Greetings friends!  And Wednesday ... Presenting Wednesday Reader. I love the weirdness of our English language.  Ha!  Makes me think about it every time I use a word or phrase that really makes little sense.  Oxymoron sort of stuff. Nonetheless - we all get it. Leslie Elman's Pop Quiz and Fascinating Facts ... are the bomb-a-reno. My answer to Quick Question - "What Values are Most Important" ... The teachings of those who have gone before me (my grandparents, my dad, great aunts and uncles) - all so valuable as I remain here on planet earth and remembering what they taught me by their "walk in life." I'll add - close friends - LAUGHTER with those who share a kindred spirit sort of thing ...  All of us still on planet Earth who continue to Walk our walk and enjoy time with one another!  Never know what we'll pick up along our journey - that is VALUABLE. How about you? As Always, we thank you for sliding by and giving us a piece of your day.  Gratitude. Have a great day. We'll see ya Friday!


"Salute" May  - and 3 kisses.  Great month. June's tomorrow -  Hi JUNE! My answer to "What's the most majestic animal" is ... Lion.  You? Jerry Clower's Little Red Story is so full of heart.  I love it.  I can't stop remembering the power of it. Leslie Elman's Trivia in Pop Quiz and Fascinating Stuff is fascinating and is great material for being the most interesting person always.  Just so cool. Rockin' Sausage-Pepper-Onion Subs ... TDF!! As always --- so super grateful that you spent a piece of your day with us.  Thank you.


Greetings happy readers! And hello - midweek! Presenting today's Wednesday Reader - Once again, Leslie Elman gives us material to be the most interesting person in the room with the Pop Quiz and Fascinating Stuff. FAB FOUR - side hustles- of Ranch Dressings is thumbs up!  Finger licking good! I don't know what my outside voice answer is for the Quick Question - "What's your ... and then it got worse ..."  You? I can totally relate to Tracy Beckerman's column about ATM issues.  Not so much hers ... but can relate.  A great piece. Wise Guy - cracks me up!  I like his style! As always -- we are so grateful for you sliding by and giving us part of your day. Thank you!  Wishing you a Wednesday full of joy. We'll see ya Friday.


Wednesday greetings, wondrous readers! Presenting Wednesday's Reader. Pop Quiz and Fascinating stuff from Leslie Elman indeed gives material for us to be the most interesting person in the room. And Tracy Beckerman's bug story is one I'm pretty sure most of us can relate to.  I know I can. The Mowie-Wowie chicken teriyaki slider recipe is blue ribbon. Got a smile or twenty-nine?  Pass them around.  They're contagious.  Beautiful.  Gifts. Introducing Dixie Lee - friends for over 30 years - who has come aboard to do social media for Daymaker Readable Art.  Welcome Dixie!  She's a lot of fun (trust me).  Our backstory coming soon... Dixie says: "Hey, everyone!  I'm excited to be part of the Daymaker Readable Art team.  Cheryl and I have such a long-strong friendship.  When she first told me about her vision of a blog - I believed in it.  So long overdue with her creative passion about so many things.  But specifically this one.  We have had so many conversations about Daymaker and her strength is content and mine is Social Media.  We did the hand shake and a high five.  Combing our collective talents.   I look forward to meeting you on our social sites." As always, thanks for sliding by and giving us a piece of your day.  Appreciate one and all. Have a grand day. See ya Friday.


Hello All! It's hump-day or mid-week or whatever we individually call it.  It's Wednesday.  And I present the Wednesday Reader. Tracy Beckerman's column on "Sleeping with the Enemy," is so funny to me.  She's gonna be part of the Wednesday line up from here on out.  Welcome Tracy! Hmmm ... my answer to the question - Easy come, Easy go ... still thinking about it.  You? Poppy Seed dressing is stellar.  I make it and keep it in the fridge for whatever strikes "my fancy" in the warmer/hotter months.  Refreshing. Leslie Ellman's Trivia Bits - Pop Quiz and Fascinating Stuff - remains one of my favorites.  Love it.  Hope you do, too. Friday's issue is gonna be cool!  Posting pics and a little story about attending Scarborough Fair Festival with my friend Laurie.  I cannot believe how fun it was and how I've been missing out for all these years! As always, thanks to one and all for sliding by and giving Daymaker Readable Art a read.  Grateful.  My hope is that it gives a chuckle or two and stays with you as you wonder and think about a couple pieces you've read here.


Greetings, Friends - Presenting Wednesday Reader. Just got off the phone with my sister, Jennie, making sure I got her Garlic Scampi served over angel hair pasta recipe correct.  She gave it a green light.  Shrimp + Pasta fan?  Gotta give it a try! Jerry Clower's story of New Bull is side-splitting funny. Pop Quiz and Fascinating Stuff - again - is material for being the most interesting person in the room - just is. Conundrums - no brainer when we read the compilation.  Totally makes sense. As always, Thank you from my heart for sliding by and giving us a read. See ya Friday!


Greetings! Can you believe it's the last Wednesday of April? This month sure zipped by quickly. Ready for May?  Ready or not - here it comes. Presenting Wednesday Reader. Leslie Elman's Trivia Bits is always greatness and material to be the most interesting person in the room when an opportunity arises to share the trivia + fascinating stuff with others. Stephanie Hayes' Letter to the guy on the treadmill next to her had me rolling with laughter! I actually could read the mind blowing message.  Had a couple friends read it - and they could, too.  Little bit of fun - for sure. Thai style Chicken Breasts are the bomb-a-reno.  So, so good!  Give the recipe a try.  I'd be shocked if it wasn't love at first bite. As always, so grateful that you're here - reading - sharing - commenting. See ya Friday!


Hello Hello everyone - Wednesday - Hump day - 1/2 way thru the work week day has arrived! The weather here is fantastic.  Just I*D*E*A*L.  I wish it could stay forever. I think that's Carmel, California that gets to boast that kind of ideal temp for the majority of the year.  Not Texas.  Ha Presenting Wednesday Reader.  Enjoy the read and thanks for dropping by.  Appreciate one and all.  See ya Friday.


Greetings friends! How's April happening? I'm enjoying the mild - warm temperatures and open windows and doors all over the house. Love the fresh air and so do the cats that reside here. They're totally lounging on the window ledges, catnapping, breathing in the April air. Smart cats! Presenting today's Wednesday Reader. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed building it. Thanks for hanging out. Appreciate it - big time. Have a grand day. See ya Friday.


Howdy! Presenting today's Wednesday Reader (BTW - last Wednesday of March 2023). Tongue-in-cheek Zen-Sations are straight up! Leslie Elman's Trivia - always gives us material to be the cleverest person in the room. Carol's recipe for Tofu Scramble with Cotija Cheese & Tortillas is outside-the-box delicious. Stephanie Hayes' column made me stop and think about dreams among other things...  Great read. Thanks for being here + commenting your thoughts + sharing with friends and family.  Gratitude, Daymakers! See ya Friday!


Hello, friends! Trust all is going well in each of our worlds. Presenting - WEDNESDAY READER - Leslie Elman's Pop Quiz and Fascinating Facts ... material for being one of the most interesting people in the room!  I'm in! Word Power - simple teachings we may or may not have learned/remembered from the classroom.  Get a "do-over" sort of thing today.  Ha! Hippie Chick Salad recipe is the bomb-a-reno!  Save it + share it + make it. Stephanie Hayes' column is ... well, thought provoking -- and brings happy fun chuckles to many of us! As always, grateful for your time and thoughts + comments + subscribing. See ya Friday!