HELLO FRIDAY AND HELLO FRIENDS FROM CHERYL CLARSON And it's a Friday the 13th.  I'd never really given 2 thoughts about a Friday the 13th until I had one that will always be in my memory.  You can read it in my meet-and-greet in the ABOUT page on this site.  Anyway, you? Line up for this 5 for Friday is stellar! Beginning with Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap.  Gosh, Steph has it going on with her fabulous insider tips.  Thanks, Steph! Quick Question - Do I personally believe in ghosts?  Not necessarily - but I don't un-believe in them either!  I hope one doesn't ever present itself front-and-center to prove one way or the other.  To my knowledge, I've never fainted, but pretty sure I would in such a situation.  Ha 18 Thoughts is a super cool list.  I don't have a favorite take away.  All are such valuable wisdom.


Wednesday Greetings, Readers! Halloween season is upon us.  Have any plans or cool decorations you're displaying outside for all to see? Today's Wednesday Reader is full of fun and mischief. Beginning with Quick Question - What is something that used to scare you, but no longer does?  I can think of 2.  But I'm not telling.  You? Casanova cheesy lines are indeed cheesy - and they're a hoot! REMEMBER PAY PHONES AND PHONE BOOTHS?  Gosh, they sure have gone away, haven't they? Question - when's the last time you saw one or the other? I remember working on a commercial not that long ago.  The Craft Service person said that she and her 8 year old daughter were watching an older movie several nights before and one of the actors in the movie made a call in a phone booth. Her daughter said, "Mom, what's that thing all about?" I rolled with laughter!
Spanish Style Split Pea Soup Recipe


It's Monday and today finds me well + happy. Our weekend weather was my idea of perfect-o.  My cats were totally feeling it too.  Zooming around kicking up their heels - running, chasing, playing.  Made me laugh! Not sure if you've noticed or not - but we've been doing some "re-decorating" sort of thing on Daymaker Readable Art site: The ads that were a total distraction and annoying are gone! Share buttons! New artwork that finds you in the email box on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Subscribe and see it!  We'll be changing it out from time to time for a fresh and new cool piece of artwork in the email greetings. Clean-up of typos and little glitches that existed. Friendlier navigation throughout the site. Subscribe and Comments are no longer compromised.  (Fingers crossed you don't hit a hiccup - if ya do - let us know and we'll get it taken care of ASAP.)  We're not finished yet - just wanted to share PROGRESS in the works. The line-up of wonderfuls to click-on and check-out today are entertaining, inspiring and delicious-waiting-to-be-made!


Presenting 5 for FRIDAY's read this October 6. We had a crazy storm that blew through here Wednesday night.  Not just "a" storm but the threat of a possible tornado in the area. Felt a little like a white knuckle ride -- as the tornado sirens were heard loudly in the night - warnings of take cover sort of thing - this is not a test.  YIKES! My wonderful neighbors = friends had me in their thoughts.  Texting or calling -- "get in the bathroom," "make sure you have your running shoes on and your purse close ... in case ..."  "Are you okay?" "Copy."   "Copy."   "Yes."  were my responses via text. My little freeloaders (aka cats) were less than impressed with the lock-down time in the bathroom -- but they're over it now.  They have short-term memories.  Ha! Torrential rain, crazy wind, etc ... Long story short - tornado blew over our part of the world with no damage and went whipping away somewhere else.  Hopefully back up in the sky where it started! Today's line-up is packed full of happy:


Greetings wonderful Readers (!) Presenting 1st Wednesday in October's fun-for-all read. The Quick Question - Big fish in a little pond or little fish in a big pond?  Me?  I think I prefer big fish in a little pond.  Kinda makes me think of country versus city sort of scenario. I enjoy visiting big cities - the lights - the fast paced moving and shaking - hustle and bustle vibe - but at the end of the day,  just want to go back to my little pond.  You? I LOVE the Goose story -- have seen different writings of it in my emails from friends numerous times over the years.


Greetings Readers (!) It's Monday, the 2nd day of October!  Months are flying by for sure. Cool art illustration today is from the cover of Life Magazine, October 26 , 1911.  Count forward from 1911 to 2023.  That's a bit of a count.  It's a beautiful, timeless, old school piece of art. Collected these fabulous finds today for enjoyment: I'd have to say my favorite new word added to the official dictionary in the month of September would be -- Jump Scare.  Instead of "Punked ya" or "Boo"  -- new phrase I'll be using -- Just "Jump Scared" ya.


HELLO SPECTACULAR READERS from Cheryl Clarson Presenting Friday September 29 Episode.  Welcome. Have a great line up today! Beginning with the pics: #1 Peppers and Papayas.  That's a lot of fun to say.  I feel stuffed peppers for dinner in my future! #2 The coolest, thriving mass planting of horse-tail reed I've ever seen.  This is a small picture piece of how this planting was growing at a Hyatt Regency resort here in Texas.  It was at least 2 blocks long.   Spectacular.  Impressive.   I LOVE this plant.  Yes, it's invasive (think bamboo) but it's such a cool plant kept under watch.  I have several at my home - but in planters, so they don't wander where they please. #3 Sandwich pic - I think we'll name it the ham-zing-a-roonie!  This sandwich is delicious!  How to assemble it is in this episode.  Make it.  Doubt you'll be disappointed.  I know I'm not and those I have made it for either.


Greetings Cheerful Readers! Presenting Wednesday's Reader. Quick question regarding if I could meet anyone on the planet today.  Hmmmm - I personally answer that question with -- James Lee Burke, my favorite fiction author. He's a masterful writer and his characters leap from the pages of his books and stand up and introduce themselves sort-of-feel and we hang out several nights - or until I finish reading the 300+ pages.


GREETINGS COOL READERS ON THIS LAST MONDAY OF SEPTEMBER FROM CHERYL CLARSON I think the illustration today is super happy and whimsical - and makes me smile. How was your weekend?  All good around here.  Uneventful.  Often times - that's my favorite report from a weekend. Collected this handful of great reads for today: Loved the brick home painting transformations a lot! Size comparison of sea creatures -- uhhh-uhhh-uhh!  I think they're super cool and I love that they're in the deep blue ocean.  I've had people say to me, "Have ya ever been on a 7 day cruise?"


GREETINGS FRIENDS AND HELLO FRIDAY! FROM CHERYL CLARSON Welcome to 5 for Friday on this Friday September 22 -- day before the official day of the Autumn Equinox! I don't know what the last day of summer is doing in your part of the world -- but here -- Summer is not going out without a very well noted reminder that She is Summer and she is hot.  It's super warm here today. Today's line up is a lot of fun:


HELLO HAPPY READERS AND GREETINGS 2nd TO THE LAST WEDNESDAY IN SEPTEMBER Presenting Wednesday Reader.  It's packed full and a great read. Leslie Elman does it again with the Pop Quiz and Fascinating Facts.  Giving us material to be the most interesting person in the room. I don't think I mentioned this before - but Leslie writes Q & A for Pub quizzes around the world.  How cool is that?  And you get to read her here! Quick Question re: what's our favorite day of the week.  Interesting - I actually believe we all have a favorite day even if we haven't called it out.  Mine is Thursday.  You? Who knew that a Cronut was a thing?  Not me.


GOOD MORNING, AWESOME READERS FROM CHERYL CLARSON Can. You. Believe. It's. Already. Past. The. Half-way mark. In. September? And we're 5 days away from the official checkered flag waving in Autumn!