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Top of the Morning May 6 | Golden Fishes Matisse


Hi! Good Morning and Good Monday greetings - I had a chill, relaxed weekend.  Hung out with some friends and shared a lot of laughter.  Always best times in the making!  You? Great line-up of collected fascinatings to present today. BEGINNING WITH: BUILDING A SHIP IN A BOTTLE AWE-SOME short watch.  I'm pretty sure, knowing me, I wouldn't have that kind of disciplined patience to do such a piece of art.  And it is art.  I would have the patience to write a little note and slide it inside a bottle, cork it, and toss it in to the ocean.  Ha! LIFE WAS GREAT GROWING UP IN THE 70's Is a blast from the past fun read! 8-tracks -- check School Lunches -- check Private Phone calls depended on the length of the phone cord - check JAWS the movie - check, check, check Allowed outside without supervision - check Saturday mornings and cartoons - check Staying up late to watch Saturday Night Live - check 11 THINGS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT THE "PEANUTS" COMIC STRIP
5 For Friday May 3

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 3

HOLA BONJOUR HOWDY Happy Friday.  Super fun read for this first Friday in May 2024 + exciting NEWS! Beginning with exciting NEWS! Stephanie's Chic on the Cheap from here forward is Stacy's World.  Stephanie and Stacy are one and the same. Beginning next week Stacy will pop in every other week - or weekly depending on her schedule - with her Stacy's World column and share fantastics, not just fashion tips and tricks, but recipes, DIY cool ideas for home and life, adventurers around town and elsewhere, cool product finds, entertaining ideas, where to find chic on the cheap and So. Much. More.  As in whatever strikes her fancy!  I'm super excited and thrilled that Stacy is such a giant part of Daymaker Readable Art with her innovativeness.  I love Katiedid Langrock's writing.  This piece - Memory Climb - yes, I sometimes think about the good old days from my younger years.  However, she's braver than I taking those memories on.  Ha! QUICK QUESTION What's the funniest sounding instrument to me?  All can be funny depending on how they're played and what's being played.  Without a doubt the childhood instrument of grade school -- the RECORDER is my answer. HA!!   Do kids still play the recorder in grade school I wonder. 3 THINGS IN LIFE
Top of the Morning February 12


Greetings! Welcome to Monday's Top of The Morning Episode -- Party full-of-fun collected today to share! Beginning with Art Illustration of Mardi Gras - totally embraces the frolic and fun that's happening there now + an in-the-know of what exactly Mardi Gras is to all of us "outsiders"  ha I've been to the Big Easy and/or Crescent City numerous times Most well known as New Orleans for work -- not vacation.  Ha What a magic-filled city full of pride, unique history and cool people, joy and fun. 7 Thrifting Trends for 2024 Thrifters start looking for treasures to grab and bring home! WHAT'S REALLY IN VELVEETA I found this little read quite fascinating.  I always thought Velveeta was some kind of weird-engineered-orange- slab Think Velveeta and Rotel tomato Dip - no questions asked!  Just so iconic delicious!  One chip after another! Upon reading this -- new kinda respect. BOILED PEANUTS Hello! Best flavorful way to boil peanuts in the shell -- dry peanuts and sack up in old school brown paper lunch bags to share or gift.  A memorable brown sack bag of  a treat. WOLF OF THE WILD DOG VIA ZODIAC SIGNS Check your wild dog sign via your birth month and see what ya think. RECIPES ARE ALL GREAT FINDS !!
Top of the Morning February 5


Hey - Hey friends and 1st Monday of February. I'm still wondering how January peeled through so quickly.  You? So much fun I collected to share today. Beginning with The cool art illustration. It's so happy and totally brings back childhood memories to me - yes, we had these types of sleds and they were head-first-dare-devil fun.  The wooden "steering wheel" kinda-sorta steered the sled moving at what seemed like mach speed. We also had saucer "sleds" which absolutely resembled something the size of a big garbage can lid - but had handles and happy enameled painted artwork where we sat down and got ready to fly down the hill. They were crazy fast and whirly-twirly - no controlling which way the saucer would go.  We just held on and giggled and screamed.  Better than a ride at the fair. I will say -- I think my sisters and my favorite "sled" was a big ol' inner tube.  Think tire inner tube from a big working truck - not - from a domestic vehicle.  These inner tube slider "sleds" slid fast, fast, fast!  No controlling what the inner tube wanted to do either.  Ha! We got bucked off plenty of times, pulled the inner tube back to the top of the hill for another white-knuckle-ride-and-slide down the hill. I don't recall ever getting too cold because we were having such giant fun!
Top of the Morning January 22


