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Lucien Levy-Dhurmer Eve


"Salute" May  - and 3 kisses.  Great month. June's tomorrow -  Hi JUNE! My answer to "What's the most majestic animal" is ... Lion.  You? Jerry Clower's Little Red Story is so full of heart.  I love it.  I can't stop remembering the power of it. Leslie Elman's Trivia in Pop Quiz and Fascinating Stuff is fascinating and is great material for being the most interesting person always.  Just so cool. Rockin' Sausage-Pepper-Onion Subs ... TDF!! As always --- so super grateful that you spent a piece of your day with us.  Thank you.
5 For Friday April 2

5 for FRIDAY | APRIL 28

Hey!  Hey! Well, last Friday of April has arrived + the last weekend of April. Monday is May 1st. Does anyone remember (as a kid) picking some wild flowers or gathering *cough* neighbors' garden flowers and placing the tiny bundle on a front porch - ringing the bell - and running?! For a May Day surprise?  I raise my hand. We totally did it as kids.  Cool memory. PICTURE LINE UP: #1 HAPPY SIDEWALK ART I spotted on a walk.  Thank you, artist, whoever you are.  So wonderful! #2 ON THE SAME WALK - LOOKED UP and it felt like Heaven opened a window and said, Hello, to me.   Hello, back! #3 LITTLE HANDMADE SIGN in a garden on another walk ... true that!  Ha #4 WHAT A CLEVER USEFUL TOOL  Little pricey - but can totally see how it can be beneficial to young and old!  Check it out here C-Pen Dear Annie's column is super worthy of a read.  "Steven" wishing you the best! Lil' Pizza recipe assembly is easy, good and a lot of fun! Playlist - is, well, music for your ears.  Hope you have a little time to give it a listen. Thank you so much for sliding by and giving us a read on this last Friday of April.  Appreciate one and all!
Top of the Morning April 24


Greetings! Can you believe it's the last Wednesday of April? This month sure zipped by quickly. Ready for May?  Ready or not - here it comes. Presenting Wednesday Reader. Leslie Elman's Trivia Bits is always greatness and material to be the most interesting person in the room when an opportunity arises to share the trivia + fascinating stuff with others. Stephanie Hayes' Letter to the guy on the treadmill next to her had me rolling with laughter! I actually could read the mind blowing message.  Had a couple friends read it - and they could, too.  Little bit of fun - for sure. Thai style Chicken Breasts are the bomb-a-reno.  So, so good!  Give the recipe a try.  I'd be shocked if it wasn't love at first bite. As always, so grateful that you're here - reading - sharing - commenting. See ya Friday!