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Wednesday Reader March 8 | Amanita Muscaria

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 26

Greetings Outstanding readers! How's the week been? Wonderful around here. I put in some quality weed pulling time, hung up my 2 hummingbird feeders with fresh nectar = sugar water (no sightings of the fast little birds just yet - but I know they're gonna discover, come and enjoy) and have been doing a daily 5-5-5 of Spring Cleaning purging (see Top of the Morning for that cool tip -  Quick way to revisit - click ) + hung out with Stephanie for lunch and laughter. I'm looking forward to a productive and chill weekend! FAB 5 for FRIDAY line-up today - Beginning with STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP I love the beautiful, inexpensive glass vases + bowls + glued on colored stones = original little pieces of glimmering mushroom art to perfectly position in the garden or in big planters.  COOL and easy-peasy to make/create thanks to Steph telling us how! I know of these colored stones Steph speaks of in her column.  Have seen them in Hobby Stores (they come in little "fishnet" style bags and they're eye-candy pretty).  Pretty sure I have a bag or 2 around here *sigh* no idea idea where they are - but I'm on the hunt. Steph's idea of the upside down Tiffany lamp planter is gorgeous! AND the Caprese Avocados - holy smokes YUM!  Lunch and light dinner on repeat! Thanks, Steph! QUICK QUESTION Is a toughy. So many beautiful birds. Let me back up - ALL birds are beautiful, frankly, to me -- even buzzards.  Yep, even a buzzard. However, if a genie granted me a "What kind of bird do ya wanna be for a day or two wish?" -- I'd probably choose Eagle or Hawk.  They soar so high in the sky and are so mighty.  I can only imagine what their "bird's eye view" is.  How about you? JERRY CLOWER'S STEEL MARBLES STORY