Greetings Beautiful Readers and Happy Friday ! Another stellar line up this 5 for FRIDAY beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP column. As always, Steph brings her innate fashion expertise to us!  Fortunate us - she writes exclusively for Daymaker Readable Art. The SPANX leather looking leggings are the bomb-a-reno!  Love that they're so versatile - tennis shoes, boots, sweatshirt, dressy shirt, and BONUS they keep any jiggle-wiggles tucked in! I'm gravitating toward the tennis shoe look with the SPANX leggings.  That's me. My sisters, have said to me more than a handful of times, "Cher, do you have any other shoes in your closet besides tennis shoes and Birkenstocks or flip-flops?" I say, "Yeah, of course."  They say, "Time to break 'em out."  HA! As soon as I finish plugging in today's episode -- I'm going to look for a pair of these SPANX leather looking leggings for MOI.  Starting with Steph's tip of checking out Ebay first! Thank you, Steph, for keeping us in the know with your tried-and-true insider info! QUICK QUESTION - What could someone figure out about me by the friends I've chosen? My answer -- positive, happy people who are laid back and easy to be around.  You?


GREETINGS friends (!) Presenting Wednesday's Reader. Another great line-up today beginning with: Quick Question - What's the key to living a good life?  It took me a few years to live my answer ... it's Peace. Love. Joy.  You? Mind Games is a mind tripper.  I got tripped up on a couple. Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread Recipe is one that I clipped from a magazine years ago.  We made lots and lots of loaves to sell at Hippie Cowboy this time of year.  It's a simple recipe to whip up, the aroma coming out of the oven as it bakes is spectacular and the bread is outta this world delicious and moist.  I totally guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  It's beautiful goodness.


Yo! Daymaker Readers and Yo! Monday - Daylight Savings time happened yesterday.  "Spring Forward - Fall Back."  I think most of us know that little saying or phrase. Save Arizona and Hawaii - they just sit tight and keep their clocks the same because Daylight Savings Time is not observed there - lucky them - ha  (did a super fast research on that via Google - ha). My computer and cell phone did the time change automatically.  I still need to turn all the house clocks and oven digital clock back. Enjoyed finding these fabulous interestings for today. Beginning with the Spectacular Artworks on an Australian beach.  They are nothing less than HUGE, CREATIVE, WHIMSICAL MASTERPIECES.  "Good on ya, Artists!" Wish I could've kicked off my shoes and walked along the sandy beach and viewed all up close and personal. Perhaps next time.  Hello, Bucket List!


HEY-HEY, AWESOME READERS! Presenting 5 for Friday! Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap column isn't in the line-up.  She's a super busy lady and time didn't permit her to write her column for today's episode. She asked that I relay to Daymaker Readers that Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap will be back next Friday and she's working on an exciting column about her new found discovery of Spanx faux leather leggings!   Sounds like a wanna-be-in-the-know about these Spanx leggings to me! Steph always keeps us in the cool-kids-fashion-club.  Thanks, girl! Here's our fun episode today:


HELLO FRIENDS AND HELLO 1st DAY OF NOVEMBER FROM CHERYL Greetings all! How did last night go -- meaning trick or treaters or a get-together somewhere? Well --- I sure failed miserably.  I had written in a previous post that I'd not had a trick-or-treater in more than 25 years but I always bought a bag of candy just in case. I didn't buy the candy this year and guess what happened? Doorbell rang and there was my little neighbor pal Edgar Jr all dressed up doing the trick or treat thing.  And there I stood empty candy handed. He smiled and said, "That's okay." BOO on me!   That'll never happen again.  Halloween lesson learned. Great Episode today!


Hello-Hello! FROM CHERYL Gosh! did you see that just happen?  October came in (seems like only a week ago) and is now one day away from being *poof* gone until next year. We've had plenty of rain - always needed and welcomed + fall has totally fallen today.  It's super chilly!  I've got a feeling we'll be seeing trees turn their leaves into some pretty colors in the very near future. Totally fun collection of Halloween interestings for this last Monday in October and day-before-Halloween.


Greetings wonderful readers!  Happy Friday! Only 4 days until the fun-magic-eve when kids dress up and do the trick or treat thing.  Do you get trick-or-treaters?  I don't.  But I always buy a bag of candy in case the doorbell rings and I won't disappoint. Great line-up today: Beginning with Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap ideas for pairing a flannel shirt with these super innovative fashion ideas! Using a hair flat iron to quickly iron the button up part of a shirt?  LOVE IT! And,  yes, I love a flannel shirt - and, yes, I am totally gonna do and wear all 3 of Steph's ideas this fall and winter.  Beginning with the leopard print under a flannel to bring out the "flanimal" in my day!


GREETINGS FROM CHERYL I can barely believe it's already FRIDAY!  Seems like 5 hours ago it was Monday.  But, nope, not!  Ha! Time marches on for sure.  How has your week been?  Looking forward to anything extra-exciting for this coming weekend? Fabulous 5 for FRIDAY line-up today: Beginning with STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP fun fashion at the Fair!  Super cool and full of heart and look at the 4 amazing women who posed and gave a little something interesting about themselves.  Daymakers!  Thanks, Ladies.  Hat tip to you all.


HEY-HEY EVERYONE! Presenting Daymaker Readable Art's Wednesday Reader.  Terrific line-up today. I've never really thought about the Quick Question regarding do fish ever get thirsty?  Ha!  Probably not. The POWER OF PUNCTUATION "speaks" for itself.  Pretty cool. My first pet memory was a doberman by the name of Mitzi (my dad was a big fan of dobies). We lived in Merriam, Kansas at the time. 


GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Welcome Monday beginning of a fresh new week.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend. The weather here is still perfect-o. Rolled out my hoodie collection and am enjoying wearing them again. Love having the doors and windows popped open and crisp fresh air filling the house.  That and hearing all my fabulous chimes doing their thing through the openings. I gathered these for today's "goodie" click list of laughter, inspiration,  food-for-thought .