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5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 28

Hey!  Hey! Well, last Friday of April has arrived + the last weekend of April. Monday is May 1st. Does anyone remember (as a kid) picking some wild flowers or gathering *cough* neighbors' garden flowers and placing the tiny bundle on a front porch - ringing the bell - and running?! For a May Day surprise?  I raise my hand. We totally did it as kids.  Cool memory. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 HAPPY SIDEWALK ART I spotted on a walk.  Thank you, artist, whoever you are.  So wonderful! #2 ON THE SAME WALK - LOOKED UP and it felt like Heaven opened a window and said, Hello, to me.   Hello, back! #3 LITTLE HANDMADE SIGN in a garden on another walk ... true that!  Ha #4 WHAT A CLEVER USEFUL TOOL  Little pricey - but can totally see how it can be beneficial to young and old!  Check it out here C-Pen Dear Annie's column is super worthy of a read.  "Steven" wishing you the best! Lil' Pizza recipe assembly is easy, good and a lot of fun! Playlist - is, well, music for your ears.  Hope you have a little time to give it a listen. Thank you so much for sliding by and giving us a read on this last Friday of April.  Appreciate one and all!
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Greetings! Can you believe it's the last Wednesday of April? This month sure zipped by quickly. Ready for May?  Ready or not - here it comes. Presenting Wednesday Reader. Leslie Elman's Trivia Bits is always greatness and material to be the most interesting person in the room when an opportunity arises to share the trivia + fascinating stuff with others. Stephanie Hayes' Letter to the guy on the treadmill next to her had me rolling with laughter! I actually could read the mind blowing message.  Had a couple friends read it - and they could, too.  Little bit of fun - for sure. Thai style Chicken Breasts are the bomb-a-reno.  So, so good!  Give the recipe a try.  I'd be shocked if it wasn't love at first bite. As always, so grateful that you're here - reading - sharing - commenting. See ya Friday!
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5 For Friday April 21 | Owl Yellow Bird

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 21

Greetings and happy Friday! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Uhhhh ... next to my vehicle the other day where paint stripers had come in and freshened up the parking spot lines - geesh, people! #2 Huli Huli Sauce - I first met this sauce when I was checking out some cool stuff at World Market.  A woman interrupted my gazing - grabbed 2 bottles - just like that.  I thought to myself, gonna grab and take a bottle home.  Must be something extraordinary! Indeed it is.  It's fabulous.  Chicken, Beef, Veggies! #3 ON A WALK Absolutely! #4 A FANTASTIC ORIGINAL MURAL AT MY FRIEND, LAURIE'S, KENNEL MY ANSWER TO THE QUESTION - WHAT'S MY FAVORITE COLOR.  GREEN!  Because it's the color of living things! DEAR ANNIE'S "ENJOYING THE SPRING SEASON" IS  POWERFUL PEANUT BUTTER SQUARES ARE SIMPLE AND DELISH! 5 for FRIDAY SONGS ARE VERY CHILL AND A GOOD LISTEN - HOPE YOU HAVE A LITTLE TIME TO HEAR THEM As always - thanks for being here and giving us a read.  Appreciate one and all!
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Hello Hello everyone - Wednesday - Hump day - 1/2 way thru the work week day has arrived! The weather here is fantastic.  Just I*D*E*A*L.  I wish it could stay forever. I think that's Carmel, California that gets to boast that kind of ideal temp for the majority of the year.  Not Texas.  Ha Presenting Wednesday Reader.  Enjoy the read and thanks for dropping by.  Appreciate one and all.  See ya Friday.
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Greetings All  - I spotted a BIG Opossum outside my kitchen window yesterday morning raiding the catfood bowl. Are Opossums supposed to come out during the day?  I don't really recall seeing one during the day. Anyway, it ate (cleaned the entire bowl) and waddled off to wherever.  It was pretty darn cute. I didn't snap a picture to share because I didn't want to open the screen door and startle it away. Being Easter - I told myself that it had scored its kind of Easter eggs on this particular Sunday morning hunt - ha (!!) - and let it be undisturbed. Collected these 12 pieces of fun + interesting + recipes for today. Click away and enjoy!
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5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 7

Hello friends - and hello Good Friday, I was invited by my friend, Carol, last Sunday to a truly remarkable event.  Super cool + delicious + classy. It was a wine and olive oil pairing at Cassaro Winery and Vineyard.  Totally check out their outstanding here - Cassaro Wines. The event's description: "The Cassaro exclusive olive oil and wine pairing will feature four olive oils including, Italiano with traditional herbs and spices, Burroso Aglio with a buttery garlic flavor, Pepato Bistecca which has a pepper flavor to enhance beef dishes, and the spicy Rosso Piccante which will add zest to any meal.  Each olive oil will be paired with an award-winning Cassaro wine.  Guests will also be served samples of olive oil based dishes to complete the pairing.  Each of the four olive oils will be available for purchase at the conclusion of the tasting." What a treat the whole experience was.  Wines were excellent, sample dishes with the four different olive oils were incredible and dipping fresh baguette slices on all of the tables for dipping = superb. Thanks again, Carol, for the invitation and hat tip to Cassaro Winery and Vineyard for superior products and having the artistic vision for such a fantastic event(s). PICTURE LINE UP: #1 MEET MY FRIENDS CAROL AND TOBY They have been wine club members of Cassaro's since around week 2 of its grand opening. Toby and Carol are strong, genuine supporters and cheerleaders of local businesses they find of interest + value + quality + fantastic concepts & products. #2 CHECK OUT THE WELL DESIGNED, DESCRIPTIVE PLACE SETTINGS AT THE EVENT #3 MY PURCHASE FROM THE EVENT 2 bottles of excellent wine (Merlot and Riesling) and 3 olive oils.  Notice that attached to the side of the olive oil bottle is its specific spice tube. Spices are added when the bottle is opened and ready to use.  Ensuring the olive oils/spices are at their very finest.  Genius. #4 PIC OF ANOTHER EVENT CASSARO'S HOSTS: Totally read the back story.  At the bottom of the posting.  Fascinating. Deviled egg variations are a lot of delicious fun! 5 songs for today are mellow and chill.  A kick-back listen.  Hope you have time ... As always, thanks for dropping by and giving us a read.  Grateful. Take care.  Happy Easter.  See ya Monday.
Wednesday Reader April 5 | Japan Web


Greetings friends! How's April happening? I'm enjoying the mild - warm temperatures and open windows and doors all over the house. Love the fresh air and so do the cats that reside here. They're totally lounging on the window ledges, catnapping, breathing in the April air. Smart cats! Presenting today's Wednesday Reader. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed building it. Thanks for hanging out. Appreciate it - big time. Have a grand day. See ya Friday.
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