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5 For Friday May 17

5 for FRIDAY | MAY 17

Friday greetings! It's been a good week around here.  Lots of rain yesterday *again*  Just about the time I think I wanna whine about it, I stop myself short and remind me that I'll be wishing for it in less than 2 months throughout the full-on furnace of summer and early fall.  So I'm growing in the stop myself short of whining arena. Attitude adjustment:  Yay.  Hooray.  RAIN! My yard and trees are super happy and are showing it with lots of green + growth.  That's what matters. Presenting 5 for FRIDAY on this May 17 Super fun line-up today beginning with -- BRUCE CAMERON'S DUMPED BY A DRIVER H*I*L*A*R*I*O*U*S (!!) I love love love Bruce's writing style.  Absolutely one of my top 2 favorite humor writers.  I am and have always been a giant Bruce fan. QUICK QUESTION Me?  My fast 5 are: The 2 F's (friends and family) Quick wit = laughter Home Sweet Home Music Seeing happy people You? TWO CHOICES I love this story of Jerry the restaurant manager.  So inspiring/encouraging. RECIPE HIPPIE CHICK SALAD Is a winner, winner, winner and a keeper, keeper, keeper.
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5 for Friday | September 30

Greetings happy people! Well, first day of Autumn happened and now last day of September.  Crazy sneak up! Check out this awesome hand painted glass shop door.  Impressive! Book case straighten up happened in my office this week. Union 28 - super cool new venue right here in our little, old town that's blowing up with new residents. A gentle reminder we should all stop and think about everywhere  we go.  Kindness Always Matters.
Mushroom Head Gnome

5 for Friday | August 5

Hello Everyone, and hello hot, hot, hot August! I had a great week .  Uneventful, but happy.  How 'bout you? Official Silly Walking Zone sign made me laugh. Without a doubt the coolest, largest burro's tail I've ever laid eyes on!  Look at the chain holding it up!