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Wednesday Reader February 28


Happy Wednesday greetings, Daymakers! Super fun line-up of interestings this final Wednesday of February 2024. Beginning with -- Leslie Elman's Trivia Tidbits.  I sure didn't know where the oldest and longest boardwalk in the United States is.  As one who strives to walk 3 miles a day - 5 days a week - I'd sure love to put this on my walking bucket list. Planner or Go-with-the-Flow?  I, personally, am a go-with-the-flow gal if I'm on a leisure kind of trip -- unless I'm with a group of people who've established a go-see-do itinerary.  Then I'm cool with the whoever has got it all planned out.  And I'm in on the plan. I almost feel sorry for the Burglar Who Couldn't Find His Way Out.  Almost.  Ha Epic Breakfast Oatmeal  I've been known to also drizzle on a little caramel sauce for a little something extra-extra.  Why not?  Delish! Tracy Beckerman's Puffy Face column cracked me up.  I'm totally in her tongue-in-cheek humor fan club!
5 For Friday October 20


GREETINGS FROM CHERYL I can barely believe it's already FRIDAY!  Seems like 5 hours ago it was Monday.  But, nope, not!  Ha! Time marches on for sure.  How has your week been?  Looking forward to anything extra-exciting for this coming weekend? Fabulous 5 for FRIDAY line-up today: Beginning with STEPHANIE'S CHIC ON THE CHEAP fun fashion at the Fair!  Super cool and full of heart and look at the 4 amazing women who posed and gave a little something interesting about themselves.  Daymakers!  Thanks, Ladies.  Hat tip to you all.