Greetings! Presenting Wednesday Reader line-up.  A really great read today! Beginning with: CHRISTMAS TREE "HATS" Check out this funky cool pic for a lot of fun inspiration (should you be attending a Christmas event) QUICK QUESTION What used to scare me but no longer does? Me, being alone at home at night,  You? BE IN THE KNOW - NATO ALPHABET Gotta read through this A -Z alphabet!  Super fun.  All of the words that represent the letters cannot be mistaken for another because they are specific and unique being associated with their letter of the alphabet. LOVE AUDREY HEPBURN'S QUOTE A parallel of Impossible to I'm Possible! Presenting Wednesday Reader line-up.  A really great read today! QUICK QUESTION What used to scare me but no longer does? Me, being alone at home at night,  You? BE IN THE KNOW - NATO ALPHABET Gotta read through this A -Z alphabet!  Super fun.  All of the words that represent the letters cannot be mistaken for another because these words rhyme with no other. LOVE AUDREY HEPBURN'S QUOTE A parallel of Impossible to I'm Possible! LASAGNA SOUP RECIPE As I wrote, I was in the Sacramento area visiting family for Thanksgiving.  2 days after Thanksgiving my sister, Lisa, brought a Lasagna soup home from her local market, The Nugget (think Central Market or Whole Foods kind of cool ).  Lasagna soup was the bomb-a-reno! Totally enjoyed it for lunch and then leftovers zapped in the microwave around midnight when I got up craving one more bite.  Lasagna soup called out my name.  It was so good. Found this recipe which I think would be THE RECIPE or close enough.


Greetings Monday and friends - Another excellent line up today! Beginning with: THE KALEIDOSCOPE LIGHT One of the most amazing, small plug-it-in light shows to have being all magic and mesmerizing in a chosen room in the house. BOILED EGG TRICK I sure didn't know this one.  I've always done the lots of salt in the water thing.  Changing lanes now! DISTINCTIVE U.S. ACCENTS Having traveled and worked all around the country - and working with people from all over the country and even other countries - I do recognize and can identify many of these accents immediately.  Has always been intriguing to me.


Hey-hey friends! How was Thanksgiving?  Ours was wonderful.  Can't go wrong with great food, family, laughter and sharing stories and enjoying each others company.  Thanks-Giving happened! Well - It's official! Christmas season has arrived.  Time for me to break out my pretty twinkle and chunk lights, retro tree (yes, I have a silver one that my great Aunt Jen Lou gifted me with the roll around color wheel - circa probably 1960) , decorations and a wreath or 2.  EXCITED. Great line-up today. BEGINNING WITH STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP COLUMN 42nd high school reunion?!  Impossible - you look too young, for that timeline, Steph.  Seriously.


Happy day before Thanksgiving! Presenting Wednesday's Reader - packed full of interestings to keep ya company in your thoughts while basting the turkey, beating fluffy mashed potatoes, taste tasting the gravy on the stove or setting the table. I love the story of "The Empty Hand".  And the Old Newspaper Clipping of Thankfuls. Leslie Elman, as always, finds and shares cool random facts we never knew before. Do I remember Encyclopedia Salesmen?  Yep.  My parents purchased a set that were in alphabetical order in a small 2 shelved bookcase upstairs in our home that my sisters and I referred to when we had school assignments.  They were super helpful. And, yes, I remember the silver milk box on our front porch.  Rusty Houchen was our milkman's name.  The good old days.  Ha!


Good Morning Monday!  Presenting today's gatherings of fun and interestings. Beginning with : DOG ESCAPES SHELTER AND CHOOSES HIS FOREVER HOME - 3 times - persistent little dude! It's such a great, beautiful read.  "Scout's" gotta be a 4 legged angel  -- my opinion. SIZE COMPARISON OF MODERN VEHICLES Is super interesting.  I didn't realize the Space Shuttle was that huge! OLD SOUL PERSONALITY? I ticked most (not all) the boxes.  I like the term "Old Soul" - gotta bit of magic and mischief to it.  Right? 10 WORDS FREQUENTLY MISPRONOUNCED I wish the author hadn't used "idiot" in the title.  Better way to say it.  However, it's a good-to-know list.  I totally have been mispronouncing "OFTEN" all of my years.  Guess I missed that lesson/day at school ha!  From here forward I will never forget that the "T" is silent.


