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Greetings Amazing readers! Presenting Wednesday Reader this July 17. Another fabulous post filled with thoughts, quick question, riddle + beautiful, colorful artwork. BEGINNING WITH: LESLIE ELMAN'S FASCINATING FACTS + TRIVIA! Super-duper informative in a fun learning way -- always! QUICK QUESTION What will I never do again? Quick answer: Climb aboard on a seat on a Ferris Wheel! I did it once.  And once was enough! Oh, Lordy! It was the scariest ride at the fair for me. As in EVER!
Shrimp Salad With Lemon Dill Vinaigrette Recipe


Wednesday greetings, friends! It's Wild!  We're more than half way through the year and almost half way through July. Pzzzzapp - fast is time. Presenting Wednesday Reader this July 10 full of fun interestings. BEGINNING WITH: LESLIE ELMAN'S FASCINATING FACTS AND TRIVIA Leslie is a grand collector of all things interesting and bet-ya-didn't know that! But now we do! QUICK QUESTION Would I return a bowl of soup or salad or anything for that matter if there was a hair in it at a restaurant? Quick answer - In a nanosecond! I wouldn't be crummy about it.  I'd just point it out and ask for a do-over of whatever it happened to be.  You? JERRY CLOWER'S STORY About Marcel and the City Fellow is a hoot. Jerry Clower is such a one-of-a-kind story teller! HELLO SHRIMP SALAD AND DILL VINAIGRETTE RECIPE A beautiful, delicious, simple, summer dish to prepare.
Wednesday Reader July 3

hello July 3

Howdy all!  Happy day before official Independence Day 2024! It's hot here!  But such is this time of year.  I run across people who seem to think this heat thing unusual.  I disagree. I'd be shocked if temps were in the 70's or 80's.  Just won't happen.  Never has as I recall.  Summer heat is on full throttle.  Gotta deal with it until Fall.  I remind myself to hydrate and find shade or air conditioning when possible and just deal with it.  No brainer, right?  Ha PRESENTING JULY 3rd WEDNESDAY READER: LESLIE ELMAN'S TRIVIA AND FASCINATING FACTS Are so interesting to me.  Frankly, super fascinating. QUICK QUESTION What's the most beautiful place I have personally seen? Hands down - the Grand Tetons.  You? COLLECTION OF OXYMORONS Are make-ya-look-think-scratch your head and chuckle!  Might you have another 1 or 2 to add to the list? EASY BUTTERMILK PIE RECIPE Slice of delish.  I like to top my slice of buttermilk pie with bananas.  But strawberries and peaches are stellar as well. Don't forget the fresh whipped cream.  Deal breaker if you don't (unless you just dislike fresh whipped cream - that would be absolutely crazy talk to me - ha!)
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Hello friends! Greetings this last Wednesday of June 2024. * Gulp *  can ya believe it?! Presenting Wednesday Reader full of fun + inspiration + joy. BEGINNING WITH: SUN RAY ARTWORK! LESLIE ELMAN Trivia and Fascinating Stuff.  Never disappoints! QUICK QUESTION If I could learn a skill in a snap and be good at it.  I choose welding!  So many cool art pieces can be made if ya know how to weld! THE TOAD WHO TOOK A NAP Story is soooooo cool.  Unbelievable. Almost makes me wanna take a road trip to Eastland and check out the "rest of the story" thing.
Wednesday Reader June 19

Wednesday Reader June 19

GREETINGS OUTSTANDING READERS It's hump-day.  Let's give a shout-out to Wednesday! Presenting today's read for entertainment and a few little something to take with ya throughout the day. Beginning with: The super beautiful/intriguing pieces of Winged Art Illustrations. Such talented artists!  Hat tip. Same - The two comic panels of the little winger-zingers are a laugh! QUICK QUESTION Which do I listen to most? Head or Heart? Without a doubt - heart. Good or Bad - that's me.  You?
Wednesday Reader June 5


Hola! Bonjour! Greetings! Presenting Wednesday Reader for entertaining fun. Beginning with: POP QUIZ Now we know the 2nd closest star to planet earth - sun being the 1st! QUICK QUESTION Best type of cheese for me is extra sharp cheddar.  You? NOTE TO SELF PIECE Is definitely note worthy!  My favorite take-away is "People will doubt what you say,  but they will believe what you do." RECIPES FROM THE BEST OF THE BEST FOOD TRUCKS Tacos Adobado + Cheesesteak Sandwiches
Wednesday Reader May 29


Hump day greetings this last Wednesday of May 2024 - Shoot!  May rolled in, kissed us with all its beauty, and is about to roll out for the year and June will be joining us super soon.  Time marches on for sure. Cool line-up of interestings and laughs today: Beginning with - LESLIE ELMAN'S TRIVIA I actually guessed the correct answer to question #3 of Pop Quiz.  Edelweiss! BOOM! -- I LOVE the movie "Sound of Music" and the soundtrack and I remember in the movie the dad (actor Christopher Plummer) sang the song Edelweiss.  I had to do the YouTube look up thing and listen to it for memory lane purposes and here's the link so you, too, can revisit the beautiful song from the incredible "Sound of Music" movie here it is * Edelweiss - Sound of Music * QUICK QUESTION What always cheers me up when I think about it -  hmmm - many things - I can't put my favorite on just one!  You? GENERAL TABLE MANNERS My mom and grandparents totally taught these lessons to us as kids - and - it was great to read and be reminded of all.  Refresher course sort of thing! And I passed them along to my son, Hunter,  - little stinker - didn't act like he was listening all the way when he was young.  But he was because he knows proper etiquette table manners + kindness ways to move in life as an adult.  Success! EASY CRUNCHY ASIAN SLAW Is a must, must, must make.  So good and so versatile and I'd be surprised if it doesn't become one of your favorite recipes you make on repeat -- and know it by heart!  (As in how we used to know many peoples' phone numbers by heart - back in the day - before our little phones replaced our memorization skills. ha)
Wednesday Reader May 22


