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Top of the Morning April 8


Hello Magnificent Daymaker Readers - Presenting Top of the Morning! Another fantastic-fun great line-up I collected to share today. Beginning with: The Deserted Places that still remain - grandeur.  Imagine the stories they would tell if they could. I'm IN on Gardening with Buckets.  Last time I was in Home Depot/Lowe's - I think I saw a price tag per bucket was a little less than $5.  And then I can properly place them in the perfect spot around here depending on their sunlight requirements! OMG!  Vintage Pianos repurposed to BEAUTIFUL, GIANT sweeping Phoenix Sculptures.  I want one!  Big time. HORSERADISH is the key ingredient to summer coleslaw.  I'm a believer.  I love being in the know about a "secret ingredient"! BREATH-TAKING SHOT OF THE STATUE OF LIBERTY BEING ZAPPED by a bolt of lightning.  Talented photographer for having a lightning fast camera and skills to capture such a super fast happening.  Super cool! RECIPES!