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Wednesday Reader April 10


Hello Outstanding readers! Presenting Daymaker's Wednesday Reader on this day April 10th - Lots of fun and joy today! Beginning with: QUICK QUESTION Undoubtedly my immediate "ick" is in a grocery store when I witness a kid or adult absolutely full-out sneeze or cough (not covering their mouths) on the buggy handle-bar.  Seriously?  Totally makes me never forget to grab a few or more sanitizer wiper-deals and wipe the handle bar of any cart I grab to do my shopping. Just "ick"!  You? LESLIE ELMAN'S Trivia via Pop Quiz and Fascinating Stuff is intriguing + entertaining + offers material for all of us to find a twinkle in our eye(s) and introduce/share interestings in a 1-2-3 + group of people should conversation lend itself to such. I LOVE the tiny -GIANT story about IN CASE YOU PASS BY A BUS STOP.   A thought-ful, problem-solved read. MEDITERRANEAN LAYER DIP Pretty sure we all know of the fan-favorite "taco style 7 layer dip" -- * drum roll * --  Introducing another outstanding dip - not as well known - yet! STELLAR!
Top of the Morning April 1st


Hello Friends! How can April be here already?  So crazy how time flies (as in months at a time)! As April 1st is known to be a prank day -- have you ever pranked something funny on April 1st or been pranked? Super-duper collection to share today.  (All legit - no pranks - ha!) Beginning with: 25 SIDE YARD IDEAS All so very beautiful.  Like a cool hallway in our homes - but outside! DECADENT ABANDONED MOSQUES IN TURKEY Wow!  The craftsmanship and artists.  Abandoned.  Why? A REAL LIFE INVISIBILITY SHIELD Is most intriguing.  I love that it's roll-and-go as opposed to a giant piece of plexiglass sort of thing that has to be carted around by a vehicle or trailer.  What a great invention.  I, personally, wonder if movie sets/commercials are embracing it, as well.  Move over green screen. HERE'S WHAT OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN CHILDHOOD BOOKS LOOK LIKE IN REAL LIFE ACCORDING TO AI To me -- most of the AI "real life" depictions were what I had envisioned in my mind save -- The Little Prince. GREAT READ ON GETTING READY FOR UPCOMING APRIL 8 2024 SOLAR ECLIPSE I seriously didn't realize how big of a deal it's going to be.  Especially in my neck of the woods.  Ordered a pair of NASA approved disposable glasses to look and watch.  I've been told that hotels are sold out, people in the area are actually renting out their homes like a B & B for a couple of nights for a lot of dough -- as in the $thousands.  Crazy!
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Hello Friends - How's the daylight saving time working out for you Day 2?  Adjusted to it all the way yet?  It takes me two or three days to adjust/embrace it all the way because I, for whatever reason, play this little game with myself -- Well, it's 12:00 but it's really 11:00 or vice versa when the fall comes and we fall back.  Weird?  I don't know - not to me anyway.  Anybody else play this Daylight Saving Game for a day or two? By the way, I'm totally late to the proper name of Daylight Saving Time.  I've always referred to it as Daylight Savings Time.  Won't anymore now that I know. Collected these today for inspiration + information + fun + and recipes worthy of a looksy. BEGINNING WITH: PHOTOS OF FORGOTTEN THINGS That will instantly be recognizable to "Boomers".  There's something bouncing around in my memory box right now wondering, Did I already put this in a previous episode months ago or were you just thinking about it, Cheryl?  Unsure - nonetheless, a fun walk down memory lane for those of us who know have earned the title of "Boomer".  My favorite take-aways from the piece were Tang (was never a big Kool-Aid fan as a kid, but I sure loved Tang), Columbia House member (hand raised here!).  Carbon paper sets for a manual typewriter - yep, used them. The entire list is a super blast from the past. PICTURES OF A FOREST PATH Well, I chose #5 because I it was really pretty and wasn't a little foreboding to me like a couple of the other path choices.  (I've probably watched or worked on too many shows where paths like those were creepy - caution tape - stuff.  Ha.)  Not sure that I agree with the "personality traits" that my choice of a forest path reveals about me... but it was a fun little quiz thing. CLEVER HUMOROUS LICENSE PLATES Were just that -- Clever and Humorous.  And, yes, while sitting in traffic I do enjoy spotting a license plate like one of these. SECRET WEAPON CALLED TOMATO CHICKEN BULLION
Wednesday Reader March 6


