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5 For Friday May 5 | Miss Tokio

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 5

Hello All! How has your week been?  Mine, really good. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Zinnia seeds update.   Teenage seedlings doing what teenagers do.  Growing like crazy.  Grow, babies, grow! #2 Turk's caps are popping all over the place in my courtyard garden.  Perennials and they spread and grow more and more over this garden every year.  I planted about 5 - 1 gallon size plants about 6 years ago and they're taking it over (as planned).   I'll post pic updates.    Their little delicate blooms float over the tall green stalks .  Check them out *here*.  Mine bloom in soft shades of pink #3 My friends, Carl and Jordan, came over and re-hung the amazing wind chimes that were a birthday gift to me 6 years ago from Peter.  The chimes are 9' from top to bottom and weigh 300 pounds.  Carl and Jordan are Grips in the film industry.  They put those chimes back up like it was a walk in the park.  Nobody else could have done it as quickly and efficiently as they did.  Grateful.  Thank you again, Carl and Jordan. #4 Chimes hanging in the tree.  What do they sound like... slow and low when the wind kicks them.  Sound like no other I know of. Good question - What's the worst thing you've ever eaten out of politeness? Dear Annie - interesting Q & A . Catfish Cakes were a fan favorite at Hippie Cowboy.  Bet you'll be a fan, too! 5 songs for today on the playlist are beautiful - hope you've got a little time to give it a listen. SUPER COOL - ADDITION!! Daymaker is thrilled to announce that Tracy Beckerman will be featured every Wednesday as a featured columnist!  Here. In. Daymaker. Readable. Art.  ((!!))