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Wednesday Reader April 17


Wednesday greetings Wondrous Readers! Cool line-up for today. Beginning with the Illustration of the CHESHIRE CAT - makes me smile because he's both smiling and has a a little mischievousness all at the same time. SPEED BUMP CARTOON On a scale of 1-10 how painfully awkward is this?  Me, personally, might answer, "Can I answer Richter Scale awkward?"  ha! QUICK QUESTION How do I define beauty?  Let me count the ways -- A new flower that popped up in the garden that wasn't there yesterday. A little kid in a shopping cart at the store with his/her parent who gives me a toothless grin. Peek-a-Boo moments/memories of those who have gone before me - people + pets (via a song on the radio or a cool siting while out and about). Laugh out loud outta nowhere moments. You?  18 SIGNS YOU'VE GROWN UP SINCE HIGH SCHOOL Thumbs up! MARGARITA SCALLOPS RECIPE Needs no intro.  Simply a kiss of culinary delight!