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5 For Friday May 17

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 17

Friday greetings! It's been a good week around here.  Lots of rain yesterday *again*  Just about the time I think I wanna whine about it, I stop myself short and remind me that I'll be wishing for it in less than 2 months throughout the full-on furnace of summer and early fall.  So I'm growing in the stop myself short of whining arena. Attitude adjustment:  Yay.  Hooray.  RAIN! My yard and trees are super happy and are showing it with lots of green + growth.  That's what matters. Presenting 5 for FRIDAY on this May 17 Super fun line-up today beginning with -- BRUCE CAMERON'S DUMPED BY A DRIVER H*I*L*A*R*I*O*U*S (!!) I love love love Bruce's writing style.  Absolutely one of my top 2 favorite humor writers.  I am and have always been a giant Bruce fan. QUICK QUESTION Me?  My fast 5 are: The 2 F's (friends and family) Quick wit = laughter Home Sweet Home Music Seeing happy people You? TWO CHOICES I love this story of Jerry the restaurant manager.  So inspiring/encouraging. RECIPE HIPPIE CHICK SALAD Is a winner, winner, winner and a keeper, keeper, keeper.
Top of the Morning November 27


Greetings Monday and friends - Another excellent line up today! Beginning with: THE KALEIDOSCOPE LIGHT One of the most amazing, small plug-it-in light shows to have being all magic and mesmerizing in a chosen room in the house. BOILED EGG TRICK I sure didn't know this one.  I've always done the lots of salt in the water thing.  Changing lanes now! DISTINCTIVE U.S. ACCENTS Having traveled and worked all around the country - and working with people from all over the country and even other countries - I do recognize and can identify many of these accents immediately.  Has always been intriguing to me.
Top of the Morning Memorial Day May 29


Greetings All - Memorial Day. I have a heart of gratitude for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can thrive and live in the Land of the Free - Because of the Brave.  As I'm pretty sure we all have. Presenting today's 12 handpicked clicks of laughter + fascinating + heart + keepers. Enjoy! Brush up on your Memorial Day knowledge with these interesting facts.  Video is really good and well done. HILARIOUS "must read" notes people left for other people.  All super funny - however - #2 had me rolling!! Phones of yesteryear that are so strange we kinda miss them 16 state nicknames explained ... now ya know!  And so do I! the subtle power of kindness - small acts that make a big difference in others' lives - hello, Daymakers Vocal coach says one phrase in 20 accents - this is impressive
Top of the Morning December 11


We're on the count down.  It's the last Monday before Christmas!  I found these wonder+full 12 for enjoyment. Today I learned things Vintage pictures from Christmases past Take note so not to do if you're an overnight guest There's still time to build a gingerbread house - check this one