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Wednesday Reader April 3


Hello Hola Bonjour Daymakers! Presenting Wednesday's  Reader on this 3rd day of April.  How's April rolling in for you?  Good here.  We had some heavy April showers yesterday which my trees and grass (and weeds - ha) were grateful for = me, too. Cool + fun + interesting line up today. Beginning with: LESLIE ELMAN'S POP QUIZ I had to refer to good ol' Google for the pronunciation of the word Qaanaaq in question #1 because I'd never seen the word before and it totally intrigued me.  Here's how it's pronounced if you, too, are intrigued *click* QUICK QUESTION What's the most monotonous sport to watch for me?  BOWLING! And Golf follows at a very close 2nd and then Tennis absolutely is #3.  All fun to play/do -- but being a spectator is a different ball game sort of thing.  You? LAYMAN'S LANGUAGE COLLECTION OF 10 Is spot on.  I am especially fond of #6  "... it's just a bend, not the end."