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5 For Friday May 31

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 31

Friday greetings this last day of May 2024. May is going out - at least around here - with lots and lots and lots of rain.  Seems like a crazy amount of rain, but probably last year was similar.  Last May seems so far away.  Ha Stacy's World Will be back next Friday - fingers crossed - depending on her busy schedule.  I've had conversations with her and her upcoming columns/ideas are SO.MUCH.COOL.FUN. (!!) Today's 5 for FRIDAY is a blast! BEGINNING WITH: Amazing flower artwork and "made ya laugh" cartoons. QUICK QUESTION What's the strangest room or building I've ever been in/to? I could name several working on jobs in the film business:  A giant Masonic Scottish Rite Temple, Haunted Mansion where a doctor lived equipped with an elevator that just decided to go up and down on its own, non-working Kentucky prison from the early 1800s.   And a rental house that my sister, Jennie, and I lived at way back in the day. However, the strangest, creepiest one was in an old, working Tennessee prison where we were shooting the film "Last Dance." On a scout (meaning the entire crew was not present) we were scouting the various places in the prison we would be shooting.  The warden took us down to this room which housed "Old Sparky" -  as he referred to it.  An old, heavy wooden chair that had char marks on it + other dark spots on it and leather tie down straps for arms and ankles.  Yeah, it was a real deal electric chair.  Observation glass windows, bright lights over the chair.  There was even a bucket of water behind the chair for whatever they used that for (use your imagination - or perhaps you may remember the movie "The Green Mile"). The warden said, "Anybody want to sit in the chair?" One of the grips grinned all tough like, said, "Yeah," and he sat down. The warden nodded to someone behind the observation glass and the lights flipped on and off.  That grip flew off that chair faster than a bolt of lightning.  Scared the tar out of him. The warden laughed hard.  Guess it was one of their little pranks they play for amusement to dough-heads who volunteer to actually sit in "Old Sparky." That room was super surreal - but very real.  I'll never forget it.  Yours? FLIGHT ATTENDANTS' HUMOR
5 For Friday April 21 | Owl Yellow Bird

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 21

Greetings and happy Friday! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Uhhhh ... next to my vehicle the other day where paint stripers had come in and freshened up the parking spot lines - geesh, people! #2 Huli Huli Sauce - I first met this sauce when I was checking out some cool stuff at World Market.  A woman interrupted my gazing - grabbed 2 bottles - just like that.  I thought to myself, gonna grab and take a bottle home.  Must be something extraordinary! Indeed it is.  It's fabulous.  Chicken, Beef, Veggies! #3 ON A WALK Absolutely! #4 A FANTASTIC ORIGINAL MURAL AT MY FRIEND, LAURIE'S, KENNEL MY ANSWER TO THE QUESTION - WHAT'S MY FAVORITE COLOR.  GREEN!  Because it's the color of living things! DEAR ANNIE'S "ENJOYING THE SPRING SEASON" IS  POWERFUL PEANUT BUTTER SQUARES ARE SIMPLE AND DELISH! 5 for FRIDAY SONGS ARE VERY CHILL AND A GOOD LISTEN - HOPE YOU HAVE A LITTLE TIME TO HEAR THEM As always - thanks for being here and giving us a read.  Appreciate one and all!