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5 For Friday January 12


Hey, yo Friday and Friends - Another great 5 for FRIDAY line-up today! Beginning with: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP Wow! Is what I say about this Forever Bloom product. Truth be told -- I've never worn foundation; truth be told it's probably time.  I just couldn't get comfortable with the whole slathering my face with what -- for me -- seemed like face paint. I'm totally IN on Steph's advice on this cool product.  I love the step-by-step instructions and how little it takes to cover one's face and the crazy-cool results! Her pics do a great show and tell. BONUS - Steph gives us the inside scoop on how and where to buy this high-end product for Chic on the Cheap. Once again - Stephanie gives us the inside scoop. Thanks, Steph! QUICK QUESTION My first job was as a Pizza Hut waitress in high school, wearing a red polyester uniform -- red pants with a sewn in permanent crease, zip up red top with pattered short sleeves and topped off with a "derby" style hat (also polyester - ha).
Abstract Mod Cat


HEY-HEY, AWESOME READERS! Presenting 5 for Friday! Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap column isn't in the line-up.  She's a super busy lady and time didn't permit her to write her column for today's episode. She asked that I relay to Daymaker Readers that Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap will be back next Friday and she's working on an exciting column about her new found discovery of Spanx faux leather leggings!   Sounds like a wanna-be-in-the-know about these Spanx leggings to me! Steph always keeps us in the cool-kids-fashion-club.  Thanks, girl! Here's our fun episode today:
5 For Friday October 20


GREETINGS FROM CHERYL I can barely believe it's already FRIDAY!  Seems like 5 hours ago it was Monday.  But, nope, not!  Ha! Time marches on for sure.  How has your week been?  Looking forward to anything extra-exciting for this coming weekend? Fabulous 5 for FRIDAY line-up today: Beginning with STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP fun fashion at the Fair!  Super cool and full of heart and look at the 4 amazing women who posed and gave a little something interesting about themselves.  Daymakers!  Thanks, Ladies.  Hat tip to you all.
Dandelion Vintage Print


Greetings friends! I see dandelions popping up everywhere!  Pretty bright yellow.  Yes! Weeds?  Depends on each of our personal definition of "weeds." In their defense they do turn into those cool little, round, puffy, light as air things that I remember plucking as a kid, closing my eyes, making a wish and blowing. Pretty sure some of my wishes have come through. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 As Spring approaches swiftly - if you have outdoor furniture or yard art that needs a fresh coat of color - I highly recommend Montana.Cans.  Beautiful choices to tickle your artistic fancy.  I originally discovered this professional spray paint product at a local Michael's craft store then went online and ordered more.  Just couldn't get enough of their beautiful offerings of color!  Check them out - super cool. #2 Hello! new Finder's Keepers piece.   I came across this discarded gem on my walk yesterday.  It has a new permanent home with me!  Will be placing it in my outdoor Finder's Keepers wreath.  Named it Little dude with a big heart in a tea cup! #3 Message in a women's restroom ... #4 Another message in a women's restroom ... Dear Annie - Grandma seeks guidance regarding a grandson who keeps asking and asking for $. The Wowza breakfast sandwich is - well, Wowza! Great for when you have a little extra time on the weekend to make something fun + fabulous to happen! Thanks for being here.  Thanks for reading.  Appreciate one and all.
Homemade Parmesan Chips with Dill Ranch Dip


POP QUIZ   BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HELD WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING FEDERAL OFFICES? a)  Postmaster general b)  Secretary of state c)  Secretary of the treasury d)  Surgeon general   WHAT TYPE OF WOOD IS MOST COMMONLY USED TO MAKE WINE BARRELS? a)  Ash b)  Birch c)  Oak d)  Pine   J.S. BACH'S "GOLDBERG VARIATIONS" WERE WRITTEN TO BE PERFORMED ON WHAT MUSICAL INSTRUMENT? a)  Cello b)  Harp c)  Harpsichord d)  Violin   IN THE VIDEO GAME UNIVERSE, WHICH CHARACTER BATTLES THE EVIL DR. NEO CORTEX? a)  Conker the Squirrel b)  Crash Bandicoot c)  Donkey Kong d)  Sonic the Hedgehog
5 For Friday January 13 | WHB Winter


Greetings.  It's a Friday the 13th.  Are you superstitious?  I'm undecided.  Ha! I was wondering where this whole Friday the 13th superstition originated ... found this interesting piece ... Friday the 13th origins
Autumn Spice Cake with Sticky Coconut-Pecan Icing


Greetings Readers and friends.  And Hello October - all month Halloween fun!  I so enjoy watching the Halloween yard decorations happening in the neighborhood where I walk my 3 miles most every day.  These homes are totally decked out - each with its own unique personality. It's fun to spot when a new little something has been added to the mix from last year.