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5 For Friday July 12


Friday frolic greetings! Whoop!  Whoop!  The weekend has arrived (well, almost). COULD I HAVE PASSED THE 8TH GRADE IN 1895 Absolutely not!  Holy cow! I couldn't even pass it as I typed it out to share today at my age of 39 and holding for x amount of years in a row.  Ha No wonder those who have gone before us -- as in way before us -- figured out how to do what they did and build a country and foundations of  ... Just WOW!  Humbling. And these 8th graders passed without GOOGLE at their fingertips! Impressive, inspiring and I also realize I'm not all that sassy smart as I'd like to think I am. QUICK QUESTION What never fails to make me laugh? Memories from back in the day and revisiting them on my own or with family and friends. Side splitting laughter!  Always! You? FILM CREW OUCH THAT HAD TO HURT! Column by Peter is an intriguing read.  Who knew? Well Peter did because of the number of big shows and the pros he worked with for so many years. Yes, I remember Terry Leonard -- legendary stuntman -- who directed 2nd unit on American Outlaws because I, too, was there. 117 degrees every day in Palestine, Texas.  Regardless of the heat and the ratings the show received -- it was super cool to work on. Terry is a class act and well revered by all stunt professionals and crew. And the stunt men and women are larger than life for sure - they know it and so do we. CARNITAS RECIPE Is outstanding!
Top of the Morning April 1st


Hello Friends! How can April be here already?  So crazy how time flies (as in months at a time)! As April 1st is known to be a prank day -- have you ever pranked something funny on April 1st or been pranked? Super-duper collection to share today.  (All legit - no pranks - ha!) Beginning with: 25 SIDE YARD IDEAS All so very beautiful.  Like a cool hallway in our homes - but outside! DECADENT ABANDONED MOSQUES IN TURKEY Wow!  The craftsmanship and artists.  Abandoned.  Why? A REAL LIFE INVISIBILITY SHIELD Is most intriguing.  I love that it's roll-and-go as opposed to a giant piece of plexiglass sort of thing that has to be carted around by a vehicle or trailer.  What a great invention.  I, personally, wonder if movie sets/commercials are embracing it, as well.  Move over green screen. HERE'S WHAT OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN CHILDHOOD BOOKS LOOK LIKE IN REAL LIFE ACCORDING TO AI To me -- most of the AI "real life" depictions were what I had envisioned in my mind save -- The Little Prince. GREAT READ ON GETTING READY FOR UPCOMING APRIL 8 2024 SOLAR ECLIPSE I seriously didn't realize how big of a deal it's going to be.  Especially in my neck of the woods.  Ordered a pair of NASA approved disposable glasses to look and watch.  I've been told that hotels are sold out, people in the area are actually renting out their homes like a B & B for a couple of nights for a lot of dough -- as in the $thousands.  Crazy!
5 For Friday February 23


Hello Mighty Readers! Happy Friday.  Crazy how February's flying by like a well thrown Frisbee. Great line-up today - BEGINNING WITH: STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP WOW!  Check out the one-of-a-kind chair we can all build/create.  Chic on the Cheap DIY! No two will be alike!  Custom pieces of art created by you and me for sitting and hanging out purposes.  Eclectic rules. First, Steph gives tips on where to find an inexpensive vintage chair (and give it a 2nd time around sort of thing) + finding the belts at thrift stores (another 2nd time around sort of coolness) and then how to assemble. I am so gonna build one for my home.  I'm actually thinking of perhaps building several to put around my outside table for the summer time. Steph gives us the step-by-step where to find and how to.   Once again - Steph presents a fabulous idea and we can all run with it and create with confidence.  Love it! Thanks, Steph! QUICK QUESTION If I had the power to change one thing about my personality - hands down - would be patience.  I know that I have less than a lot of patience sometimes.  Wish I had it all the time.  Perhaps, I'll strive for it a little harder.  What's your one thing?
5 For Friday December 1st | Mid Century Pink Reindeer
Wednesday Reader November 29


