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Top of the Morning June 5


Hello!  And Howdy Monday! How was your weekend? The weather here has been a little crazy - wicked winds and rain. Sounds and feels like "it" has finally moved on. Found these 12 pieces of wonder + fun + food for thought today. Quick question - do you call those little night flying bugs that flitter around at this time of year -- "lightning bugs" -- or "fireflies"?  No wrong answer.  Growing up, we always called them lightning bugs. Dear Annie's column is a good read ...  always. Candid Camera "Recycled Popcorn" is hilarious! We're so grateful to you for giving us a read and a piece of your day. Click + Read + Enjoy! Our beautiful 50 states ranked by beauty - there is no blue ribbon prize winner here ... all are winners-winners-winners.  Just amazing.  Frankly, I knew not what many were known for.  Check them out ... HERE!
Top of the Morning April 24
Top of the Morning April 17
Top of the Morning April 10


Greetings All  - I spotted a BIG Opossum outside my kitchen window yesterday morning raiding the catfood bowl. Are Opossums supposed to come out during the day?  I don't really recall seeing one during the day. Anyway, it ate (cleaned the entire bowl) and waddled off to wherever.  It was pretty darn cute. I didn't snap a picture to share because I didn't want to open the screen door and startle it away. Being Easter - I told myself that it had scored its kind of Easter eggs on this particular Sunday morning hunt - ha (!!) - and let it be undisturbed. Collected these 12 pieces of fun + interesting + recipes for today. Click away and enjoy!
Top of the Morning April 3
Top of the Morning January 15


Hello Hello!  January's slipping by quickly it seems.  I found these 12 nuggets of interesting + fun for today's Monday.  Click and enjoy! Thanks for being here.  You and your time are so appreciated. Fabulous vintage photos from just a little while back in the time machine 10 popular things from the 80s ... that we have abandoned