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Top of the Morning March 25


Hello Monday and friends - How are things going in the new spring season that's arrived and breathing life back into all that was dormant during winter season?  AS IN GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!  Leaves are popping on my trees, grass is growing like crazy and new growth sprouting everywhere.  Spring is ON! Another super fun collection found to share for your enjoyment. BEGINNING WITH: CLEVER TEACHERS and their teaching styles that entice students to sit up, listen and learn!  My favorite takeaways are #7, #14, #43.  Guessing, fun for both teachers and students. SHORT COMPILATION OF BREATHTAKING SHOTS IN MOVIE HISTORY is a tiny movie all by itself.  STUNNING, MESMERIZING! REMEMBER CLACKERS?  I totally do!  I had several, as did my friends, in cool colors and designs -- kinda like GIANT (as in almost the size of a billard ball).  AND I was REALLY GOOD at making those things clack-clack-clack without missing a beat.  Who knew (back then) that Clackers were not necessarily a great "toy" or "idea" based on the what-if scenarios?  Ha.  We didn't care -- it was competition at its best to see who could clack  for the longest time.  Ahhhh, those were the days. WHEN TO PUT OUR HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS OUT NOW THAT IT'S SPRING - I've been wondering exactly when and now I know.  I have 2 and they're great looking "vessels".  Both purchased from Wal-Mart garden department.  I hang one outside my living room picture window and one outside my kitchen sink window (on about a foot long piece of chain so they drop down a little bit)  and I so enjoy spotting the little hummingbirds zooming in - hovering and going a little back and forth - to feed on some liquid "food."  Hummingbirds are happy entertainment.  If you don't have a Hummingbird feeder - I encourage you to think about getting one.  For them AND you!
Top of the Morning November 20


Happy day before Thanksgiving! Presenting Wednesday's Reader - packed full of interestings to keep ya company in your thoughts while basting the turkey, beating fluffy mashed potatoes, taste tasting the gravy on the stove or setting the table. I love the story of "The Empty Hand".  And the Old Newspaper Clipping of Thankfuls. Leslie Elman, as always, finds and shares cool random facts we never knew before. Do I remember Encyclopedia Salesmen?  Yep.  My parents purchased a set that were in alphabetical order in a small 2 shelved bookcase upstairs in our home that my sisters and I referred to when we had school assignments.  They were super helpful. And, yes, I remember the silver milk box on our front porch.  Rusty Houchen was our milkman's name.  The good old days.  Ha!
Top of the Morning February 13


Greetings Monday.  Hello happy people. Well, tomorrow's Valentine's Day.  Do you have a favorite Valentine's memory from when you were a kid? I fondly recall what a blast it was to take an empty shoe box to school -- the teacher setting aside time for several days in a row when we got a break from chalkboard teaching -- and were set free to create and decorate our cool personalized Valentine's Day boxes. Remember?   The little mailbox sort of thing where classmates slipped a little card in - on the day. Bonus!  The party.  Moms brought in sweet treats:  cupcakes, punch, little sandwiches, candy. Good times! Happy Valentine's Day (!) Scooped up these wonderful 12 for today.  Click and enjoy the entertainment. Dear Annie's sage thoughts to a Reader's statement. So thrilled that you're here.