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Top of the Morning March 27


Hello - hello!  and hugs to *you* last Monday of March. I've been busy clearing away last year's expired plants in gardens and planters to make way for new ideas of growing combos.  You? Collected these 12 for today's line-up of fun + inspiration.  Click to enjoy! Grateful that you're here hanging out. How to fake a clean house for last-minute guests! 10 valuable places older than the pyramids ... crazy Check this out - Vintage typewriter that types sheet music Striking images of the Animal Kingdom !! 9 year-old accidentally describes a landline ...  this is rich! Are you an old soul ? Here's the plan - container herb garden layout Hello winner of cool grandpa award!  Grandpa films Peppa Pig on vacation for granddaughter These Spinach ricotta stuffed shells are a dream come true!  No boil shells for starters! Sesame Ginger Orange Chicken Salad ... why, yes, please! This is absolutely mind-blowing awesome - Size comparison of he World's most famous statues Wait!!  There's more...  Another round of HILARIOUS game show moments
Top of the Morning February 12


Greetings - Hard for me to believe February has crossed its half-way mark!  But it has. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Madagascar Vanilla Bean + Cinnamon stick infused Simple Syrup getting ready to happen.  Recipe in today's episode. #2 My new groovy home accessory!  Disco ball hanging in the over-the-sink kitchen window.  It's so much fun watching dancing pieces of light on kitchen walls and even in to the living room throughout the day! #3 Shadow play - 3 cats in a window grabbing some sunshine! #4 Feather in a hat - How cool is this feather embellished with a few perfectly positioned beads?  Hat tip to this artsy idea!