5 For Friday February 16


Greetings awesome readers! How's your week been?  All really good in my world.  It's crazy how I had the doors and windows popped open today and listened to the birds.  I had to pinch myself - nope, not spring, mid February.  Ha Nonetheless, enjoying the mild temperatures for sure. Great 5 for Friday presentation today -- Beginning with STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP Super easy-peasy makeup tips.  I love the "3" contour drawing on each side of the face + the "V" like shape under the eye concealer tip. I'm totally in.  I feel more glamorous already!
Wednesday Reader February 14


Happy Valentine's Day, friends! What are your Valentine's Day plans?  Any? I don't have any plans perse.  Laying low and building a fire to be mesmerized by as I watch the flames and reflect on so many memories close to my heart. I totally want to share something super-duper-heart cool !  Went to the mailbox yesterday and inside there was a package. I opened it - like a kid at Christmas! It was from my friends Carol and Toby. Inside was a beautiful original hand painted card by Carol who is a fine watercolor artist whose work is absolutely/always frame worthy.  And, yes, I will frame her piece of art and keep it under glass to view every day when I walk by it.  I'll feel the love for sure way after Valentine's Day -- forever. And - also - in the package was a box wrapped all classy-pretty in Valentine's Day paper.  Nope, not a box of chocolates.  WAY better!  A box of 8 Shower Steamers - that read, "Relax and Enjoy Home SPA with Natural Essential Oil."  We're talking Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender, Orange, Pomegranate Rose, Mint, Watermelon and Orange. Wow! Do I feel special, or what?  Quick answer - Very Special!  I am so grateful for being thought of on Valentine's Day by my dear friends who were also friends of Peter. Super fun line-up today! Beginning  with --
Top of the Morning February 12


Greetings! Welcome to Monday's Top of The Morning Episode -- Party full-of-fun collected today to share! Beginning with Art Illustration of Mardi Gras - totally embraces the frolic and fun that's happening there now + an in-the-know of what exactly Mardi Gras is to all of us "outsiders"  ha I've been to the Big Easy and/or Crescent City numerous times Most well known as New Orleans for work -- not vacation.  Ha What a magic-filled city full of pride, unique history and cool people, joy and fun. 7 Thrifting Trends for 2024 Thrifters start looking for treasures to grab and bring home! WHAT'S REALLY IN VELVEETA I found this little read quite fascinating.  I always thought Velveeta was some kind of weird-engineered-orange- slab Think Velveeta and Rotel tomato Dip - no questions asked!  Just so iconic delicious!  One chip after another! Upon reading this -- new kinda respect. BOILED PEANUTS Hello! Best flavorful way to boil peanuts in the shell -- dry peanuts and sack up in old school brown paper lunch bags to share or gift.  A memorable brown sack bag of  a treat. WOLF OF THE WILD DOG VIA ZODIAC SIGNS Check your wild dog sign via your birth month and see what ya think. RECIPES ARE ALL GREAT FINDS !!
Top of the Morning August 22 2022


Howdy Amazing Readers! It's crazy warm here.  Like low 70's! Heard one of the D.J.'s on the radio station today say, "I wouldn't have ever thought I'd be rocking shorts and flip-flops to work in early February - but I am.  And I'm not complaining!" I wasn't rocking shorts and flip-flops - but I was absolutely enjoying the warm temps today.  Enjoying it while it lasts! 5 for FRIDAY - full line-up of happy.  Beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP Steph's Charcuterie board presentation ideas are "Hello - easy, casual entertaining with an unforgettable Razzle-Dazzle vibe."  A chili board or a baked potato board?  Guests will be in love at first sight! PLUS for Valentine's day or an Anniversary - the adorable "Cupid's Arrows" and Jalapeno "Roses" to pop in for an extra little-little something.  So creative! Steph,  thanks for your great tips, know-how and ideas for Fashion, DIY Art and Entertaining to keep us in the Cool-Kids-Club! QUICK QUESTION How do I finish the phrase, "The way to my heart is ..." Answer:  Genuine, heart  laughter time - hands down.
Wednesday Reader February 7


Hello friends! Super interesting + fascinating + heart line-up for today's Wednesday. Beginning with LESLIE ELMAN'S Trivia and Fascinating Facts.  Who knew what a "dirty snowball" is?  And that "starfish" can actually have 10-20-40 arms?  Say what?!  Fascinating, for sure.  Now WE know. QUICK QUESTION Name 4 words - with 4 letters that begin with the letter "B".  Tick tock. HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE Is a super cool read.  Made me happy and a little teary eyed all at the same time.  I reckon happiness is, indeed, a choice and in the fiber of our beings.  Even in the hardest imaginable situations. HOW MANY CHANNELS DID WE HAVE ON OUR TELEVISION SET WHEN I WAS A KID I can answer that super fast.  There were 2.  Channel 2 and Channel 8.  That was that and that was it.  Ha.  And we were grateful. And if I fell asleep on the couch on the weekend watching TV - the Star Spangled Banner song played exactly at Midnight.  Not with a great singer singing.  Just outdated instrumental music and segued to a screen of snowy stuff and loud white-noise before going off-the-air for the night. Nothing woke me up from the couch as fast as the Star Spangled Banner to run and turn the TV off before the white-noise started. Ahhh, memories. FLUFFY TAPIOCA PUDDING + TOASTED COCONUT RECIPE
Top of the Morning February 5


