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Wednesday Reader March 27


Hello Daymakers! Super fun read today beginning with: LESLIE ELMAN'S POP QUIZ AND FASCINATING FACTS So intriguing learning from her facts and trivia.  More fun than watching an episode of Jeopardy. QUICK QUESTION Can I fold a fitted sheet by myself?  Not so far.  But I still give it a shot every time I pull one out of the dryer.  And when it doesn't fold properly (i.e. - I fail) --  I just kinda-sorta fold it or roll it up and place it in the linen closet and call it good.  Do any of you have a tried and true method?  I'd LOVE to know it! 18 APHORISMS Are So.Very.Relatable. and a chuckle. INSTANT KARMA Love this idea of writing down or mentally assessing my 5's each evening around bedtime.  Pretty sure it will encourage me to find the 5s every day. CREAMY POTATO-GRUYERE GRATIN Is an absolute blue ribbon winner recipe.  Without a doubt my favorite potato gratin recipe EVER.  It was Peter's, too.  I pretty much only prepare it on special occasions (like holidays or birthdays) which makes it all the more special.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this recipe - it's FAN-TAS-TIC!
5 For Friday January 12


Hello Readers + fellow Daymakers - January went out with a giant chill - pill that slid into February for a few days.  Sleet - icy roads - brrrr. I was prepared as far as wrapping outdoor + dripping faucets, making sure there were staples for my cat family, wild birds outside the picture window and me for a few days.  All is well. Are you a shopping cart returner or not?  Stephanie Hayes' column in today's issue is a pretty - darn - good - made - ya - think piece.  Be sure to give it a read. Fajita marinade recipe!  Thumbs up.  Get ready to make it over and over and share the recipe - people are gonna be asking for it. I present today's Wednesday Reader.  I hope it succeeds in bringing a bit of a kick - back - enjoyment time. As always, thank you for being here.  Appreciate ya.