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5 For Friday December 8 | Red Angel


Friday Greetings ! A super cool line up today beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP IDEAS It's not too late to add another few peek-a-boo things around our homes just in time for Christmas. LOVE the gift wrapped pizza boxes! What a trick idea. My favorite pizza is and always has been Italian Sausage + Green Pepper -- thin crust.  Ordering now so I can eat the contents and wrap the box! ((Little fun fact)) My first job at the age of 16 was working at Pizza Hut in Billings, Montana.  Employees got to order a small pizza while working a shift to either eat on break or take it home.  My second favorite was Taco Pizza!   *sigh* Taco Pizza is no longer on their menu.  Boo
Mid Century Pink Reindeer


Welcome 2023!  And may it be an extraordinary year for all! Here are the 12 pieces I collected for this first Monday of the New Year.  Click and enjoy. WOW!  A pink Manta Ray - hello beautiful Photographers capture stunning  photos in Urban places Bet ya didn't know these cool facts about Monopoly - I sure didn't