Hey - Hey friends and 1st Monday of February. I'm still wondering how January peeled through so quickly.  You? So much fun I collected to share today. Beginning with The cool art illustration. It's so happy and totally brings back childhood memories to me - yes, we had these types of sleds and they were head-first-dare-devil fun.  The wooden "steering wheel" kinda-sorta steered the sled moving at what seemed like mach speed. We also had saucer "sleds" which absolutely resembled something the size of a big garbage can lid - but had handles and happy enameled painted artwork where we sat down and got ready to fly down the hill. They were crazy fast and whirly-twirly - no controlling which way the saucer would go.  We just held on and giggled and screamed.  Better than a ride at the fair. I will say -- I think my sisters and my favorite "sled" was a big ol' inner tube.  Think tire inner tube from a big working truck - not - from a domestic vehicle.  These inner tube slider "sleds" slid fast, fast, fast!  No controlling what the inner tube wanted to do either.  Ha! We got bucked off plenty of times, pulled the inner tube back to the top of the hill for another white-knuckle-ride-and-slide down the hill. I don't recall ever getting too cold because we were having such giant fun!
Ground Hog day


FEBRUARY GREETINGS ! Will the groundhog see his shadow or not today? Not sure I buy into the whole "folklore" of it - but it's fun to wonder or wander and think about. It's become a ritual thing for me and some of those I know on the morning of February 2nd every year.  I (we) can't help but go outside and search the sky to see if it's cloud cover or full on sunshine in each of our particular neck of the woods.  And wonder what does Master Groundhog say?!   haha News regarding why Daymaker didn't find you on Monday or Wednesday.  My computer crashed over the weekend.  I wasn't sure if it was the computer or internet. After over an hour on the phone with my internet provider - and they doing trouble shooting from their end - it was established that it was this antique computer (6 years old - ha)  and it's just ready to be put out to pasture.  A stronger, faster new version must be installed.  Geesh -- everything is so disposable these days.  Think cell phones. So, I called Adam who is my super-hero, tech-dude/friend who works for the Geek Squad and he'll be here Monday to swap out the computer. In the meantime - me being who I am - I gave the computer one more shot.  And low and behold - came to life again.  Kinda like a Lazarus moment! So I've been working swiftly to get 5 for Friday scheduled to go out for this morning - in the event my computer decides to do a kamikaze dive again.  So far, so good! GREAT LINE-UP TODAY
DIY Crafts and Recipes


Hello Friday and friends! It's been a good end of the week in my part of the world - how about you? Another great 5 for FRIDAY line-up today! Beginning with the ART ILLUSTRATION featured today which was a Lobby Card  for "The Philadelphia Story" starring Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and James (Jimmy) Stewart. I didn't know exactly what a Lobby Card was so I did the Google thing and here's the definition according to gobacktothepast: "Lobby cards are promotional photographs printed on heavy card stock paper.  They were meant to be displayed in the massive lobbies of movie palaces before the film came out, working alongside posters to promote coming attractions.  This gave audiences an early look at the film's cinematic grandeur, albeit in still form." Now we know what Lobby cards are/were! I haven't been to a movie theater in quite a while, especially the "movie palace places" with massive lobbies and beautiful railings leading up the stairs to the balcony, elegant lighting and ornate carpeting (yes, there were actually 2 in Billings, Montana where I grew up - The Fox Theater and the Babcock Theater) - but I'm guessing Lobby Cards are no longer -- anywhere. Totally looks like they were a super cool advertisement for everyone-get-excited and get-ready for-the next coming cinematic attraction! STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP never disappoints with her creative ideas and sharing them with all of us!
Wednesday Reader January 24


