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moon and cat halloween die cut


Presenting 5 for FRIDAY's read this October 6. We had a crazy storm that blew through here Wednesday night.  Not just "a" storm but the threat of a possible tornado in the area. Felt a little like a white knuckle ride -- as the tornado sirens were heard loudly in the night - warnings of take cover sort of thing - this is not a test.  YIKES! My wonderful neighbors = friends had me in their thoughts.  Texting or calling -- "get in the bathroom," "make sure you have your running shoes on and your purse close ... in case ..."  "Are you okay?" "Copy."   "Copy."   "Yes."  were my responses via text. My little freeloaders (aka cats) were less than impressed with the lock-down time in the bathroom -- but they're over it now.  They have short-term memories.  Ha! Torrential rain, crazy wind, etc ... Long story short - tornado blew over our part of the world with no damage and went whipping away somewhere else.  Hopefully back up in the sky where it started! Today's line-up is packed full of happy:
Autnumn Leaves


Greetings Cheerful Readers! Presenting Wednesday's Reader. Quick question regarding if I could meet anyone on the planet today.  Hmmmm - I personally answer that question with -- James Lee Burke, my favorite fiction author. He's a masterful writer and his characters leap from the pages of his books and stand up and introduce themselves sort-of-feel and we hang out several nights - or until I finish reading the 300+ pages.
Homemade Fall Chunky Apple Sauce


Happy November! Welcome falling leaves, sweaters, delicious smells happening in the kitchen on the stove and in the oven.  Shorter (feeling) days with the daylight pretty much gone around here by 6 pm. Here's this Wednesday's Read.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed assembling it. Have a great day and rest of your week and as always, grateful that you're here.