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Top of the Morning November 20


Good Morning Monday!  Presenting today's gatherings of fun and interestings. Beginning with : DOG ESCAPES SHELTER AND CHOOSES HIS FOREVER HOME - 3 times - persistent little dude! It's such a great, beautiful read.  "Scout's" gotta be a 4 legged angel  -- my opinion. SIZE COMPARISON OF MODERN VEHICLES Is super interesting.  I didn't realize the Space Shuttle was that huge! OLD SOUL PERSONALITY? I ticked most (not all) the boxes.  I like the term "Old Soul" - gotta bit of magic and mischief to it.  Right? 10 WORDS FREQUENTLY MISPRONOUNCED I wish the author hadn't used "idiot" in the title.  Better way to say it.  However, it's a good-to-know list.  I totally have been mispronouncing "OFTEN" all of my years.  Guess I missed that lesson/day at school ha!  From here forward I will never forget that the "T" is silent.