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Top of the Morning April 10

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 7

Hello friends - and hello Good Friday, I was invited by my friend, Carol, last Sunday to a truly remarkable event.  Super cool + delicious + classy. It was a wine and olive oil pairing at Cassaro Winery and Vineyard.  Totally check out their outstanding here - Cassaro Wines. The event's description: "The Cassaro exclusive olive oil and wine pairing will feature four olive oils including, Italiano with traditional herbs and spices, Burroso Aglio with a buttery garlic flavor, Pepato Bistecca which has a pepper flavor to enhance beef dishes, and the spicy Rosso Piccante which will add zest to any meal.  Each olive oil will be paired with an award-winning Cassaro wine.  Guests will also be served samples of olive oil based dishes to complete the pairing.  Each of the four olive oils will be available for purchase at the conclusion of the tasting." What a treat the whole experience was.  Wines were excellent, sample dishes with the four different olive oils were incredible and dipping fresh baguette slices on all of the tables for dipping = superb. Thanks again, Carol, for the invitation and hat tip to Cassaro Winery and Vineyard for superior products and having the artistic vision for such a fantastic event(s). PICTURE LINE UP: #1 MEET MY FRIENDS CAROL AND TOBY They have been wine club members of Cassaro's since around week 2 of its grand opening. Toby and Carol are strong, genuine supporters and cheerleaders of local businesses they find of interest + value + quality + fantastic concepts & products. #2 CHECK OUT THE WELL DESIGNED, DESCRIPTIVE PLACE SETTINGS AT THE EVENT #3 MY PURCHASE FROM THE EVENT 2 bottles of excellent wine (Merlot and Riesling) and 3 olive oils.  Notice that attached to the side of the olive oil bottle is its specific spice tube. Spices are added when the bottle is opened and ready to use.  Ensuring the olive oils/spices are at their very finest.  Genius. #4 PIC OF ANOTHER EVENT CASSARO'S HOSTS: Totally read the back story.  At the bottom of the posting.  Fascinating. Deviled egg variations are a lot of delicious fun! 5 songs for today are mellow and chill.  A kick-back listen.  Hope you have time ... As always, thanks for dropping by and giving us a read.  Grateful. Take care.  Happy Easter.  See ya Monday.