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Top of the Morning May 13


Monday Morning Greetings! Brand new week full of peek-a-boo moments ready to pop out if we spot them.  Be on the lookout. How was your weekend? Great weekend here. Did a GIANT burn of branches, twigs, limbs and leaves that have been accumulating for months and months and thanks to help from my neighbor/friend, Trent, who came over and put eyes on it to make sure all was safe - lit it - and then  I was  good to go.  Hose + pitch fork + shovel to continue feeding the fire until it was gone-baby-gone! Another purge - but this time outside. Thanks, Trent! Presenting today's line-up of treasures I found to share! Beginning with: "Recipe" for Making Our Own Potting Soil  Not only cost efficient - the best of the best DIY. I've heard of worm castings - never really understood exactly what that whole thing was all about - now I do - and to be able to purchase them in a bag?  I'm in! Prominent Internet Slang Words Don't know about you - but I sure like to be "in the know" about everything words going on in what I read -- and now I'm more in the know.  And you do, too! Maze-Like Passageways
Top of the Morning June 5


Hello!  And Howdy Monday! How was your weekend? The weather here has been a little crazy - wicked winds and rain. Sounds and feels like "it" has finally moved on. Found these 12 pieces of wonder + fun + food for thought today. Quick question - do you call those little night flying bugs that flitter around at this time of year -- "lightning bugs" -- or "fireflies"?  No wrong answer.  Growing up, we always called them lightning bugs. Dear Annie's column is a good read ...  always. Candid Camera "Recycled Popcorn" is hilarious! We're so grateful to you for giving us a read and a piece of your day. Click + Read + Enjoy! Our beautiful 50 states ranked by beauty - there is no blue ribbon prize winner here ... all are winners-winners-winners.  Just amazing.  Frankly, I knew not what many were known for.  Check them out ... HERE!
Top of the Morning Memorial Day May 29


Greetings All - Memorial Day. I have a heart of gratitude for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can thrive and live in the Land of the Free - Because of the Brave.  As I'm pretty sure we all have. Presenting today's 12 handpicked clicks of laughter + fascinating + heart + keepers. Enjoy! Brush up on your Memorial Day knowledge with these interesting facts.  Video is really good and well done. HILARIOUS "must read" notes people left for other people.  All super funny - however - #2 had me rolling!! Phones of yesteryear that are so strange we kinda miss them 16 state nicknames explained ... now ya know!  And so do I! the subtle power of kindness - small acts that make a big difference in others' lives - hello, Daymakers Vocal coach says one phrase in 20 accents - this is impressive