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5 For Friday March 15

5 for FRIDAY | MARCH 15

Friday Howdy to all! Fun lineup today --- Beginning with STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP regarding Restoring Discolored Clothing. Boy, oh, boy, do I totally have a couple pair of "favorite" jeans that I just haven't been able to part with because we've been hanging out together a long time -- however, they have aged and have that yellow tinge thing going on that Steph talks about in her column today.  I just dug them out from the top of the closet and they are so going to go in the recipe - to soak and see if they, too, will be revived as Stephanie's jeans did!  Excited. I also love Steph's iron-on patch fix = a one-of-of-a-kind pair of jeans.  Ta-Dah! Met Steph for lunch today, which was a super chill time and she gifted me a tank top that didn't work for her (color wise).  Sure does for me!  And she purchased it from Temu.com. I'm a Temu.com believer and will be shopping there more and more. Thanks, Steph!  As always, you keep us in the know with your fun+valuable info.  Keep 'em coming, girl. QUICK QUESTION What do I hate throwing away? Hands down - items I find in the 'fridge that expired before I got to them.  Gotta be more diligent and I'm on that mission. DOGS BETTER THAN WIVES Story is brilliant.  Not sure I love the title all the way, but, whether we (as women/wives) want to admit -- much of the list 'tis true.  Ha!