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5 For Friday April 2

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 28

Hey!  Hey! Well, last Friday of April has arrived + the last weekend of April. Monday is May 1st. Does anyone remember (as a kid) picking some wild flowers or gathering *cough* neighbors' garden flowers and placing the tiny bundle on a front porch - ringing the bell - and running?! For a May Day surprise?  I raise my hand. We totally did it as kids.  Cool memory. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 HAPPY SIDEWALK ART I spotted on a walk.  Thank you, artist, whoever you are.  So wonderful! #2 ON THE SAME WALK - LOOKED UP and it felt like Heaven opened a window and said, Hello, to me.   Hello, back! #3 LITTLE HANDMADE SIGN in a garden on another walk ... true that!  Ha #4 WHAT A CLEVER USEFUL TOOL  Little pricey - but can totally see how it can be beneficial to young and old!  Check it out here C-Pen Dear Annie's column is super worthy of a read.  "Steven" wishing you the best! Lil' Pizza recipe assembly is easy, good and a lot of fun! Playlist - is, well, music for your ears.  Hope you have a little time to give it a listen. Thank you so much for sliding by and giving us a read on this last Friday of April.  Appreciate one and all!