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Top of the Morning April 8


Hello Magnificent Daymaker Readers - Presenting Top of the Morning! Another fantastic-fun great line-up I collected to share today. Beginning with: The Deserted Places that still remain - grandeur.  Imagine the stories they would tell if they could. I'm IN on Gardening with Buckets.  Last time I was in Home Depot/Lowe's - I think I saw a price tag per bucket was a little less than $5.  And then I can properly place them in the perfect spot around here depending on their sunlight requirements! OMG!  Vintage Pianos repurposed to BEAUTIFUL, GIANT sweeping Phoenix Sculptures.  I want one!  Big time. HORSERADISH is the key ingredient to summer coleslaw.  I'm a believer.  I love being in the know about a "secret ingredient"! BREATH-TAKING SHOT OF THE STATUE OF LIBERTY BEING ZAPPED by a bolt of lightning.  Talented photographer for having a lightning fast camera and skills to capture such a super fast happening.  Super cool! RECIPES!
Green Apple Milk Shakes


Hello friends - officially celebrating the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer ... Well, it's hot here.  Multiple days in a row of triple digits.  My lawn is less than impressed and showing it by going into hibernation.  Ha!  My mom sent some love to my giant American Elm outside the front door.  Heavy duty soaker hose.  It's so great.  Welcome to this week's Wednesday Reader.  Enjoy!  Have the best day.