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Art Entertainment | Top of the Morning September 5 2022


Hello and Howdy this beautiful Monday July 8. First day of the week and so much opportunity comes with it. It's all about recognizing, moving, shaking and finding what's possible in this week for each of us -- individually. How 'bout that idea? Presenting Top of the Morning and what I found and collected to share today! BEGINNING WITH: EAGLES AND WING SPAN! Gosh, who knew the wing spans are/can be 6', 8' even 9'? I didn't! Next time I see an eagle way up in the air -- I'll recall reading/seeing this piece and my jaw will fall open in awe -- knowing the incredible size of the majestic birds' wing spans!  And I will give an air kiss to the sky in total admiration/respect. 12 FASTEST CATS IN THE WORLD  Uhhhhh -- these cats are faster than fast. 35 m.p.h - 70 m.p.h.  Don't even think about putting on your running shoes and trying to out run one!  Awe-mazing.