Hola! How's your week been?  And how's gearing up for Thanksgiving going? All's good around here.  Never a dull moment and plenty of laughter and what in the world peek-a-boos! Another fabulous line-up today beginning with Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap. Gotta love the cool versatile look this one little faux-fur bomber style jacket offers.  Once again (!) Steph keeps us in the know and shares with us her insider tips on how to dress to impress.  Thanks, Steph! The QUICK QUESTION has my mind thinking of several answers.  I'll just stand with what my Grandpa used to say, "If you can't say anything nice -- don't say anything at all."


Hello All!  Happy middle-of-the-week! Presenting Wednesday Reader with lots of thoughts and fun tucked in its words.  Enjoy! Beginning with: QUICK QUESTION Do I think my 12 year old self would think I'm cool? Gotta say, yep, to that.  Because my 12 year old self and I are still one and the same.  We evolved together and we're enjoying being our cool - whatever that is.  You? The WOLF YOU FEED Remains one of my favorite parables. Its message will be with you forever once you read it.  Kinda like one of those things that's also been said, "Can't unsee it."  Powerful. INSTANT KARMA
art and entertainment


Salutations Readers and hello Monday - brand new start of a week. Hope you had just the kind of weekend you were looking for.  Did you do anything special for Veterans Day? I installed a flag holder and was able to put out the American flag that's been around here for quite a few years.  Lost the old flag holder with the fence when an ice storm took it down a year + ago.  Feels great | Looks great to have it flying in honor of this very important holiday over the weekend. To those who served, are serving and to those who are no longer with us -- "Thank you for your service."  Salute. Collected this Baker's Dozen + 1 of super awesomes for today.


Greetings Beautiful Readers and Happy Friday ! Another stellar line up this 5 for FRIDAY beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP column. As always, Steph brings her innate fashion expertise to us!  Fortunate us - she writes exclusively for Daymaker Readable Art. The SPANX leather looking leggings are the bomb-a-reno!  Love that they're so versatile - tennis shoes, boots, sweatshirt, dressy shirt, and BONUS they keep any jiggle-wiggles tucked in! I'm gravitating toward the tennis shoe look with the SPANX leggings.  That's me. My sisters, have said to me more than a handful of times, "Cher, do you have any other shoes in your closet besides tennis shoes and Birkenstocks or flip-flops?" I say, "Yeah, of course."  They say, "Time to break 'em out."  HA! As soon as I finish plugging in today's episode -- I'm going to look for a pair of these SPANX leather looking leggings for MOI.  Starting with Steph's tip of checking out Ebay first! Thank you, Steph, for keeping us in the know with your tried-and-true insider info! QUICK QUESTION - What could someone figure out about me by the friends I've chosen? My answer -- positive, happy people who are laid back and easy to be around.  You?


GREETINGS friends (!) Presenting Wednesday's Reader. Another great line-up today beginning with: Quick Question - What's the key to living a good life?  It took me a few years to live my answer ... it's Peace. Love. Joy.  You? Mind Games is a mind tripper.  I got tripped up on a couple. Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread Recipe is one that I clipped from a magazine years ago.  We made lots and lots of loaves to sell at Hippie Cowboy this time of year.  It's a simple recipe to whip up, the aroma coming out of the oven as it bakes is spectacular and the bread is outta this world delicious and moist.  I totally guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  It's beautiful goodness.


Yo! Daymaker Readers and Yo! Monday - Daylight Savings time happened yesterday.  "Spring Forward - Fall Back."  I think most of us know that little saying or phrase. Save Arizona and Hawaii - they just sit tight and keep their clocks the same because Daylight Savings Time is not observed there - lucky them - ha  (did a super fast research on that via Google - ha). My computer and cell phone did the time change automatically.  I still need to turn all the house clocks and oven digital clock back. Enjoyed finding these fabulous interestings for today. Beginning with the Spectacular Artworks on an Australian beach.  They are nothing less than HUGE, CREATIVE, WHIMSICAL MASTERPIECES.  "Good on ya, Artists!" Wish I could've kicked off my shoes and walked along the sandy beach and viewed all up close and personal. Perhaps next time.  Hello, Bucket List!