little fish in a big pond?  Me?  I think I prefer big fish in a little pond.  Kinda makes me think of country versus city sort of scenario. I enjoy visiting big cities - the lights - the fast paced moving and shaking - hustle and bustle vibe - but at the end of the day,  just want to go back to my little pond.  You? I LOVE the Goose story -- have seen different writings of it in my emails from friends numerous times over the years.


Greetings Cheerful Readers! Presenting Wednesday's Reader. Quick question regarding if I could meet anyone on the planet today.  Hmmmm - I personally answer that question with -- James Lee Burke, my favorite fiction author. He's a masterful writer and his characters leap from the pages of his books and stand up and introduce themselves sort-of-feel and we hang out several nights - or until I finish reading the 300+ pages.


HELLO HAPPY READERS AND GREETINGS 2nd TO THE LAST WEDNESDAY IN SEPTEMBER Presenting Wednesday Reader.  It's packed full and a great read. Leslie Elman does it again with the Pop Quiz and Fascinating Facts.  Giving us material to be the most interesting person in the room. I don't think I mentioned this before - but Leslie writes Q & A for Pub quizzes around the world.  How cool is that?  And you get to read her here! Quick Question re: what's our favorite day of the week.  Interesting - I actually believe we all have a favorite day even if we haven't called it out.  Mine is Thursday.  You? Who knew that a Cronut was a thing?  Not me.


Fun line-up of cool reading in today's Wednesday Reader. As an English major -- I did not know the answer in the Pop Quiz regarding Shakespeare and how he took out the majority of his characters. QUICK QUESTION - What's the weirdest thing I've seen multiple times on the side of the road.  Hands down -- One shoe.  You? I love. love. love. the God Bless Teacher Story. I'll be frank - not all teachers are created equally. My mom was a teacher -- 1st grade -- for years.  My mom was a Bonnie teacher (as in the story).  Hat tip, Mama. I remember - clearly - 4 teachers : Mrs. Simon, Ms. Potter, Mr. Warren and Mrs. Bailey who there is no doubt in my mind made an impact on my young life to who I am today. You? Chicken Parmesan Recipe is sooooooo delish.