Greetings fab readers and Hello Monday (!) first day of a brand new week. Another stellar line-up collection today! Beginning with: NO MORE FUN-PUNS ON HIGHWAY SIGNS Big fat boo on the no fun people who get to be the deciders of taking these clever, humorous reading pieces of fun away from us to read as we drive the endless miles to our destination(s). BOOMERS!  REMEMBER? I totally remember banana seats + tiny Bayer aspirin tins + 45 records my sisters and I cut around and off the back of cereal boxes --- and they really played!  It was super cool. Soooo -- miss the full service gas stations!  For those of us who have the memory - recall when -- rolling into a gas station,  hear the ding-ding of your car driving over a hose or something and the attendant came out, all cheer and smiles, puts the gas nozzle in the car's gas tank - cleaned the windshield, checked your oil, and even checked the air in your tires?  Gosh!  I sure do miss that wonderfulness.  Why did that have to go away? WINE CORK BRILLIANCE I love all of these ideas.  I think my favorite is using these recycled corks to "clip" a bag closed of potato chips or other packages that need to be closed up properly. CLASSIC WINE AND PAIRING Yes!  However, I'm certain that I want to explore all the pairings.  Not just my "sign" - ha HOW TO SOFTEN BUTTER WHEN YOU HAVE A BRAIN FREEZE - "WHOOPS! I FORGOT SORT OF MOMENT"
Joy & Inspiration
Top of the Morning June 12


Greetings happy Readers - How was your week?  'Twas quite warm here.  And wet.  Rain showers on a daily basis in late afternoon. I got numerous tasks accomplished over the weekend which always feels good. One biggie was pulling out and removing a very large root ball of what was once a gorgeous bamboo plant that grew (very isolated) in a galvenized container on my back deck. I think the freeze was just too much for it - RIP. So now that the root ball is gone - I can home something else large and fun in the cool horse trough planter. ** Interesting - none of the nurseries around here carry bamboo any more.  I totally get why.  But I'd sure like to plant another bamboo in the container.  It was cool and tall and floaty. ** Presenting the 12 fun + funny + great recipe finds + fascinating picks for today. The Boston Typewriter Orchestra performance is just SO. MUCH. FUN. Candid Camera's, "You've been Downgraded" is hilarious.
Top of the Morning May 15


Greetings all - and welcome Monday - beginning of a brand new week. How was your weekend? Mine was really nice. Many Mother's Day text greetings + a call from my one and only - Hunter - child, my son - and cards from friends and family.  Lots of love felt!  Super special. Here are the 12 fun-fabulous I collected for today: A trip down memory lane - for many of us - greatness! NO DOGS OR GOLF - and other odd signage -  chuckles all ... Why we might consider putting a bowl of vinegar in the dishwasher.  I'm in! 19 best cake box cakes = dessert yummo!  Check 'em out for some cool ideas Got kids or grand-kids?  This is fabulous!  Online Archive free coloring book pages to download from vintage books + museums!
Top of the Morning March 20


Hello Monday + Daymakers - How was the weekend? Spring is "springing" up fast here. Trees are starting to fill out with the most beautiful greens (my favorite color) and so are yards and pastures.  Birds are hitting the feeders and chirping in the trees with what sounds to me like excitement. Very cool time of year. Found these super interesting 12 to share today.  Click and enjoy. Dear Annie has some straight-forward thoughts for  ~ Lonely. Thanks for being here right this moment and reading + sharing with friends and family + sharing your thoughts and comments.  I appreciate you!
Top of the Morning March 13
Original Art illustrations


Hello and Greetings to first Monday of March. How's March going for you? I've been busy "tending" to the spring-like pop up of weeds.  As a very seasoned garden employee at Home Depot once told me, "As soon as you see them, take care of them!"  Sage advice. I found these super fun 12 for today.  Click to enjoy. Dear Annie's column is great for all of us who wonder what to give to someone who has everything. Thanks for hanging out today.  Gratitude. 10 best movies that prove Fairy Tales are timeless If you're thinking about adding a fabulous rose to your garden/yard this year -- look no further -- Colette climbing rose is breathtaking This. Story. Will. Stay. With. You.  Absolutely unforgettable once you hear it
Top of the Morning February 6


Greetings all and happy beginning of a brand new week! I love this illustration.   Takes me sledding down memory lane.  We had sleds like these when we were kids.  They were crazy fast.  I preferred sitting on the racer and steering it with my feet.  That was daring enough for me. Ha! I enjoyed picking out the greats for the 12 today.  Click and enjoy. Dear Annie is spot on as usual. I'm happy you're here.  Thank you. Check out these spliced photos - pretty trippy Did you love Cracker Jack's as a kid?  Then you'll love this little piece of interesting 10 simple ways to be a kinder person ...every day These cool U.S. towns look like they're stuck in time DIY 5-gallon bucket planters - to grow a garden anywhere.  Start planning now! Stephen Kings 20 rules for writers - very cool Winning, awwww-mazing underwater photos