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5 For Friday August 19 2022 | Mac Vase Geisha

5 for Friday | August 19

Hello everyone ! Another really good week for me.  Hung out on the deck at a very cool, creative local pub/restaurant with a couple friends.  Fans and misters were strategically placed  around the deck so it was not hot uncomfortable at all. Yin + Yang cats call this deck home! House made Parm Chips with dill ranch dip.  Addictive! Hello high in the sky upscale bird house, how beautiful you are. Tuna Salad happened this week!  Crackers, croissant, toasted english muffin and by the spoonful.  I. Love. Tuna. Salad.  (with dill pickle relish) Dragon Slayer sandwich is a people pleaser! 5 for Friday playlist is a good chill time.  Give it a listen. Thanks so much for being here.  I am grateful for your time.
Mushroom Head Gnome

5 for Friday | August 5

Hello Everyone, and hello hot, hot, hot August! I had a great week .  Uneventful, but happy.  How 'bout you? Official Silly Walking Zone sign made me laugh. Without a doubt the coolest, largest burro's tail I've ever laid eyes on!  Look at the chain holding it up!