Greetings! Presenting Wednesday Reader line-up.  A really great read today! Beginning with: CHRISTMAS TREE "HATS" Check out this funky cool pic for a lot of fun inspiration (should you be attending a Christmas event) QUICK QUESTION What used to scare me but no longer does? Me, being alone at home at night,  You? BE IN THE KNOW - NATO ALPHABET Gotta read through this A -Z alphabet!  Super fun.  All of the words that represent the letters cannot be mistaken for another because they are specific and unique being associated with their letter of the alphabet. LOVE AUDREY HEPBURN'S QUOTE A parallel of Impossible to I'm Possible! Presenting Wednesday Reader line-up.  A really great read today! QUICK QUESTION What used to scare me but no longer does? Me, being alone at home at night,  You? BE IN THE KNOW - NATO ALPHABET Gotta read through this A -Z alphabet!  Super fun.  All of the words that represent the letters cannot be mistaken for another because these words rhyme with no other. LOVE AUDREY HEPBURN'S QUOTE A parallel of Impossible to I'm Possible! LASAGNA SOUP RECIPE As I wrote, I was in the Sacramento area visiting family for Thanksgiving.  2 days after Thanksgiving my sister, Lisa, brought a Lasagna soup home from her local market, The Nugget (think Central Market or Whole Foods kind of cool ).  Lasagna soup was the bomb-a-reno! Totally enjoyed it for lunch and then leftovers zapped in the microwave around midnight when I got up craving one more bite.  Lasagna soup called out my name.  It was so good. Found this recipe which I think would be THE RECIPE or close enough.
Wednesday Reader Oct 4


Greetings wonderful Readers (!) Presenting 1st Wednesday in October's fun-for-all read. The Quick Question - Big fish in a little pond or little fish in a big pond?  Me?  I think I prefer big fish in a little pond.  Kinda makes me think of country versus city sort of scenario. I enjoy visiting big cities - the lights - the fast paced moving and shaking - hustle and bustle vibe - but at the end of the day,  just want to go back to my little pond.  You? I LOVE the Goose story -- have seen different writings of it in my emails from friends numerous times over the years.
5 For Friday May 12 | Birds Cup Peasant

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 12

Greetings all and happy Friday - So last Saturday I attended the Scarborough  Renaissance Festival with my friend Laurie.  Price of admission - $37. And it was packed!  A sea of people.  Have no idea how many acres this place was but it was many. And so, so, so many people walking around dressed in super cool well-thought out costumes for the day.  Applause to all who dressed in costume. I've never attended a "Trekie" (as in Star Trek convention) but if I had - this place totally had that kind of vibe in my mind. Apparently, Scarborough Renaissance Festivals happen all over our beautiful U.S. Yep, it was pricey - ticket to get in (thanks, Laurie, for the gift of my admission ticket) and then if you wanna get a bite to eat or a drink ... $$$  However, well worth it.  Think, being at the fair. It was so much fun.  Such a cool event.  And I totally enjoyed the 5 or more hours we were there. Talk about people watching!  Never ending - and everyone was having a chill-time just being there and interacting with others. No strangers sort of feel - just all of us having a united grand day. And all the costumed people were so gracious when I asked if I could snap a pic of them.  "Of Course," was the response every single time.
5 For Friday April 21 | Owl Yellow Bird

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 21

Greetings and happy Friday! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Uhhhh ... next to my vehicle the other day where paint stripers had come in and freshened up the parking spot lines - geesh, people! #2 Huli Huli Sauce - I first met this sauce when I was checking out some cool stuff at World Market.  A woman interrupted my gazing - grabbed 2 bottles - just like that.  I thought to myself, gonna grab and take a bottle home.  Must be something extraordinary! Indeed it is.  It's fabulous.  Chicken, Beef, Veggies! #3 ON A WALK Absolutely! #4 A FANTASTIC ORIGINAL MURAL AT MY FRIEND, LAURIE'S, KENNEL MY ANSWER TO THE QUESTION - WHAT'S MY FAVORITE COLOR.  GREEN!  Because it's the color of living things! DEAR ANNIE'S "ENJOYING THE SPRING SEASON" IS  POWERFUL PEANUT BUTTER SQUARES ARE SIMPLE AND DELISH! 5 for FRIDAY SONGS ARE VERY CHILL AND A GOOD LISTEN - HOPE YOU HAVE A LITTLE TIME TO HEAR THEM As always - thanks for being here and giving us a read.  Appreciate one and all!
Wednesday Reader March 8 | Amanita Muscaria


Hello - Hello!  Happy Wednesday. I present today's Wednesday Reader for your enjoyment. Stephanie Hayes' column "Tips for Completing the Following 89 Chores in our Airbnb" is super funny. Leslie Elman's Trivia and Fascinating stuff is ... well, fascinating and interesting.  Leslie's collections are def material for making us the most interesting person in the room. Recipe for Chicken Fried Steak and Muzzleloader gravy is tried-and-true.  If you love Chicken Fried Steak and Gravy - you gotta put these in your recipe box. And the "Daffodil Principle" story is one of my favorites.  Daffodils are popping up everywhere here.  I see them and this story comes to mind.  Very cool thing. As always, thank you for being here. Have a fabulous day!