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Hello Wonderful readers on a beautiful, warm Wednesday - at least it is here. March is getting closer - I see its timing in the sunrise, sunset and general feeling that spring is rolling our way. We totally appreciate all of you for sliding by and spending a piece of your day hanging out + sharing + caring. Catch ya on Friday with another fabulous episode! Ready.  Set.  Read On.
Wednesday Reader February 14


Happy Valentine's Day, friends! What are your Valentine's Day plans?  Any? I don't have any plans perse.  Laying low and building a fire to be mesmerized by as I watch the flames and reflect on so many memories close to my heart. I totally want to share something super-duper-heart cool !  Went to the mailbox yesterday and inside there was a package. I opened it - like a kid at Christmas! It was from my friends Carol and Toby. Inside was a beautiful original hand painted card by Carol who is a fine watercolor artist whose work is absolutely/always frame worthy.  And, yes, I will frame her piece of art and keep it under glass to view every day when I walk by it.  I'll feel the love for sure way after Valentine's Day -- forever. And - also - in the package was a box wrapped all classy-pretty in Valentine's Day paper.  Nope, not a box of chocolates.  WAY better!  A box of 8 Shower Steamers - that read, "Relax and Enjoy Home SPA with Natural Essential Oil."  We're talking Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender, Orange, Pomegranate Rose, Mint, Watermelon and Orange. Wow! Do I feel special, or what?  Quick answer - Very Special!  I am so grateful for being thought of on Valentine's Day by my dear friends who were also friends of Peter. Super fun line-up today! Beginning  with --
Wednesday Reader February 7


Hello friends! Super interesting + fascinating + heart line-up for today's Wednesday. Beginning with LESLIE ELMAN'S Trivia and Fascinating Facts.  Who knew what a "dirty snowball" is?  And that "starfish" can actually have 10-20-40 arms?  Say what?!  Fascinating, for sure.  Now WE know. QUICK QUESTION Name 4 words - with 4 letters that begin with the letter "B".  Tick tock. HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE Is a super cool read.  Made me happy and a little teary eyed all at the same time.  I reckon happiness is, indeed, a choice and in the fiber of our beings.  Even in the hardest imaginable situations. HOW MANY CHANNELS DID WE HAVE ON OUR TELEVISION SET WHEN I WAS A KID I can answer that super fast.  There were 2.  Channel 2 and Channel 8.  That was that and that was it.  Ha.  And we were grateful. And if I fell asleep on the couch on the weekend watching TV - the Star Spangled Banner song played exactly at Midnight.  Not with a great singer singing.  Just outdated instrumental music and segued to a screen of snowy stuff and loud white-noise before going off-the-air for the night. Nothing woke me up from the couch as fast as the Star Spangled Banner to run and turn the TV off before the white-noise started. Ahhh, memories. FLUFFY TAPIOCA PUDDING + TOASTED COCONUT RECIPE
Wednesday Reader January 24


Greetings Wednesday Readers - How's your week going?  Fine and dandy around here.  It's raining but temps are high enough that it remains water and not ice.  I'm cool with that! Another great Wednesday line-up today.  Beginning with: WHAT'S THE FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND WHEN I HEAR THE WORD "FIDGET" Someone (including me) who unconsciously taps a finger or two on a table or counter top.  You? WordPerfect CUSTOMER SUPPORT READ IS AMUSING The phone conversation "speaks for itself "  Read and enjoy a chuckle or two. If you might wonder do I seriously have email threads from 20 years ago? Yes, I do.  I have envelopes and envelopes packed full of printed out greatness material.  I've no idea why I printed out and saved all these pieces of great fun/information way back then - but I did - and I'm so glad I did. MOOD RINGS I totally had one and sported it for a short period of time in my younger days.  They were sooooo popular and kinda cool to watch the changing of colors.  Not sure what made them "change" colors but they sure did and I'm also pretty sure it had zip to do with my particular mood.  Just an interesting gimmick sort of thing that I was all in on.  You? I'll also add a note here that I did not buy into the gimmick of the Pet Rock thing. If someone were to have given me one -- I'd probably study it and ponder if it was worthy of being a rock I could "skip" across a pond or lake.  I'm thinking not, based on the ones I saw.  I think they were sinkers.  Ha! EPIC ITALIAN MEATBALL RECIPE Is, indeed, EPIC.  Baked or Smoked on a grill.  On noodles, tucked in a sandwich of fresh bread with melted Provolone or Mozzarella, Appetizers.  Give it a try.  I'd be shocked if you are disappointed.
Wednesday Reader January 17


Wednesday greetings! Phew -- endured the little cold snap we had around here and didn't lose power.  Thankful.  Hearing on the radio that today's temps are gonna rise to 41 degrees.  Gonna feel like a heat wave - ha!  At least to my outside feral cats. Another great line-up of Wednesday fun today! Beginning with: QUICK QUESTION What do I do when pulling up at a stoplight next to someone jammin' on the radio?  Well, first of all it brings me joy and I smile and laugh!  And should I catch the person's eye - in the middle of the jammin' - I wave and give a thumbs up.  (I've been known to turn up the radio and belt out a favorite song while driving.)  Just can't help it. THANKS MOM AND DAD FUN STORY COLLECTION Is a laugh-blast for certain! LITTLE WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE Yes, raising my hand.  I sure remember "the old days" when the house phone was mounted on our kitchen wall. 
Artic Fairies Riding A Bear


