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Top of the Morning November 6


Yo! Daymaker Readers and Yo! Monday - Daylight Savings time happened yesterday.  "Spring Forward - Fall Back."  I think most of us know that little saying or phrase. Save Arizona and Hawaii - they just sit tight and keep their clocks the same because Daylight Savings Time is not observed there - lucky them - ha  (did a super fast research on that via Google - ha). My computer and cell phone did the time change automatically.  I still need to turn all the house clocks and oven digital clock back. Enjoyed finding these fabulous interestings for today. Beginning with the Spectacular Artworks on an Australian beach.  They are nothing less than HUGE, CREATIVE, WHIMSICAL MASTERPIECES.  "Good on ya, Artists!" Wish I could've kicked off my shoes and walked along the sandy beach and viewed all up close and personal. Perhaps next time.  Hello, Bucket List!
Top of the Morning October 16


GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Welcome Monday beginning of a fresh new week.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend. The weather here is still perfect-o. Rolled out my hoodie collection and am enjoying wearing them again. Love having the doors and windows popped open and crisp fresh air filling the house.  That and hearing all my fabulous chimes doing their thing through the openings. I gathered these for today's "goodie" click list of laughter, inspiration,  food-for-thought .
Top of the Morning February 13


Happy Friday, Everybody ! Picture line up: #1 Birds of a feather flock together on feeder outside my picture window.  Check out the cool ice cycles on the other side of the "roof" of the feeder.  A little something extra fun - for sure. #2 Daymaker in action.  My friend Marky rescued/adopted little "Beanie" from a home that didn't show the love nor did they want him.  Marky was definitely a Daymaker to this little fellow! He reports that "Beanie" is living the dream now.  Bathed, fed, sleeps inside on a brand new, little dog bed (previously, had slept outside on cold concrete) and feels loved - because he is.  Hat Tip, Marky! #3 Shadow play across my dining room table. #4 Dream on Dreamer.  We all know the stories of a message in a bottle, right?  Be on the look out for a message in a window.  Spotted this one while walking by a cool little shop in a small town nearby. Annie Lane has some solid thoughts about weight loss drug "fad." Eggs on a Stack recipe.  How fun are these?  I'll tell ya, they're a lot of breakfast-on-the-weekend fun food. 5 tried-and-true songs to give a listen to... Maybe over weekend Eggs on a stack breakfast?