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Wednesday Reader April 17


Wednesday greetings Wondrous Readers! Cool line-up for today. Beginning with the Illustration of the CHESHIRE CAT - makes me smile because he's both smiling and has a a little mischievousness all at the same time. SPEED BUMP CARTOON On a scale of 1-10 how painfully awkward is this?  Me, personally, might answer, "Can I answer Richter Scale awkward?"  ha! QUICK QUESTION How do I define beauty?  Let me count the ways -- A new flower that popped up in the garden that wasn't there yesterday. A little kid in a shopping cart at the store with his/her parent who gives me a toothless grin. Peek-a-Boo moments/memories of those who have gone before me - people + pets (via a song on the radio or a cool siting while out and about). Laugh out loud outta nowhere moments. You?  18 SIGNS YOU'VE GROWN UP SINCE HIGH SCHOOL Thumbs up! MARGARITA SCALLOPS RECIPE Needs no intro.  Simply a kiss of culinary delight!
Abstract Mod Cat


HEY-HEY, AWESOME READERS! Presenting 5 for Friday! Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap column isn't in the line-up.  She's a super busy lady and time didn't permit her to write her column for today's episode. She asked that I relay to Daymaker Readers that Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap will be back next Friday and she's working on an exciting column about her new found discovery of Spanx faux leather leggings!   Sounds like a wanna-be-in-the-know about these Spanx leggings to me! Steph always keeps us in the cool-kids-fashion-club.  Thanks, girl! Here's our fun episode today: