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Top of the Morning June 5


Hello!  And Howdy Monday! How was your weekend? The weather here has been a little crazy - wicked winds and rain. Sounds and feels like "it" has finally moved on. Found these 12 pieces of wonder + fun + food for thought today. Quick question - do you call those little night flying bugs that flitter around at this time of year -- "lightning bugs" -- or "fireflies"?  No wrong answer.  Growing up, we always called them lightning bugs. Dear Annie's column is a good read ...  always. Candid Camera "Recycled Popcorn" is hilarious! We're so grateful to you for giving us a read and a piece of your day. Click + Read + Enjoy! Our beautiful 50 states ranked by beauty - there is no blue ribbon prize winner here ... all are winners-winners-winners.  Just amazing.  Frankly, I knew not what many were known for.  Check them out ... HERE!