Happy "hump-day" greetings outstanding readers! Been a great start of the week for me. You? Presenting this Wednesday's Reader for enjoyment + thoughts. AND (!!) We added the profiles and pics of our contributing columnists + cartoonists! Outstanding professionals! We are honored that we can include them weekly in Daymaker Readable Art. *click to put a face to the pieces + read their successful back stories/bios* NOW : MOVING ON WITH TODAY'S EPISODE! LESLIE ELMAN'S TRIVIA BITS Never, never, never disappoints. I walk away from this keyboard typing Leslie's Trivia knowing way more than I did prior. Wow! Where does she collect her cool information? Not sure. But she shares it and now we all know. QUICK QUESTION What emoji do I use most? Hands down - the thumbs up emoji. You? IN HONOR OF ALL TEACHERS I know I've posted this piece in the past. However, with school season about ready to come to a close and summer vacation is in both kids and teachers minds, I couldn't help but add it again. Kinda like watching a favorite movie again just because it's special. I love to watch/read something of chill bump value. IN HONOR OF ALL TEACHERS is that. Hat Tip to all the wonderful teachers teaching our next generations! We applaud you!
Wednesday Reader May 15


Hola! Bonjour! Howdy! Wednesday greetings, friends!  Midweek is here and Friday and the weekend are just 2 short days away! Great line up to share today beginning with: LESLIE ELMAN'S TRIVIA BITS POP QUIZ I knew 1 outta 3 and now I know 3 outta 3 and you will too.  We just got schooled (in a good way) and feel "light bulb" brighter/smarter! QUICK QUESTION Me, my favorite junk food *gasp*  is Doritos Nacho Cheese chips.  I'd eat myself sick on them if left unattended.  Ha. However, I rarely keep them in my house.  When working on Set I used to grab a little bag from the Craft Service table and pop that bad boy open and savor!  You? K9-ALITIES Had me laughing out loud! RECIPE FOR COLD SESAME NOODLES Is TDF!  It's so. so. so. so. good.  Did I mention good?  It's outstanding.  And, yes, leftovers are the dreams of midnight snack attacks! FINDER'S KEEPERS WREATH
Wednesday Reader May 8


Hello Wednesday and Hello Daymakers! Presenting Wednesday Reader this fine day of May 8. Pretty sure you'll love the read today as much as I do/did putting it together: LESLIE ELMAN'S TRIVIA Is so fascinating and I always feel smarter reading her pieces.  Whoever heard the word "Kleptoparasite"?  Raise your hand if you have.  Not me.  But I do now and I might pull the word out from time to time just to see people's brows do a brow question mark thing.  Ha! QUICK QUESTION How many animal sounds can I make?  I actually started making the sounds to count and my cats awoke from their catnaps, at full attention, gathering around to see if I'd gone C-R-A-Z-Y.   They amuse me and from time to time I try and amuse them. I counted 8.  How about you? OUTTA THE MOUTHS OF BABES Is beauty-full.  I don't even have a favorite take away.  All are heartbeats of awwwwww. HERB SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE Is an absolute must make.  I'm not even going to go on and on about it.  Just gotta trust me.  Once you make it - you'll be a diehard fan all summer long!  This summer - next summer - and all summers forward!  Get ready for people to ask for the recipe because it's gonna happen.
Wednesday Reader May 1


Wednesday greetings - Shazam (!) and just like that May has arrived! Time (weeks, months) seems to pass and sneak up fast. Presenting Wednesday Reader full of fun and fascination. Beginning with: LESLIE ELMAN'S TRIVIA AND FASCINATING FACTS Mittens + famous writers' being rejected + porcupines.  Intriguing. QUICK QUESTION I didn't or don't recall every having an imaginary friend as a kid.  However, I remember my grandma telling stories about Boo-Boo-Shorty - the imaginary friend my uncle had as a kid.  Funny!  Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid?
Wednesday Reader April 24 | pinkufo


Wednesday greetings! It's "hump day" as it's been dubbed.  Half-way through the work week. Hold tight - Friday and the weekend are on their way! Presenting Wednesday Reader.  Whole bunch of fun packed in today! Beginning with: LESLIE ELMAN Did you know what the "pearls" are in a cup of BOBA -- or Bubble Tea are? I didn't!  Pretty cool, for sure.  I'm gonna seek a cuppa BOBA next time I see a shop offering it to really give it a tasty-taste! QUICK QUESTION Weirdest thing by my bed is a can of wasp spray.  And it's not for wasps. In the unlikely event that an intruder enters my home -- I'm armed and ready!  Pretty sure I got the idea from a movie I saw a long time ago.  Makes sense to me.   You? SIGNS IN THE KITCHEN Are a crack up! SMOKED SALMON NICOISE SALAD RECIPE Is kisses to the sky delish!  I actually prefer the canned tuna over smoked salmon.  Both fish great options for this salad + a glass of cold Rose wine.