Happy Wednesday! March is sure rolling in fast and it's been very pleasant temps thus far.  I'm in no hurry for the wrath of summer's hot + humid temps so I'm a happy camper. Super cool Wednesday Read to present today: Beginning with -- LESLIE ELMAN'S TRIVIA AND FASCINATING STUFF I sooo revisited Simon and Garfunkel's,  "The Sounds of Silence" (*click and listen here*) I totally listened to Simon and Garfunkel a bazillion years ago as a teenager, but hadn't listened to this particular song in a very long time.  It's pretty.  And, nope, I didn't know the answer to the Pop Quiz regarding what/where are the prophets words revealed in the lyrics of the song.  I'll never forget now.  It was cool to relisten to the song. QUICK QUESTION Me?  Street smarts or Book smarts?   hmmmm -- good question.  I enjoy reading a lot and always have.  And life experiences have also taught me to be Street smarts - as in traveling all around the country working on shows.  So, I'll say Street smarts.  However, reading the pages of my favorite books also revealed in the tales to be aware of my surroundings via my favorite characters in books.  You?  I adore the PRICELESS GRANDPARENT STORIES! Outta the mouths of kiddos is full-on laughter. 5 WORDS THAT START WITH "F" Well, those came fun and fast to me.  Look, there are 2!  Ha
Wednesday Reader November 1st


HELLO FRIENDS AND HELLO 1st DAY OF NOVEMBER FROM CHERYL Greetings all! How did last night go -- meaning trick or treaters or a get-together somewhere? Well --- I sure failed miserably.  I had written in a previous post that I'd not had a trick-or-treater in more than 25 years but I always bought a bag of candy just in case. I didn't buy the candy this year and guess what happened? Doorbell rang and there was my little neighbor pal Edgar Jr all dressed up doing the trick or treat thing.  And there I stood empty candy handed. He smiled and said, "That's okay." BOO on me!   That'll never happen again.  Halloween lesson learned. Great Episode today!
Wednesday Reader October 18 | Owl Web


HEY-HEY EVERYONE! Presenting Daymaker Readable Art's Wednesday Reader.  Terrific line-up today. I've never really thought about the Quick Question regarding do fish ever get thirsty?  Ha!  Probably not. The POWER OF PUNCTUATION "speaks" for itself.  Pretty cool. My first pet memory was a doberman by the name of Mitzi (my dad was a big fan of dobies). We lived in Merriam, Kansas at the time. 
Elisabeth Sonrel Our Lady Cow Parsley


Fun line-up of cool reading in today's Wednesday Reader. As an English major -- I did not know the answer in the Pop Quiz regarding Shakespeare and how he took out the majority of his characters. QUICK QUESTION - What's the weirdest thing I've seen multiple times on the side of the road.  Hands down -- One shoe.  You? I love. love. love. the God Bless Teacher Story. I'll be frank - not all teachers are created equally. My mom was a teacher -- 1st grade -- for years.  My mom was a Bonnie teacher (as in the story).  Hat tip, Mama. I remember - clearly - 4 teachers : Mrs. Simon, Ms. Potter, Mr. Warren and Mrs. Bailey who there is no doubt in my mind made an impact on my young life to who I am today. You? Chicken Parmesan Recipe is sooooooo delish.
5 For Friday April 21 | Owl Yellow Bird

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 21

Greetings and happy Friday! PICTURE LINE UP: #1 Uhhhh ... next to my vehicle the other day where paint stripers had come in and freshened up the parking spot lines - geesh, people! #2 Huli Huli Sauce - I first met this sauce when I was checking out some cool stuff at World Market.  A woman interrupted my gazing - grabbed 2 bottles - just like that.  I thought to myself, gonna grab and take a bottle home.  Must be something extraordinary! Indeed it is.  It's fabulous.  Chicken, Beef, Veggies! #3 ON A WALK Absolutely! #4 A FANTASTIC ORIGINAL MURAL AT MY FRIEND, LAURIE'S, KENNEL MY ANSWER TO THE QUESTION - WHAT'S MY FAVORITE COLOR.  GREEN!  Because it's the color of living things! DEAR ANNIE'S "ENJOYING THE SPRING SEASON" IS  POWERFUL PEANUT BUTTER SQUARES ARE SIMPLE AND DELISH! 5 for FRIDAY SONGS ARE VERY CHILL AND A GOOD LISTEN - HOPE YOU HAVE A LITTLE TIME TO HEAR THEM As always - thanks for being here and giving us a read.  Appreciate one and all!
5 For Friday | Parrish Moutains
Wednesday Reader March 22 | Mid Summer Mercer


Hello, friends! Trust all is going well in each of our worlds. Presenting - WEDNESDAY READER - Leslie Elman's Pop Quiz and Fascinating Facts ... material for being one of the most interesting people in the room!  I'm in! Word Power - simple teachings we may or may not have learned/remembered from the classroom.  Get a "do-over" sort of thing today.  Ha! Hippie Chick Salad recipe is the bomb-a-reno!  Save it + share it + make it. Stephanie Hayes' column is ... well, thought provoking -- and brings happy fun chuckles to many of us! As always, grateful for your time and thoughts + comments + subscribing. See ya Friday!
4 B's Cream of Tomato Soup Recipe

5 for Friday | October 21

I talked to Hunter, my son, in Montana. Snow came early this year. As in a couple of days ago. It didn’t last for long. But it fell. Just a warm up for what’s gonna happen the rest of the long winter there! I remember it, dealt with it, didn’t mind it, sure don’t miss it. Ha!