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Top of the Morning February 5


Hey - Hey friends and 1st Monday of February. I'm still wondering how January peeled through so quickly.  You? So much fun I collected to share today. Beginning with The cool art illustration. It's so happy and totally brings back childhood memories to me - yes, we had these types of sleds and they were head-first-dare-devil fun.  The wooden "steering wheel" kinda-sorta steered the sled moving at what seemed like mach speed. We also had saucer "sleds" which absolutely resembled something the size of a big garbage can lid - but had handles and happy enameled painted artwork where we sat down and got ready to fly down the hill. They were crazy fast and whirly-twirly - no controlling which way the saucer would go.  We just held on and giggled and screamed.  Better than a ride at the fair. I will say -- I think my sisters and my favorite "sled" was a big ol' inner tube.  Think tire inner tube from a big working truck - not - from a domestic vehicle.  These inner tube slider "sleds" slid fast, fast, fast!  No controlling what the inner tube wanted to do either.  Ha! We got bucked off plenty of times, pulled the inner tube back to the top of the hill for another white-knuckle-ride-and-slide down the hill. I don't recall ever getting too cold because we were having such giant fun!
Top of the Morning January 15


Hello awesome readers! Super chilly here -- as in 13 degrees. brrrrrrr! Supposedly it's gonna be warmer in about 3 days - that's the good news.  Especially for everyone's energy bill! Super great finds to share with you today beginning with: THINGS THAT ARE SURPRISINGLY LARGER THAN YOU MAY HAVE THOUGHT All were fascinating to me, however my 2 favorite take aways were Michelangelo's "David" statue and the the blade - just one blade - of a wind turbine.  WOW! 6 SLEEPING HABITS OF ANIMALS WE ALL KNOW BUT DIDN'T KNOW Otters and Orangutans win the cuteness award for me.