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Wednesday Reader June 7 | Mettower


Greetings friends!  And Wednesday ... Presenting Wednesday Reader. I love the weirdness of our English language.  Ha!  Makes me think about it every time I use a word or phrase that really makes little sense.  Oxymoron sort of stuff. Nonetheless - we all get it. Leslie Elman's Pop Quiz and Fascinating Facts ... are the bomb-a-reno. My answer to Quick Question - "What Values are Most Important" ... The teachings of those who have gone before me (my grandparents, my dad, great aunts and uncles) - all so valuable as I remain here on planet earth and remembering what they taught me by their "walk in life." I'll add - close friends - LAUGHTER with those who share a kindred spirit sort of thing ...  All of us still on planet Earth who continue to Walk our walk and enjoy time with one another!  Never know what we'll pick up along our journey - that is VALUABLE. How about you? As Always, we thank you for sliding by and giving us a piece of your day.  Gratitude. Have a great day. We'll see ya Friday!
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