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5 For Friday May 3

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 3

HOLA BONJOUR HOWDY Happy Friday.  Super fun read for this first Friday in May 2024 + exciting NEWS! Beginning with exciting NEWS! Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap from here forward is Stacy's World.  Stephanie and Stacy are one and the same. Beginning next week Stacy will pop in every other week - or weekly depending on her schedule - with her Stacy's World column and share fantastics, not just fashion tips and tricks, but recipes, DIY cool ideas for home and life, adventurers around town and elsewhere, cool product finds, entertaining ideas, where to find chic on the cheap and So. Much. More.  As in whatever strikes her fancy!  I'm super excited and thrilled that Stacy is such a giant part of Daymaker Readable Art with her innovativeness.  I love Katiedid Langrock's writing.  This piece - Memory Climb - yes, I sometimes think about the good old days from my younger years.  However, she's braver than I taking those memories on.  Ha! QUICK QUESTION What's the funniest sounding instrument to me?  All can be funny depending on how they're played and what's being played.  Without a doubt the childhood instrument of grade school -- the RECORDER is my answer. HA!!   Do kids still play the recorder in grade school I wonder. 3 THINGS IN LIFE