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Wednesday Reader April 3


Hello Hola Bonjour Daymakers! Presenting Wednesday's  Reader on this 3rd day of April.  How's April rolling in for you?  Good here.  We had some heavy April showers yesterday which my trees and grass (and weeds - ha) were grateful for = me, too. Cool + fun + interesting line up today. Beginning with: LESLIE ELMAN'S POP QUIZ I had to refer to good ol' Google for the pronunciation of the word Qaanaaq in question #1 because I'd never seen the word before and it totally intrigued me.  Here's how it's pronounced if you, too, are intrigued *click* QUICK QUESTION What's the most monotonous sport to watch for me?  BOWLING! And Golf follows at a very close 2nd and then Tennis absolutely is #3.  All fun to play/do -- but being a spectator is a different ball game sort of thing.  You? LAYMAN'S LANGUAGE COLLECTION OF 10 Is spot on.  I am especially fond of #6  "... it's just a bend, not the end."
5 For Friday | Parrish Moutains
Top of the Morning April 10


Hello Hello everyone - Wednesday - Hump day - 1/2 way thru the work week day has arrived! The weather here is fantastic.  Just I*D*E*A*L.  I wish it could stay forever. I think that's Carmel, California that gets to boast that kind of ideal temp for the majority of the year.  Not Texas.  Ha Presenting Wednesday Reader.  Enjoy the read and thanks for dropping by.  Appreciate one and all.  See ya Friday.
Wednesday Reader March 8 | Amanita Muscaria


Hello - Hello!  Happy Wednesday. I present today's Wednesday Reader for your enjoyment. Stephanie Hayes' column "Tips for Completing the Following 89 Chores in our Airbnb" is super funny. Leslie Elman's Trivia and Fascinating stuff is ... well, fascinating and interesting.  Leslie's collections are def material for making us the most interesting person in the room. Recipe for Chicken Fried Steak and Muzzleloader gravy is tried-and-true.  If you love Chicken Fried Steak and Gravy - you gotta put these in your recipe box. And the "Daffodil Principle" story is one of my favorites.  Daffodils are popping up everywhere here.  I see them and this story comes to mind.  Very cool thing. As always, thank you for being here. Have a fabulous day!
Wednesday Reader January 25 | Thorton Auriculas


Greetings -  Hope your week is swell.  January's moving so fast, and the temperatures have been crazy warm, I feel like I'm getting a little Spring fever. Gotta keep reminding myself that February is traditionally one of the coldest month's here in my neck of the world. Spring will come quick enough.  In the mean time, I can look through catalogs for seeds and magazines for cool ideas and make garden plans (large + small + containers) with pen and paper.  That's my plan.  How about you? Thanks for being here!
Japanese Woman Snow


Hello - hello!  How's the week going so far?  We have had crazy temperatures here in the past couple of weeks - 40's, 50's and 80's! Oh, well, like they say EVERYWHERE "If you don't like the weather, just stick around for a day or two."  Haha Thanks for stopping in for the read today.  Grateful.  Have a great rest of your week!