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Homemade Parmesan Chips with Dill Ranch Dip


POP QUIZ   BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HELD WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING FEDERAL OFFICES? a)  Postmaster general b)  Secretary of state c)  Secretary of the treasury d)  Surgeon general   WHAT TYPE OF WOOD IS MOST COMMONLY USED TO MAKE WINE BARRELS? a)  Ash b)  Birch c)  Oak d)  Pine   J.S. BACH'S "GOLDBERG VARIATIONS" WERE WRITTEN TO BE PERFORMED ON WHAT MUSICAL INSTRUMENT? a)  Cello b)  Harp c)  Harpsichord d)  Violin   IN THE VIDEO GAME UNIVERSE, WHICH CHARACTER BATTLES THE EVIL DR. NEO CORTEX? a)  Conker the Squirrel b)  Crash Bandicoot c)  Donkey Kong d)  Sonic the Hedgehog