Greetings Wednesday Readers - How's your week going?  Fine and dandy around here.  It's raining but temps are high enough that it remains water and not ice.  I'm cool with that! Another great Wednesday line-up today.  Beginning with: WHAT'S THE FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND WHEN I HEAR THE WORD "FIDGET" Someone (including me) who unconsciously taps a finger or two on a table or counter top.  You? WordPerfect CUSTOMER SUPPORT READ IS AMUSING The phone conversation "speaks for itself "  Read and enjoy a chuckle or two. If you might wonder do I seriously have email threads from 20 years ago? Yes, I do.  I have envelopes and envelopes packed full of printed out greatness material.  I've no idea why I printed out and saved all these pieces of great fun/information way back then - but I did - and I'm so glad I did. MOOD RINGS I totally had one and sported it for a short period of time in my younger days.  They were sooooo popular and kinda cool to watch the changing of colors.  Not sure what made them "change" colors but they sure did and I'm also pretty sure it had zip to do with my particular mood.  Just an interesting gimmick sort of thing that I was all in on.  You? I'll also add a note here that I did not buy into the gimmick of the Pet Rock thing. If someone were to have given me one -- I'd probably study it and ponder if it was worthy of being a rock I could "skip" across a pond or lake.  I'm thinking not, based on the ones I saw.  I think they were sinkers.  Ha! EPIC ITALIAN MEATBALL RECIPE Is, indeed, EPIC.  Baked or Smoked on a grill.  On noodles, tucked in a sandwich of fresh bread with melted Provolone or Mozzarella, Appetizers.  Give it a try.  I'd be shocked if you are disappointed.
Top of the Morning January 22


Greetings fab readers and Hello Monday (!) first day of a brand new week. Another stellar line-up collection today! Beginning with: NO MORE FUN-PUNS ON HIGHWAY SIGNS Big fat boo on the no fun people who get to be the deciders of taking these clever, humorous reading pieces of fun away from us to read as we drive the endless miles to our destination(s). BOOMERS!  REMEMBER? I totally remember banana seats + tiny Bayer aspirin tins + 45 records my sisters and I cut around and off the back of cereal boxes --- and they really played!  It was super cool. Soooo -- miss the full service gas stations!  For those of us who have the memory - recall when -- rolling into a gas station,  hear the ding-ding of your car driving over a hose or something and the attendant came out, all cheer and smiles, puts the gas nozzle in the car's gas tank - cleaned the windshield, checked your oil, and even checked the air in your tires?  Gosh!  I sure do miss that wonderfulness.  Why did that have to go away? WINE CORK BRILLIANCE I love all of these ideas.  I think my favorite is using these recycled corks to "clip" a bag closed of potato chips or other packages that need to be closed up properly. CLASSIC WINE AND PAIRING Yes!  However, I'm certain that I want to explore all the pairings.  Not just my "sign" - ha HOW TO SOFTEN BUTTER WHEN YOU HAVE A BRAIN FREEZE - "WHOOPS! I FORGOT SORT OF MOMENT"
5 For Friday January 19


Happy Friday - Just a little more than midway through January! We had a reprieve for a day from the frigid cold temps but -- not so fast -- coming back again today.  Big fat BOO on that news. Great 5 for Friday episode today! Beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP OMG!  I am so ordering the Perlier Pomegranate Body Tightening Cream product!  I've got a little crepey skin action going on my arms that I'm not friends with nor want to be friends with - as in - EVER! I look at it in the mirror and talk out loud to it, "Where in the world did you come from?!" I feel like it laughs at me - and whispers - "Age, Baby, Age." So I'm gonna combat this little crepey skin action with Steph's personally tried-and-true advice on Perlier Pomegranate Body Tightening Cream.  I'm IN! I also loved reading the reviews on how marvelous it is + smells fabulous.  Hello - winner, winner! As I've heard people say along the way, "Aging is so inconvenient."  Double high fives in the air about that! Steph's  share on the Rana Lasagna is right up my alley.  I know of the Rana products - not the lasagna, because I haven't tried it yet - but other Rana take-and-bake that I've purchased from Costco and Market Street.  Really, really exceptional product line for sure. I'm totally going to purchase this Rana Lasagna - because it's so lasagna time of year - and if I can buy it - as opposed to taking an afternoon to assemble, assemble layer upon layer - Call me the President of the Fan Club! Thanks, Steph! QUICK QUESTION What fictional character have I crushed on over the years?  While I'm not a grown adult woman who crushes - gotta admit if I did - would be Dave Robicheaux - straight out of the pages of James Lee Burke's novels.
Wednesday Reader January 17


Wednesday greetings! Phew -- endured the little cold snap we had around here and didn't lose power.  Thankful.  Hearing on the radio that today's temps are gonna rise to 41 degrees.  Gonna feel like a heat wave - ha!  At least to my outside feral cats. Another great line-up of Wednesday fun today! Beginning with: QUICK QUESTION What do I do when pulling up at a stoplight next to someone jammin' on the radio?  Well, first of all it brings me joy and I smile and laugh!  And should I catch the person's eye - in the middle of the jammin' - I wave and give a thumbs up.  (I've been known to turn up the radio and belt out a favorite song while driving.)  Just can't help it. THANKS MOM AND DAD FUN STORY COLLECTION Is a laugh-blast for certain! LITTLE WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE Yes, raising my hand.  I sure remember "the old days" when the house phone was mounted on our kitchen wall.