Hola All! How's your week going?  Good here. I have been enjoying watching the birds "hit" on the 3 bird feeders I have outside my picture window.  I affectionately call it the "bird channel" as I get a lot of joy watching and so do my cats - sitting on the window ledge and looking straight at the feeders.  Ha I've been especially noticing all the beautiful Cardinals swooping in and landing for a bite to eat.  A friend of mine once  told me that Cardinals mate for life and if I see one - look for the mate.  He/She is nearby.  Guess what?  I'm finding that to be totally true.  I have a lot of fun spotting one and then spotting its "other half" close by. Hump day is here!   Wednesday Daymaker is also here to bring some cheer:) Here's a little rundown of what's in today's episode:
Winter Fairy By Mucha


Hi Everyone! How's the New Year going so far (all of 3 days - ha)?  All's well in my world. Presenting Wednesday Reader on this first Wednesday of 2024. Lots of fun packed in this episode for reading + thought enjoyment.  Beginning with: POP QUIZ Reminded me how much I love(d) "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and, yes, the song "Moon River."  Totally gonna find + watch + re-visit that classic. QUICK QUESTION Best compliment I think I can give to someone -- you matter.  Whether spoken or implied.  I love it when I hear it or feel it from someone.  How about you? GRAVESIDE SERVICE STORY Is a funny, for sure. LIMA BEAN SOUP What?!  Yes!  Seriously good, unique, tried-and-true.  The magic (as is usually the case with anything involving beans) start with dried beans.  And have you ever had a grilled Pimento Cheese + Ham sandwich?  No?  Now's the time!  Yes?  Lima Bean Soup and Grilled Cheese Pimento Sandwiches with or without ham are soup mates for sure!
Merry Christmas


Greetings friends! How was Christmas?  Hopefully, awe-mazing and a memory or 2 saved forever as cherished. Presenting Wednesday Reader - the last Wednesday of 2023.  Can you believe it?  2023 is about to be in the rear view mirror. Super fun + interesting read today beginning with: QUICK QUESTION My 3 takeaways from this year -- hmmm, still sifting through to pick the cream of the crop.  There have been quite a few.  I'll let ya know the answer in Friday's episode.  You?
The Guardian Angel


Holly Jolly Wednesday greetings! Christmas countdown is ON!  Are you ready?  Ready or not ... Presenting today's episode and it's packed full of awe-someness. Beginning with -- If I had a boat I'd probably name it "IF".  In honor of Rudyard Kipling's poem which I have always loved  ** click here - IF ** The Hitchhiker by the one and only Jerry Clower is hilarious! Music for your (our) ears -- this performance of Angels From the Realms of Glory is hands down the most beautiful rendition in my opinion. Mac 'n Cheese soup recipe is outstanding.  Try it -- you'll love it.
The Giant Christmas Tree


Wednesday Greetings Awesome Readers! Cool line up today -- beginning with ... QUICK QUESTION My favorite childhood tradition memory is putting up lights on the outside of our home for all to enjoy.  Kinda like driving around and looking at people's outside decorating.  Happy and cheer!  You? YES, VIRGINIA a column piece most of us kinda sorta know -- but have you ever read all the words?  Magic, for sure. The link to the song Snoopy's Christmas vs the Red Baron is one you'll probably remember hearing from somewhere in your memory bank.  A Merry listen indeed.
Wednesday Reader December 6


Wednesday Greetings! Great line-up today -- Beginning with Quick Question -- What's something I do when I'm bored?  Believe it or not, I clean outside/inside of cupboards and kitchen drawers, baseboards and inside of the fridge.  I think being bored is actually productive in my world.  Ha!  You? Recipe for Sweet Salted Candid Pecans is addictive.  Make it once and then get ready to make it on REPEAT. BRIGHT NEW DAY is a reminder to us all.  Every single day of 1,440 minutes is indeed a gift. Tracy Beckerman's column Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire is, yet again, another slice-of-life, tongue-in-cheek read I can totally relate to. FASCINATING STUFF - I've not heard of St Nicholas magazine but - Faulkner, yes (!)  And Wolverines ?? And how about all the towns in our beautiful U.S. with the cool Chrismasy names?
Wednesday Reader November 29


Greetings! Presenting Wednesday Reader line-up.  A really great read today! Beginning with: CHRISTMAS TREE "HATS" Check out this funky cool pic for a lot of fun inspiration (should you be attending a Christmas event) QUICK QUESTION What used to scare me but no longer does? Me, being alone at home at night,  You? BE IN THE KNOW - NATO ALPHABET Gotta read through this A -Z alphabet!  Super fun.  All of the words that represent the letters cannot be mistaken for another because they are specific and unique being associated with their letter of the alphabet. LOVE AUDREY HEPBURN'S QUOTE A parallel of Impossible to I'm Possible! Presenting Wednesday Reader line-up.  A really great read today! QUICK QUESTION What used to scare me but no longer does? Me, being alone at home at night,  You? BE IN THE KNOW - NATO ALPHABET Gotta read through this A -Z alphabet!  Super fun.  All of the words that represent the letters cannot be mistaken for another because these words rhyme with no other. LOVE AUDREY HEPBURN'S QUOTE A parallel of Impossible to I'm Possible! LASAGNA SOUP RECIPE As I wrote, I was in the Sacramento area visiting family for Thanksgiving.  2 days after Thanksgiving my sister, Lisa, brought a Lasagna soup home from her local market, The Nugget (think Central Market or Whole Foods kind of cool ).  Lasagna soup was the bomb-a-reno! Totally enjoyed it for lunch and then leftovers zapped in the microwave around midnight when I got up craving one more bite.  Lasagna soup called out my name.  It was so good. Found this recipe which I think would be THE RECIPE or close enough.