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Top of the Morning August 22 2022


Howdy Amazing Readers! It's crazy warm here.  Like low 70's! Heard one of the D.J.'s on the radio station today say, "I wouldn't have ever thought I'd be rocking shorts and flip-flops to work in early February - but I am.  And I'm not complaining!" I wasn't rocking shorts and flip-flops - but I was absolutely enjoying the warm temps today.  Enjoying it while it lasts! 5 for FRIDAY - full line-up of happy.  Beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP Steph's Charcuterie board presentation ideas are "Hello - easy, casual entertaining with an unforgettable Razzle-Dazzle vibe."  A chili board or a baked potato board?  Guests will be in love at first sight! PLUS for Valentine's day or an Anniversary - the adorable "Cupid's Arrows" and Jalapeno "Roses" to pop in for an extra little-little something.  So creative! Steph,  thanks for your great tips, know-how and ideas for Fashion, DIY Art and Entertaining to keep us in the Cool-Kids-Club! QUICK QUESTION How do I finish the phrase, "The way to my heart is ..." Answer:  Genuine, heart  laughter time - hands down.